iPad Pro mockup video (image 002)

There’s a lot going on at Apple right now. Record quarters aside, there is a lot to be hopeful for as 2015 gets into full swing, and not just because the fabled Apple Watch is finally on the horizon. If the rumors are to be believed we could see both the iPad Pro and 12-inch MacBook Air some time in the next eleven months, and both have plenty of people excited.

The iPad Pro story is one that has gone on for years now, and with photos of supposed parts for the new tablet starting to crop up, it’s looking more and more likely that not only is the thing real, but it’s not too far away either.

The same can be said about the 12-inch MacBook Air. Again, photographs of what it is claimed are parts for the unannounced product have started to circulate around the internet, and the noises that it might only have one USB Type-C connector rather than a MagSafe for power have meant that there have been plenty of column inches and podcast hours afforded to the subject.

But what is all the excitement really about, and more importantly, is it justified?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the last few weeks and I find myself now coming to the conclusion that neither are of any real interest to me and, I suspect, to the great unwashed masses. As with any product there will be people lining up, credit card in hand desperate to buy either new device but what about the ‘normals’ that Apple has captured ever since the iPhone made it big so many years ago?

Let’s take a look at that iPad Pro first, if only because it’s the rumor that just won’t die and if the thing actually turns out to be real, with good reason.

So what makes it a ‘pro’ version of the existing iPad Air 2? Well, it’s said to be larger thanks to the 12-inch display it is likely to sport. While that’s wonderful if you need the extra space – and weight – I’m not sure enough people need the former and nobody needs the latter. The larger screen comes into its own with specific use cases though, which is where that stylus comes in.

Yes, Apple is supposedly bringing a stylus to the iPad. No, the irony isn’t lost on us and yes, we all remember the Steve Jobs quote.

So, a stylus. For drawing. On a larger screen. That’s all well and good if you’re a graphic designer, though you’ll probably want the screen to be calibrated to within an inch of its life. Given Apple’s recent run of luck with getting iPad screens that work properly – the iPad mini debacle, for example – I wouldn’t want to put too much money on that. But let’s say Apple exercises its display demons – does a nice big screen and a stylus appeal to you? Does it appeal to your parents? Does it appeal to the Average Joes who, let us be honest, are the people that Apple needs to buy iPads if it is to arrest the decline in sales the product line is seeing?

In short, is there enough demand to justify a whole new product in a lineup that is already confusing to those ‘normals’ we were just talking about? I’d argue that the addition of a new model, above the current king of the lineup that is the iPad Air 2, adds more confusion and fragmentation than it does sales.

Which brings us to that 12-inch MacBook Air that everyone is in such a lather about.

Said to be super thin, super light and sans fan, this product sounds like the Air we’ve all been waiting for. Except we’ve been waiting for it in 11-inch and 13-inch flavors. Has anyone really been eying up either of the existing MacBooks and thought “you know what? That 11-inch is fine but it’s too small. The 13-inch? Too big.” Is the 12-inch MacBook Air the Goldilocks model?

Does anyone need to walk into an Apple Store and choose between MacBook Airs in 1-inch increments?

Now before everyone starts shouting about the 12-incher having a Retina Display it’s worth nothing that things have gone quiet on that front, and recent rumors have side-stepped the subject completely. Anyway, would such a high-resolution display not also make its way to the 12-inch MacBook Air’s brethren, anyway?

Of course, Apple could spring a surprise and kill off the 11-inch MacBook Air in favor of the 12-inch. After all, the new model is said to have a similar footprint but with a larger screen. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

And then there’s that port situation. One port, on a super portable machine, might make more sense than many have given Apple credit for so long as nobody tries to use it as their main machine. If it’s a satellite? No problem. A machine sat on a desk with a monitor, power, external hard disk and a mouse plugged in? Not so much.

If the move to just one cable port on the 12-inch MacBook Air is to come to fruition then there will be plenty of questions to ask of both the reasoning and the expectations Apple has of its customers. Are they even supposed to plug it into a monitor? Are they just not allowed?

Are customers willing to be dictated to in such a way if that is indeed the case?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that neither of these two supposedly hotly anticipated products make a great deal of sense to me. No clear market, or at least none of the size Apple has become accustomed to targeting, and compromises in particular with the 12-inch MacBook Air has me wondering where Apple is headed. Throw in the Apple Watch which, no matter how you cut it, might simply not sell beyond the earlier adopter crowd, and things start to look decidedly dicey for 2015.

