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Photos for Mac, a missing piece in the iCloud Photo Library puzzle, has just gotten delayed until later this year.

Last summer, Apple took us by surprise saying it would cease development of Aperture and transition users to Photos for Mac, a new app that was supposed to replace iPhoto on OS X Yosemite as well. But Yosemite came and went and native Photos Mac app was nowhere to be seen.

Apple then gave us a vague new shipping date: “early 2015.” However, the updated wording in this support docs now lists the app as being “available at a later date.”

“The Photos app for Mac will be available at a later date,” reads the document.

That’s hardly a mistake: all references to the software have been systematically removed from Apple’s website as well, including every single mention on a page dedicated to iCloud Photos and on another one detailing Continuity.

It’s unclear whether the new delay has anything to do with the Apple Watch arriving in April, another product the company originally listed as coming in ”early 2015.”

In fact, Cook’s own comment regarding the Watch release date may help shed light on the vague Photos for Mac release date.

“What we were saying with ‘early 2015,’ we’re thinking ‘early’ is the first four months of the year, ‘mid’ is the middle four months, and ‘late’ is the last four months,” he said.

I think complaints about a decline in software quality had Apple’s executives worried. After backlash ensued, priorities have changed and a decision was probably made to delay less important products like Photos for Mac in order to focus energies on stuff that matters.

Source: Apple via 9to5Mac

  • James G

    Less important than Photos for Mac? Come on. Their Mac business grew significantly last quarter compared to their declining iPad business. Managing photos on just an iOS device is garbage.

    I’m basically avoiding any library management work in Aperture as I wait for Photos for Mac to come out. Based on this news, it’s probably a safe bet that it will go “Beta” at WWDC 2015. Weak sauce + lame toppings.

    • Ian Leon

      We still have iPhoto. Which works well enough , kind of … Reasonably , I guess

      • James G

        Yeah both Aperture and iPhoto still ‘work’ but there really is no point in even using iCloud Photo Library (beta) until Photos for Mac is released.

        It’s just a broken system right now and it seems it’s going to be that way for the better part of a year. It still bothers me that iCloud Photo Stream still downloads every picture I take from my iPhone to Aperture but then when I delete it on the iPhone, it doesn’t delete it from Aperture. That workflow alone is annoying.

  • pauleebe

    They must have needed more people on iWatch software, and this took the backseat.

    • Chris

      They would have dedicated teams working on each.

      Also it’s  Watch.

      • pauleebe

        Then you must have not heard about iOS people working on OS X, and vice versa. It’s happened before.

      • Chris

        That’s different, iOS is a subset of OS X so they can shift that team around without compromise, software development would be run by a dedicated team to ensure that no one product falls behind and/or lacks quality.

      • Hussain Alsanona

        But they really have teams for both iOS and OS X

      • pauleebe

        They do, but when push comes to shove, any large company will shift resources (some bodies are better than no bodies) to meet deadlines.

        The iWatch must come out early 2015. The entire world is watching (pun) Apple’s next move. Comparatively, no one cares about Photos.

      • pauleebe

        If you actually think iWatch software isn’t a subset of iOS, you’re in for a surprise. iOS and iWatch software are more related than iOS and OS X.

  • Shawn

    If both of these (Apple Watch and Photos) are delayed then hopefully that means a higher quality end product. I wouldn’t mind delays if Apple steps up their quality back to what it was.

  • Techsticles

    Apple is becoming a joke. I stuck with Aperture since I could “smart” sort and sync to iDevices but that’s been abandoned. iPhoto for iOS was really well done was also abandoned.

    Continuity and Handoff kept me from jumping ship but my Mac is aging and the competition looks more and more interesting.

    • Kr00

      So what competition gives you all these features and software for nothing? Microsoft give nothing away and Linux has nothing in the form of apps, so I’m interested in this “competition” you speak of. The only thing you get installed for free on a PC is bloatware.

      • You calling OneNote 2013, Skype, Pictures, Windows Speech Recognition, Windows Movie Maker, and other built-in Windows applications bloatware? You’re an iDiot.

      • Kr00

        Bloatware is crap preinstalled on a PC, not third party apps, moron!!! Or should that be typical moron?

      • Those aren’t third-party apps you asinine numbskull. Those came pre-installed on my PC (Surface Pro 2), and they are made by Microsoft. So, there you have it, iDiot, you just further proved my point that your claims are never backed by conventional logic.

  • I can wait for them to have all the issues fixed before releasing an unfinished app. iPhoto works great at the moment.

  • dudewassup

    9to5Mac is now reporting that a release is still planned for early 2015, as they were told by Apple.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    I’m always saying that, Apple need more focus on the people who work their, and in my opinion they really need more software people. As all we know that Federighi now the responsible for both the iOS and OS X I think he shoud be the top software manager while there are a lot working under him to get the job done by the time that planned!

  • Hussain Alsanona

    The latest update for both iOS and OS X is very great when it comes to the features, but the bad thing is both the software buggy, not stable, and some of the features doesn’t work properly.

    They really should inaugurate multiple team and each team has to focus just in one thing.