iOS 8.2 beta 5

Apple has seeded a new beta build of iOS 8.2 to developers on Tuesday, marking the fifth build of the software.

The new software, build number 12D5480a, is available to download over-the-air and should be available through the Developer Center soon. Apple claims the new beta “contains bug fixes and improvements.”

It also adds Xcode 6.2 beta 5 with WatchKit, which allows developers to start creating applications for the Apple Watch, ahead of its release in April. The new Xcode brings the latest WatchKit tools to developers.

Like with all software releases, Apple hasn’t provided any word on when it may be released to the public. iOS 8.2 beta 4 was seeded to developers in mid-January. Given that iOS 8.2 unlocks many features of the Apple Watch, like support for apps, it will probably be released to the public around the time of the smartwatch’s debut.

We’ll be tracking any changes the software may bring – and you can help us! Email with any new changes. More to come.

  • Hot12345

    What are the changes?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Features –
      – Support for iPhone 4.
      – Redesigned the whole iOS to Material Design.
      – Touch ID now works for all devices running iOS 8.2 .
      – A whole bunch of BUGS. Trust me, lottttt of bugs.
      These were few highlights of the beta 5.
      Upcoming features – Support for iPhone 3GS coming in beta 6.

      • Gregg

        You’re hilarious!

      • Jonathan

        Aw man, no support for iPhone 2g? Apple is a bunch of losers..

      • Anmol Malhotra

        That has been left for iOS 9. :p

      • Jonathan

        Ohh…. riiiggghhtt… xP

      • dominic järmann

        Don’t forget these upcomming features:
        – Support for all iDevices
        – No more need’s a Jailbreak
        – Display can’t break
        – Makes downgrade possible
        – And more..

      • Tommy

        OK not funny.

      • Horus

        What do you mean by ” redesigned the whole ios to material design” ?

      • Gregg

        Where’s your rock at?

      • bigzjoseph

        Nailed it

      • Vimal Mohan

        once it is released to public, it will reach almost all apple devices from iPhone 4s till iPhone 6 plus..not like the so called material design goes only to lucky a lottery…

    • hkgsulphate


  • Eikast

    Already at beta 5 and just started February. I wonder how many betas this version will get. At beta 5 with about 2-2.5 months left it could go to beta 9.

    • Andrew

      Hey, with the amount of bugs that have been present in iOS 8 so far, I GLAD they’re taking their time and properly testing it out.

      • Jake Dai

        That is so true, although so much betas sounds a little funny lol

      • Andrew

        Also true 😛

  • Fardeen Beharry

    does it fix the facebook bug, comments etc?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Yep! Fixed. 🙂 Facebook working great now. 🙂

      • John

        Ohhh, that was an iOS bug. Well, bugger me.
        I was wondering why Paper was working so well this morning.

      • jake kneller

        Which Facebook bug was fixed I’m still experinceing some one major is videos don’t work

    • Anthony1960

      Yes! Finally

  • Fanboy 

    Apple Watch settings screen also revealed.

    • Tom

      Watch passcode 0_o

      • Fanboy 

        Yes Apple Watch will have a PIN based passcode, for Apple Pay security.

  • Nathan Hatton

    It’s monday…

  • f96lrs

    has any on updated itunes having troublr JB finding drives?

    • Jake Dai

      just downgrade ur itunes drive version

  • Kilroy672

    With 8.2 just around the corner, does this mean that 8.1.3 jailbreak is also around the corner?

    • Warmachine69


  • Hot12345

    Does this fixed the GTM bug?

  • singhay559

    Is it worth updating from 7.1.1 iph 4s jailbrocken?