Or, as is also entirely possible, we’ll be sat here next year with yet more record numbers on the board and egg on my face.

I sure hope so.

  • Sokrates

    Why would conclude anything merely on speculations? Let’s wait and see. And draw our conclusions with facts.

    • iPhoneWINS

      speculation and guessing and arguing is more fun

    • Yujin

      Exactly. Speculation to get clicks is just that…nothing more than rumors and no actual facts.

      Also Steve jobs was great and all, but he was wrong at times so just cause he said it, it doesn’t mean it is the best thing for all.. His team had to convince him many times and that is why apple makes good products… The people behind it have the vision…sure Steve is no longer with us, but still there are processes in place to help them make educated sections and so far they have been right in the money.

  • Martynet

    Today, we are going to show you 2 new devices…New 12″ macbook air with touchscreen capabilities and a New, 12″ iPad Pro with optional keyboard, stylus and both iOS and OSX. A New 12″ macbook air with touchscreen capabilities….12″ iPad Pro with optional keyboard, stylus and both iOS and OSX… Are you getting it? Those are not two separate devices… 😀

    • Plistumichu

      I do absolutely agree.

      • Vince Reedy

        As much as I wish you guys are right, I’m afraid we will have to wait… again.

    • Jack Wong

      Mac OS X is not ready for touchscreen at all.

      Just look at how Microsoft does, they made the buttons so much bigger for that.

      • Jonathan

        That’s why updates are made possible, to change stuff.

      • Plistumichu

        Think about continuity. You can start to work on a spreadsheet in your Mac and then detach the screen a continue your work on iOS Numbers. Continuity is the key.

      • Jack Wong

        I think either Apple or Microsoft will win this cloud game, maybe Google…

        I have been using Dropbox and I will try to migrate all my data to OneDrive and see how that work out.

      • OneDrive is a great service but has a shit client. The client takes forever to upload data (and I’m not talking about huge gigabyte files I’m talking about small kilobyte files) and now and again it duplicates content. At also doesn’t recognise changes like Dropbox does so saving a file in your OneDrive will force the client to upload the entire file again instead of just uploading the data that changed…

      • Jack Wong

        You are correct, but it is not about the speed, it did not take me long to upload few GB data but it did not accept the extremely long folder and name with “… like these kind of characters, and I have no problem with Dropbox.

        Moreover, the client is still very… weak… compare with Dropbox.

        I guess… I can’t switch yet, and the Word/Excel on iOS could link with Dropbox so I think Microsoft knew they need time to get people over.

      • Joe_HTH

        Didn’t take me long to upload MB files. It only takes as long as your connection allows.

      • OneDrive has improved a lot since I first wrote this comment…

      • Joe_HTH

        Apple isn’t even in the cloud game, and they’re way behind in the consumer cloud. They are non-existent in IT Cloud.

      • Jack Wong

        Don’t they have iCloud, but it has much more limitation.

        As for IT cloud, you mean business/enterprise I believe, I would host my own or go with Sharefile for business.

      • Joe_HTH

        You’re talking about an incredibly confusing product with awful battery life. An iPad Pro is idiotic enough on it’s own. It would be beyond stupid with iOS and an OS not built for touch.

      • Martynet

        you would use the stylus or mouse when in osx

      • Guy

        OS X may NEVER be ready for touchscreen. While Apple is selling more and more of them, it isn’t a growth market in the long run. For Apple the growth has been all iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, AppleTV, CarPlay, HomeKit, ApplePay, ect) and that’s where the future for the company lies.

        Not just with Apple-direct branded devices, but services related to their technologies. I could see them completely selling off the Mac or no longer making Apple branded Macs in favor of other computer companies licensing it. They’re not that far from it now and really just have to allow the likes of HP or Dell to use their motherboards designs for desktops and laptops. That keeps support costs low (or lower) than what Microsoft and other makers of Windows PCs have to deal with now.

