Kodi 1

Kodi is the media center application that is the successor to XBMC. Actually, it’s pretty much the same exact app with a newly minted name. Over the years, I’ve grown to love XBMC, its versatility, flexibility, and overall usefulness as a media hub. It has the ability to turn an ordinary device into a media powerhouse. But before you get to any of that, you have to learn how to install Kodi. Yes, indeed, XBMC has a new name, and with it comes a slightly modified method of installation.

To install Kodi, do the following:

Step 1: Launch Cydia

Step 2: Tap Sources

Step 3: Tap Edit

Step 4: Tap Add

Step 5: Type the following in the Enter Cydia/APT URL box: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/ and tap Add Source

Step 6: Tap Return to Cydia

Step 7: Tap the team Kodi source

Step 8: Tap Multimedia (if you don’t see Multimedia, tap Edit, enable the Multimedia switch, and tap Done)

Step 9: Tap Kodi-iOS

Step 10: Tap Install

Kodie Home screen

Once the installation is completed, you should see the Kodi app on your Home screen. No resprings are required. If you weren’t able to follow some of those steps, be sure to watch my video above where I guide you through the process step-by-step.

Kodi 2

Kodi can be used to do all sorts of cool things, in fact, we discuss some of those things on the latest episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, which should go live tomorrow around 6:00 EST. I use it to stream free OTA television from traditional rabbit ears to Kodi enabled devices like my Amazon Fire TV, my iPhone, etc. I’ve also discussed XBMC in the past and how I use it with my Apple TV 2.

Are you a big XBMC/Kodi fan? If so, how do you use it? Share your usage cases in the comments below and help any new users get better acquainted with this great multimedia tool.

  • Andrew

    Awesome. I’ve been meaning to check out Kodi.

  • I love XBMC Kodi mostly for all of the useful addons available. Other than the add-ons though Plex, Infuse and VLC (I got it before it got pulled from the AppStore) are my go-to solutions for consuming media on iOS.

    • Bart.

      What, VLC isn’t in the app store anymore?

      • Correct but it looks like it might be back soon:


  • diggitydang

    A post on how the app works and what it can do would be great… I’ve heard lots about the app but opening it up, I’m unsure what to do with it.

    • iTechMunch

      This app allows you to watch movies, sports, tv series basically everything for free.

      • diggitydang

        Yeah, this much Is knew… But I appreciate the input nonetheless… I’ll investigate a bit more to figure it out. Thanks!

      • Cesar D

        Can you stream movies from the PC?

      • Gerardo Castro


    • Rowan09

      Here’s a quick rundown. When you open up the app you won’t have any links yet because you must add them. To add them you have to go to system, file manager and then add source. The link is http://srp dot nu (. not dot) and just name it what ever you please (name it Super Repo). You then need to go to system again, settings and then addons and click “install from zip” choose the file you just added click on it, click on all and download the three links it shows (you’ll know it’s done since it shows you on the bottom right it’s finish). Now just go to video (on main screen when you first clicked on Kodi) and click addons and you’ll see a ton of links to add. Hopefully this helps, it not hard at all to do. Best links Phoenix, Genesis, 1channel, icefilms, and project free tv. New links come out all the time.

      • Jeff Walker

        After following your steps, I see lots of video sources but no 1 Channel or Ice Films. Any idea where they are? Thanks

      • Rowan09

        Either you didn’t add the source right or you didn’t go to settings and addons to install from zip.

      • Nesly Lacroix

        I don’t see 1channel and icefilms in the video > addons. I only see MLB Live and Get more …. And the ensuing list after I tapped on Get more… does not have them.

      • Rowan09

        You’ll need to add http:// srp dot (.)nu. This is the super repo link which has those addons. Google it.

    • Vvbreaker

      You can go to the actual website, KODI.TV and click on Forum. They got everything there.

      • diggitydang

        Cool, thanks! I’ll check it out!

  • Orion Reyes

    I use it to stream live TV from Latin America, US, and Canada. Also to watch TV shows and Movies. Great piece of software, I’ve even developed and personalized a custom add-on to watch TV from my country, I personalized it by adding login capabilities, by requesting a user and a password. This allows me to share it among friends and family, and if anyone downloads it, they can’t use it without proper credentials. I have the latest version of Kodi in my laptop, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Fire TV. I just love this little piece of SW!

    • Tdaniels

      Hey, what plugins do you use for Latin American live TV?

  • G.Dash

    Is there anyway to install Kodi on a non jail broken iPhone 6 plus

    • Rowan09

      Yes but it’s not free. You have to pay for a developer with ipawind and I can’t remember the other one. Maybe 8.1.2 is still being signed to try and downgrade.

      • Em Lee

        Ipawind is working with 8.1.3 and I think it is $15 p/a

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    Xbmc or Kodi with Icefilms is all you need!

  • Mike Santoro

    Can someone explain to me (and other curious) how to watch Live T.V. on this?

    Would love a full wakthrough future post from IDB 🙂

    • Rowan09

      IDB won’t do it but just go to YouTube. Have you ever used XBMC at all?

      • Mike Santoro

        Not once 🙁

      • Rowan09

        It’s worth checking out its an amazing piece of software.

    • Yes, I use a SiliconDust box to stream live TV http://goo.gl/PNZDFC. You can also use something like ustvnow.

