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Yesterday we announced the launch of our new iDownloadBlog Deals store, and we promised some epic giveaways. Today we’re kicking it off with a bang: we’re giving away a new iMac!

When the new iMac was released at the end of last year, we were all drooling over this beautiful piece of tech and well… most of us still are.  Probably the sleekest desktop computer ever made, the iMac is only a few inches thick at fattest, and slims down to razor-thin edges. We’re giving away a 21.5-inch model, boasting a 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Processor, as well as a 500GB hard drive and 8GB of memory.

Valued at $1,099, we’re guessing you want to win this beautiful, beautiful computer. So how do you enter? Go the giveaway page on the iDownloadBlog Deals store, and create an account! You’ll get extra entries for following iDB on Twitter and Google+, and get five extra entries for each friend you refer, so don’t forget to share your custom share link on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned for more awesome giveaways from the iDB Deals store.

Enter the giveaway here!

Winner announced!

And the winner is David P. from New York. The winner has been contacted with further instructions. Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway, and stay tuned for more.

  • Pat

    This is awesome !!
    You guys are the best. Thank you iDB for everything.
    Wish all the participants good luck.

    • The site is just an Affiliation from StackSocial, so, the giveaway is actually from StackSocial, i don’t even understand why the y claim this like his giveaway

  • Jonathan

    I don’t know how you do this, but this is yet another reason why this really is the best tech blog.

    • Star Lord


      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Holly f*ck Star Lord is here !


    How will you pick a winner? Is it based on how many entries they have or electronic raffle?

    • im2slick4u

      I believe its a random selection but more entries increases your chances

  • Rasheed

    First thing every morning… open iDB… Last thing before sleep… open iDB.
    Love this blog, love the content the produce and love this initiative.
    Usually I will never comment or share on this type of contest… but coming from you guys, I know-(hope) is legit. All entries completed.
    Good luck everyone.

  • tastydisqus

    You guys aren’t actually giving away anything. It’s StackSocial correct? I’ve seen this giveaway by them other places.

    • I’m pretty sure (but might be wrong) that all the deals are through StackSocial but iDB is an affliate so makes money by referring people…

    • yes, the giveaway comes from StackSocial

  • ThoseCurves

    This is Wicked ! hope you guys ship international because i ain’t in USA for this semester 😐

    • Jeffrey

      They do;)

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    Now everyone loves idb since they are giving something away but when they lose its go f ur self idb.

  • I already share the link, but is this an international contest or North America only?

  • Tuong K Le

    Hope I can win. This is awesome!

  • Diego

    Please give to mee 😀

  • :(

    Woe is me. dont use social media… so sad 🙁

  • Andy

    Is this for Americans only? Not much point in entering if it is.

  • Patrick

    Why does the website look like an exact copy of StackSocial?

    • Eli Montoya

      I think one of them sponsored the other. it’s powered by stack commerce. But I don’t know who’s providing the Mac haha hope I win though

  • Ian Leon

    It’s a spam tramp. !!!

  • Andrew

    Noooo don’t tell more people… I was already entered! Now there’s more competition!
    I mean…
    Good luck everyone (?)

  • Eni

    I trust you iDB, i trust you are going to make this giveaway, not like Poketnow, they never do the giveaways. god luck guys

  • Ryan Lee

    Just a note, best to include if it includes international readers or simply US only for all deals on your deals page.

  • Richard Gomez

    I have already signed up to enter i really hope I win this because i would love to use this for school im in my 5 year of college and i major in business management i have to do a lot of presentation, videos, etc. and i still have an old tower of a pc i use my old iphone 5 to go on to this wonderful website. I have listened to every podcast and wow do you guys really catch my attention. I probably wont win and its ok but who ever does they will benefit greatly. Good luck to everyone

  • Laughing5599

    I hope I will win this iMac!