        In part, this is what makes sense about a larger iPad. With their push into the Enterprise with help from IBM, a slightly larger iPad (once multi-user support comes and a rudimentary file system) and a docking module it could replace many of the current PCs. Before anyone starts screaming about cost, remember that the price of a computer to put on someone’s desk is a small part of the overall cost to the company. Support for each employee and their station is much more and iOS (along with it’s lower cost apps) will probably (though unknown at this point) be less

      • Nothing wrong with what you said at all but I did find it funny you didn’t mention their ugly as sin iWatch that is coming out soon. That think is gonna fail so hard!

      • Guy

        It very well may. I don’t think Apple has it right nor does anyone else. To have a watch that also depends on your phone in your pocket to be useful? No thanks

      • Jeffrey

        Lol well I own a Windows 8.1 9.7 inch tablet and I really find it hard to hit buttons sometimes, so no, Windows isn’t really optimized for touchscreen either in my opinion.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but the “Modern apps” are optimised for touch. Obviously if you try to do stuff on the desktop it’s not going to be the best experience…

      • Jeffrey

        Sure sure I totally agree with that and maybe I overreacted by saying that Windows 8.1 isn’t optimized for touchscreen but I think the rest of Windows 8.1, aside from the modern apps, isn’t really great for touchscreens. As a matter of fact, I sometimes get so annoyed by having to touch a button 3 times to actually get it right that I just quit what I’m doing on the desktop and only use the modern apps, which isn’t awful, but the normal desktop has so much more to offer.

    • iPhoner


      Ill take two 😉

    • Andrew

      This was the first thing I thought of when I realized that both the “iPad Pro” and the new MBA had 12″ displays.

    • Joe_HTH

      “a New, 12″ iPad Pro with optional keyboard, stylus and both iOS and OSX.”

      An iPad Pro is not going to be running OSX. OSX is not designed or built for touch. An iPad running both operating systems would also have woeful battery life and be far more confusing than Windows 8 was to Windows 7 casual users. It makes no sense.

      It will simply be a larger iPad Air, with a stylus and maybe a USB-C port.

  • Jack Wong

    Don’t forget the iPhone 6 Mini!!!!

    • Jonathan

      You mean this?

      • Jack Wong


        No, people are expecting the same specs with the iPhone 6 Plus but super low price, like $0.

      • Jeffrey

        I don’t know where you heard that, but I haven’t heard any rumors of an iPhone 6 Mini… I have heard some rumors about a new 4.5 inch iPhone but I never heard the name Mini or any specs about it.

  • Nathan

    Yeah I totally agree. What’s the point of having a 12-inch iPad when you can just get a MacBook? I think the size of the iPad Air 2 is fine as is.

    • Jack Wong

      I am not sure if this is just me, the Surface Pro 3 is very heavy if I have to hold it and use that as a tablet.

      • You weren’t born with spaghetti hands, were you? The Surface Pro 3 is almost the same weight as the first gen iPad. If that’s too heavy for you, I highly suggest you consider going to lift marshmallows at the gym.

      • Jack Wong

        Did I say iPad 1 is light?!

        Yes, it is heavy if I have to consider to hold it for long time, and it does NOT mean I cannot lift it.

        I guess I better stay away from the gym.

      • If iPad 1 is too heavy for you, yeah you really should hit the gym. ‘Cause you’ll have an even harder time carrying your kids…

      • Jack Wong

        Too bad it also doesn’t make any sense.

        It should just end here.

      • Jeffrey


      • Guy

        Except the tile-based OS it was created for (Windows 8) has pretty much been a flop and Microsoft with 8.1 and 10 are putting most of what the Windows OS is best known for back in. Which means using it as a purely touch device is (or will be) pointless. Now thrown in a keyboard that doesn’t make the device rigid without the backstop and you’re better off with a standard laptop if you’re running Windows.

        The iPad on the other hand was created without the need for a keyboard (though it’s certainly much easier to use with one as the onscreen keyboard isn’t that great) for either general use or with native applications.

      • Windows 8 was a flop compared to Windows 7, a significant success compared to ALL MacOS X versions combined (been hovering around 7% of worldwide computers for the past 7 years).

