Productivity Pack

The Five-Star Productivity Pack features one year of Premium subscriptions for four of the most popular apps out there: Evernote, Wunderlist, LastPass, and Pocket. Just added today, the bundle now also includes a three-month subscription to Dropbox Pro. For a limited time, you can get Premium access to all of these top tier productivity apps for just $59.99 from iDownloadBlog Deals. Valued at over $180, that’s 67% off.

With this bundle, you will receive 12-month Premium subscriptions to:

  • Evernote – Arrange your life with these handy notes, accessing your presentations, photos and PDFs whenever and wherever you are
  • Wunderlist – Create, collaborate and share lists between you, your family and friends to make the most of every day
  • Pocket – Ensure nothing is ever forgotten with Pocket, an app that enables you to save articles, videos and webpages you can view at any time
  • LastPass – Organize and protect your passwords, synchronize across devices and simplify bill payments with LastPass

Plus, as a bonus, you will get:

  • a 3-month subscription to Dropbox Pro, offering a massive 1TB of accessible cloud storage space
  • an 8-week subscription to the New York Times absolutely free

The apps work across all platforms and can be accessed from your mobile, desktop or tablet. With the one-off payment, you aren’t tied into a contract, and at just over a dollar a week, this deal represents a nice 67% saving on these notable Premium subscriptions.

If you’re already a subscriber to any of these services, don’t worry: you can still take advantage of this deal, with your additional year starting at the end of your current subscription (but Dropbox Pro is only available to new subscribers).

Check out the Five-Star Productivity Pack!