  • Pretty funny a site so against piracy would give instructions on how to install this.

    • Because it’s not soley for piracy…

    • That’s like saying jailbreaking is for piracy. I use XBMC for a variety of things, and surprise, none of it involves piracy.

  • Chris Gilmore

    Been jailbreaking for a few years, never heard of this before. Looking forward to googling and finding out what this is! Anybody wanna chime in on some cool stuff to do with it? Thanks!

    • Em Lee

      Once you add ‘super repo’ as a source you can install some cool channels. My favs are ‘Genesis’, ‘NaviX’, ‘1Channel’ & ‘DigiTele Sports’. Have fun.

  • MarioBros640

    Does anyone know if iOS 8.1.2 is still being signed?

  • Marianto Lim

    Hi all, can this app support DLNA? I dont have apple tv.

    • Rowan09

      You don’t need an Apple TV with this and it supports AirPlay. Even if you had an Apple TV you won’t be able to AirPlay media because XBMC plays in its own video player not Apples.

      • Marianto Lim

        hi Rowan09, thanks for the information, forgive me for being a noob, i need to know if i can stream this kodi app to my LG Smart TV using DLNA wifi network from my iphone 6 ?

        thanks before

      • Rowan09

        System, settings and then services. You’ll need to enable UPnP (second option) and bubble the first and second choices and it should work.

      • Em Lee

        Yes you can, I AirPlay from from my iPad all the time and using my iPhone as a remote.

      • Rowan09

        You airplay XBMC content to an Apple TV without mirroring?

  • KyleVPirate

    So it’s basically or similiar to TVMC for Android?
    I use that app especially with Primewire. Good app.

  • White Michael Jackson

    I use kodi with my amazon fire stick to airplay /mirror moviebox to my tv

    • 9to5Slavery

      it’s kind of glitchy though lol

    • 9to5Slavery

      how to mirror moviebox to tv with airplay? moviebox doesn’t have that option?

      • Em Lee

        Current version of Moviebox has AirPlay

    • Rowan09

      Why would you need to mirror moviebox when XBMC has all the content already? Anytime I tried in the pass it only allowed audio but no video, so I’ll try later tonight and see what happens.

  • diggitydang

    Awesome. I’ll give it a try! Thanks for writing all that out! This is why I love the JB community! Sending you karma points

  • diggitydang

    I don’t see a file manager option under System…

    • Rowan09

      It’s there. When you hover over system the drop down menu has: Settings, file manager, profiles and system info.

      • diggitydang

        Do you mean on a desktop? If not, what do you mean by “hover”? I was trying to do this on the iOS app.

      • SS

        I cannot add anything because I never see a keyboard. Any ideas?

      • Rowan09

        When you go to system and file manager you’ll need to click add source and then none.

    • Peter

      Change your theme to “confluence” then follow the video tutorial on the superRepo website 🙂
      For some stupid reason the default theme hides the advanced options.

      • diggitydang

        Cool, thanks!

      • Rowan09

        So true the touch based theme is horrible.

  • swaggyP710

    Why not just use MovieBox

    • Em Lee

      Kodi is more powerful and has live sports and TV

      • iPhoneWINS

        much more complicated to use though

  • Cob

    Great review

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    I need to figure out how to update my Apple TV2 to Kodi. I bought it already jailbroken with everything set up so I’m not that knowledgeable in the ATV2 jailbroken world. iPhones yes all day ATV2 No. Any info ?

    • Glenn DolFan Baptista

      Btw I’m on the Gotham version right b4 the Kodi update.

  • Jerry

    anyone to chromecast kodi from the ipad to the tv?

  • Alejandro

    Help: Trying to install SuperRepo source on iOS8 using Kodi.
    I successfully installed the source; however, when I get to the step to install the zip file. I am unable to see the SuperRepo addon. The tutorial has a different interface than what is in Kodi for iOS8.

  • Nesly Lacroix

    I tried to add source. There is no keyboard to type with. Just a while section at the bottom in the place a keyboard would be. Is this a bug in Kodi? I’ve used XBMC before. I expected a built-in keyboard to type with. Please help.

    • iPhoneWINS

      yeah big bug indeed no keyboard… folks always hype this up and its always full of bugs

    • Nesly Lacroix

      I was able to fix my issue. I had to revert back to the default keyboard.

  • iPhoneWINS

    no key board

  • iPhoneWINS

    i feel like folks stay vague on this on purpose..

  • Kelner Ayukawa

    It’s ok but it still has a lot of issues. It shuts down on me and a lot o the apps do not work. Or it freezes.

  • RafaelMelo

    Kodi icon not appearing on my iPad.
    I did all the steps correctly.
    What can I do!

  • Mark ‘Markus’ Perro

    it looks different, cant find file manager to install repos, please help!

  • Ryan Griffiths

    I have KODI on my other iphone5c. And on firetv. However I have Cydia and am trying to install KODI on my iphone6s. It gets halfway installed and then gives me a buffer error of some kind. Is there any other source in Cydia that I can use. That’s the main reason I wanted to jailbreak my iPhone

    Help me please.

  • נתנאל מלכה

    No icon after i installing plees help

  • Valencia Clark

    When i try to instal it keeps saying host not found. Please help me