        As for what Microsoft is doing with 8.1.1 and 10, they fixed the mouse/keyboard friendliness of the OS, the pen/touch friendliness has always been great from the start. You seem shortsighted to think pen/touch is a replacement for mouse/keyboard, that’s not true at all. They instead complement each other the same way the mouse is a complement to the keyboard, giving us more ways to interact with our PC. See how they both work seamlessly together on the Surface Pro (http://bit. ly/1pgy6jn | http://bit. ly/1yPo9cL). Windows 8.1.1 is a hybrid OS (both mobile OS AND desktop OS in 1), just like the Surface Pro is a hybrid PC (both a Tablet PC AND Laptop PC in 1), trying to classify it into 1 category of olden days technology just shows how you’re impotently against the evolution of technology.

        Using the keyboard on the Surface Pro is as mandatory as buying a MacBook Air to complement your iPad; to get top of the line practical Laptop experience. You have that option there at a low cost of $130 in the case of the Surface Pro, ’cause it already performs on-par with the MacBook Air (http://bit. ly/1y0BAaV) and Windows 8 is very versatile. Whereas the iPad demands you cough up an additional $1000+ to get top of the line practical Laptop experience. Buying an equivalent priced keyboard for the iPad would transform it into a bastardized Laptop, just like Chromebooks.

      • Guy

        Seeing as how started at 2% when OS X came out, that’s a significant jump for an OS not automatically installed on nearly every Intel-based computer made. Easy to keep market-share when you have nearly all the manufacturer’s under your thumb and any computer they make by contract is either a Windows computer or a license is paid for even when not.

        You can put any spin you want on touch based Windows computers, but they been a massive flop for every company that’s made them (the bargain bins are full of them). No one asked for a tile-based OS to replace what they had and Microsoft has been retreating from it practically from the beginning with their own little face saving moves. Cultivated in Windows 10 that still has it, but pushed off to the side or eliminated if the user prefers it.

        I love how you parrot the MS ads as if anyone with an iPad MUST also have a MacBook Air to go with it. Most people just have a desktop (either Windows or Mac) to compliment their iPads. Frankly for most people it’s all the computer they’ll need. Sorry you’re so upset that Apple seems to be the only company successfully selling tablets.

        Oh and my iPad keyboard? less than half of what you paid for a Surface Keyboard. Funny how with an OS with so much history under the keyboard/mouse you have to buy it extra to really do anything useful with it. Que sera sera!

      • Regardless how OS X started off, it’s still a flop compared to Windows 8, couldn’t care less how you try to sugar coat it.

        Regarding Windows Tablets, you can make any BS claim you want, doesn’t change the fact that people are replacing their Macs, iPads and some even Desktops with Windows Tablets like the Surface Pro (http://bit. ly/1tVwdIy), and iPad sales are repeating the 2007 BlackBerry and Nokia history (http://zd. net/1y97rI9). If Apple keeps playing too big to listen, they’ll just end up like those 2, this time, in the tablet market.

        Regarding what people have to complement their iPad, you’re so full of shit. 96% of people that own an iPad also own a Laptop (http://bit. ly/14UvTA6), plus maybe you’re still living under a rock, but many households don’t have Desktops today, just Laptops. Regardless how you try dancing around it, most people still buy a Laptop if they have a toyPad, simply ’cause it’s not versatile enough.

        Regarding your iPad keyboard’s price, does your keyboard come with a built-in trackpad, back-lit keys AND ability to integrate with the tablet (instead of being a separate battery to worry about), which can act like a cover for the tablet’s screen or a base for supporting the tablet (in presentation mode)? At the same time, weighing under 1lb. So far, the closest one I’ve come across is the ZAGG PROfolio+ (bit ly/1ptdrqp); which lacks a trackpad (’cause iOS doesn’t support mouse input), is yet another battery to worry about AND costs the same as the Surface Pro’s Type Cover ($130).

        Regarding the uses without the keyboard, it offers both the consumption benefits (like the iPad) and productive benefits (like the Wacom boards) of the Tablet form-factor. If it’s useless without the keyboard, the iPad is dead incompetent with or without a keyboard.

        Regarding including it in the package, if that had happened, you’d start reading tons of comments/headlines saying it should have been $130 cheaper ’cause they don’t need the keyboard, or Microsoft doesn’t believe in the tablet functionality, so they included a keyboard. People will always find something to whine about. Microsoft’s decision to keep it separate is less damaging to the image of the Surface Pro IMO.

