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In episode 67 of Let’s Talk iOS, Cody, Jeff, and Sebastien have a discussion about Apple’s Q1 2015 earnings. The trio also shares their hopes for the device that they hope the iPad Pro will be, as well as their thoughts on the Apple Watch shipping in April. Finally, Jeff introduces us to his podcasting guide.

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  • App development would be hell in hybrid system.
    Document transfer on the other hand would be trivial.
    If it happens, first version would probably only have document synchronization.

  • raulortiz318

    This unicorn device exists already! It’s the Surface 3 Pro and Windows 10. Unless Apple has been doing a ton of work behind the scenes, they need to do a lot of catch up in this space.

    Microsoft has a big headstart software wise, as they’ve designed an OS that works cross platform, and as far as I know software now only needs to be written once(with exceptions I’m sure) to work on phones, tablets, and desktops.

    Hardware wise, Apple may have a cleaner solution, as to me the Surface Pro is still too thick for tablet use, but its the software that is key to tying this all together, and we really haven’t seen anything from Apple except for Continuity, which is a bit “hacky” at best, and has to be added by developers, as opposed to being native.

    I love me some Apple, but I found a lot of this podcast tough to listen too as they were talking about a device that already exists.

  • Woodsings

    I’m yelling in my head listening to the podcast. The hybrid device software is already in development. Handoff is already doing the “synergy” between OS X and iOS, which can be enabled for third party apps and is already being used.