      • Guy

        And you’re still trying to compare a single company that makes computers with an OS to EVERY single other computer company that by contract (yes kinda ignored this in your rant) HAS to include a Windows license even if the computer being sold isn’t intended to run Windows. So yes, compared to that, OS X and Macs are a flop. A flop that seems to grow in sales every quarter YOY bringing it’s parent company billions in revenue.

        You also ignored that touch based computers AREN’T selling very well because few people want them. Microsoft is running from the tile interface as fast as their little legs can carry them! They already dropped the Surface RT because the few people that bought them brought them back because it wouldn’t run their Intel software. Another brilliant move by Microsoft to make two incompatible devices look and operate exactly alike.

        And your quote about 95% of iPad owners having laptops? Straight from Microsoft marketing. It could actually be true, but you’ll need more than that.

        You talk about sugar coating? How funny is it that Microsoft is so desperate to make the Surface Pro relevant that they put it up against the MBA? Hysterical! It’s like the Mac vs PC commercials except not really funny or to the point! NEVER use your competitors products in ads unless you’re dealing from a position of strength. The MvPC ads did just that as Mac sales had been on the rise even before it started. The Surface Pro ads? Desperate to clear existing inventory and taking a loss just to get them out the door. As I said…hysterical!

        What’s next? Keyboards! iPad keyboards WITH backlighting. Many less than half the cost of the Surface 3’s KB and with 100+ hours of life between charges? Not really much of an issue.

        The Surface Pro is all but useless without a keyboard since 99% of the software that runs on it depends on a keyboard and mouse/trackpad since so few devs are bothering to make touch versions of their Windows software. The iPad on the other hand has ALL it’s software as being touch enabled since that’s what the device was designed for instead of trying to be an ugly bastard stepchild device like the Surface

      • Guest


      • Are you still trying to sugar coat Mac OS X’s flop with BS damage control? OEMs have always had Chrome OS, Android, and Linux as a choice, yet they still choose Windows for most of their Laptops/Tablets. so, you’re just making asinine claims there to back-up your precious herd master Apple…typical.

        “You also ignored that touch based computers AREN’T selling very well because few people want them.”

        Tablets are touch based computers, so that’s yet another BS damage control. Just ’cause most of them are currently bastardized toys doesn’t make them not a computer. If by touch based computer you mean Touchscreen Laptop, that’s gimmicky and totally irrelevant; the Surface Pro ain’t a mere touchscreen Laptop, it’s a complete Tablet (http://bit. ly/1pgy6jn | http://bit. ly/1xNpW0I) and a complete Laptop (http://bit. ly/1yPo9cL) in 1. Using the touchscreen when in Laptop form is as mandatory as buying an iPad to complement your MacBook.

        “Microsoft is running from the tile interface as fast as their little legs can carry them!”

        Hahaha, your problem is very obvious. You just stick your head up your behind thinking that’ll change reality (http://bit. ly/18DsgRD)…typical.

        “How funny is it that Microsoft is so desperate to make the Surface Pro relevant that they put it up against the MBA?”

        It’s as funny as Apple making these 60+ ads (http://bit. ly/1wNEprv), desperately trying to make Mac OS X relevant by pitting it against Windows. Except many of those were outright lies for mindless followers (won’t be surprised if your believed all of them), including the BS one that was implying “Macs don’t get viruses” (http://bit. ly/1sllHw4), and is still being used in retail stores today as a false sales tactic for Macs. Whereas, none of the Surface Comparison ads have lied about anything; they were all funny, factual, and true.

        “Many less than half the cost of the Surface 3’s KB and with 100+ hours of life between charges? Not really much of an issue.”

        Point one out to me, otherwise, you’re just yet again doing BS damage control with your head up your behind. Best of luck with that…

        The iPad is totally limited to bastardized apps that it makes the user want to keep a separate device close by just in case, ’cause they wouldn’t want to get screwed over by the iPad’s childish limitations. Whereas the Surface Pro is capable of running touch friendly full-fledged x86 desktop applications like the entire Adobe CC suit (http://bit. ly/1pgy6jn) and Office 2013. For x86 applications that haven’t been optimized for touch input, you can still use them with the Digitizer Pen without needing to convert to Laptop form nor needing to grab a separate device, unlike the case of the bastardized toyPad.

  • Wamid

    Anything “Pro” was never intended for an Joe. Not just by Apple..

    And maybe the 12″ MacBook Air is an upgrade the the current one. Maybe the extra inch is due to new hardware specs.

    You might be right.
    But you can’t dismess a rumor cause it doesn’t make sense to you.

  • TechLove

    I think your opinion is this because it is Apple.

    Nobody ever complained about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Having just one USB port. But everybody is going crazy to see apple launch a laptop with one USB port.

    My bet would be, Apple replacing the 13 inch and 11 inch versions of Air for this new 12 inch version.

    As for the 12 inch iPad, it would be a success for the pro users. The one who needs a touchscreen powerhouse. Now with iOS 9 rumord to bring a split screen multitasking, imagine what wonders a large display would do. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.1 was an amazing machine, but it didn’t succeed because of the lack of developer support. But apple sure has the developer support.

    IMO, this article was just there to start a flame war in comment section.

    • Guy

      “IMO, this article was just there to start a flame war in comment section.”


      • I actually kinda agree with him

    • The Surface Pro has 1 standard USB port, 1 Charging port, 1Video out port, and 1 MicroSD Card port.

      The rumored 12″ MacBook air only has 1 non-standard USB port. Major difference if you can’t see that…

      • Guy

        A new standard doesn’t make it non-standard

      • Non-common is what I intended.

      • TechLove

        Lol what? Just to make your “port list” look long, you are including a Micro SD slot?
        Btw, if you are so much into ports and a common standard, i am pretty sure there will be accessories to expand that USB Type-C port into 4-5 USB 3 ports because of the speed of that mighty type c connector!

      • Haha, when you’ve got no counter argument, you just resort to playing the asinine bait switch game. Typical.

        Eitherway, what’s your definition of a port? ‘Cause you clearly aren’t using the conventional definition (http://bit. ly/1zfUQTk), which a MicroSD port fits perfectly.

        Regarding there being adapters, of course there will be adapters. Maybe a die-hard fanboy like you is too blind to realise that they’ll be very expensive due to tech being new, and last thing people want is to be spending another hundreds on adapters after buying something very expensive.

  • AJ Romero

    iPad Pro: Agree this will confuse “normals” and deter iPad purchases. Most conversations I hear, people want an iPad mini with a lot of storage (cheaper than the Air). Until Microsoft can prove that “normals” NEED the stylus included with the Surface Pro 3, Apple won’t do it. Although I am sure prototypes exist.

    Mac Air 12″: This will most certainly happen this year. 11″ and 13″ will stick around until inventories dwindle and then Apple will kill them from the line up. Its the same strategy as the Macbook Pro Retina.

    But will the bezels be as thing as the Dell XPS 13? 🙂
    I know Dell is already working on a USB type-C XPS 13, buts about a year away.

  • Jurassic

    “neither the iPad Pro nor 12-inch MacBook Air make much sense to me”

    They don’t have to make “sense” to everyone… As long as they become successful products for Apple.

    Remember, the first iPhone didn’t make “sense” to many people (including Steve Ballmer) when it was introduced in 2007.

  • Haha, I like how people are finally realsing the uses of the Surface Pro now that Apple is rumored to be making their own version…

    • raulortiz318

      Sad but true. Though in fairness Microsoft only hit its stride 3 generations in. If I had to guess, Apple may have been holding off until the tech was there for good power and good battery life. Broadwell came late, but you can already see the benefits in the Dell XPS 13.

      I also remember reading rumors of Apple trying to get OSX running on their A series of chips, and that might be key for them to release a true hybrid product.

      • In fairness, when Apple attempted something different (the iPhone), they began the wave with the 3GS (3 generations in). There’s always a risk when you try something innovative, Apple just doesn’t seem to care taking that risk anymore.

        That said, I would really like to see a Surface Pro with Broadwell, and an Apple logo behind it. Competition is always welcome in my book.

    • n0ahcruz3

      SP3 is a solid device. And it’s slowly eating away iPad’s lunch. Cant wait to see SP4.

  • Sohail Wahab

    I think my favorite products of this year from Apple would be the bigger and better iPad pro or whatever it’s called, the iPhone 6 with it’s perfect screen size, Apple Watch (but I’m worried about its battery life) and wait for it…. The MacBook Air 13″ not 12″

  • James G

    I really think the iPad “Pro” or Plus or whatever they might call it will certainly NOT stymie the iPad sales trajectory for the reasons you described: people aren’t clamoring for a “larger tablet” they way they have been for larger iPhones.

    Will a 12 inch iPad look gorgeous? Yes.

    Will it be better suited for mobile device multi-tasking (side-by-side apps, etc.)? Yes.

    Are either of those two reasons enough to turnaround a 15% YoY decline in iPad sales? No.

    Could it be enough to make previous iPad owners finally feel like upgrading for the first or perhaps second time (previous iPad 3, 4 or Air 1 owners)? Maybe.

    • Guy

      I’m still on a 3rd gen myself. Since the apps I use for mobile (including video editing, multi-track audio creation and editing, and graphics editing) all still work and it runs the latest OS, I saw no reason to upgrade for really just more internal storage (I have the 64GB on the 3rd gen) especially with the Seagate 1TB WiFi enabled drive I have. I would buy a larger one unlike the the phone (still on a 5S) since the iPad with a larger screen would help me with what I use it for. Would anyone else? Hard to say without knowing their use case for it

      • James G

        Wow you still get good performance on video editing on an iPad 3? I can barely use iMovie anymore without getting frustrated. It’s seriously slow. I’m on a 32GB iPad 3 and I removed a bunch of apps because of how sluggish it got (I even did a fresh iOS 8.1.2 install last week; still lags).

        As for the larger screen use case, again I just don’t feel like we hear as many people saying “we need a larger iPad!” like they’ve been saying about iPhones for the last few years.

  • James G

    As for the MacBook Air 12″, I would suggest it’s more likely that they do away with the 11″ since it has the same/smaller footprint but larger screen size.

    The only thing stopping Air’s from getting Retina is probably battery life. They’ve touted Airs “all-day” battery life since it was first unveiled, but putting a Retina screen on it requires both processing power and a large battery, both of which the Air just doesn’t tend to come with. But, processors are getting better at power management so Apple *may* be able to pull it off. And it could breathe even more life into a Mac lineup that has seen strong YoY growth despite declining iPad sales.

    If I were Apple, I’d prioritize that 12″ MacBook Air over the iPad Pro for sure.

  • Andrew

    I couldn’t agree more with this article. However, if they happen to be the same product (a touchscreen MacBook, of sorts) — which admittedly, they probably won’t be — I will be first in line.

  • I personally think a 12′ iPad screen sounds so sweet! I doubt I would ever spend the cash to get one but the idea is awesome to me.
    I do think they have to at least add a USB, Thunderbolt or SD card slot to it if they want it to be taken seriously.

    So basically I only think it will work if they make it a real substitute to a laptop. I have always hated laptops so something like this sounds great to me. However if I can’t access my current hard drives, or have the option to external storage to it I most definitely think it will fail.

    • Guy

      No need for additional ports with options like WiFi enabled hard drives. You can use “some” USB devices through the Lightning port though I would like to see more than one on a larger pad and with most pictures being taken by phones these days, an SD slot wouldn’t make sense

      • Yeah cause a SD slot would mean we could expand our storage and we all know that is one of Apple’s favorite things to “up-sell” us on…

      • Guy

        Well not exactly since you can’t use the SD slot for just anything on either iOS or Android. I find more useful the WiFi enable 1TB Seagate drive. However for Apple to still sell a 16GB device when the next tier is 64GB is really a poor strategy IMO and disingenuous.

  • Dante Arellano

    The persons that we have iphone 6 plus we dont need ipod ipad mini ipad 5 or 6 and migth only macbook so if there is new ipad i still dont need it a better macboock yes and for sure i will buy a new product that convine ipad and macbook

  • im2slick4u

    Apple has completely untouched the touch screen professional device market. The iPad Pro could really make a lot of money if they price it for the target market, professionals.

  • James G

    I’ve been content with iMovie on my iPad and if I want to do some really good editing I’ll fire up Final Cut Pro X on the Mac. Is Pinnacle really worth it on iOS? I see it’s $10 but it also has quite a few IAP.

    • Guy

      I bought it when it came out originally (from Corel I think) and preferred the UI over iMovie. I used it a lot at some Macworld Expos, but haven’t tried it in awhile (no more Macworld Expos). It really depends I think on what you prefer and how much you might use it.