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Yesterday, T-Mobile in a typical Un-carrier move dropped credit checks to permit its loyal users, especially prepaid customers, those with a weak credit and ones on a monthly voice plan, to enjoy the best deals and zero-down offers.

It didn’t take rival Sprint long to respond.

Targeting T-Mobile customers, Sprint said today that it’ll be guaranteeing switchers a minimum trade-in credit of $200 for their current T-Mobile smartphone in good condition, and up to $350 per line to cover switching costs.

Kicking off today and good through April 9, the promotion requires that T-Mobile customers move their phone number over to Sprint to receive a minimum of $200 in trade-in credit.

You’ll also have to bring your activated and working T-Mobile smartphone to a Sprint store to qualify.

“Sprint also allows customers to trade in up to three phones per line at any time and five in a calendar year,” noted the carrier. “T-Mobile only allows one phone trade-in per line, and that transaction must happen when customers are purchasing a new device.”

Sprint 200USD credit for T-Mobile switchers

Sprint is guaranteeing that most high-end T-Mobile smartphones in good condition will fetch a minimum of $200 in trade-in value, even handsets from the last two years.

This offer can be combined with Sprint’s current contract buy-out offer which treats switchers to up to $350 per line in the form of a prepaid or reward card to cover the cost of switching.

As a reminder, Sprint’s existing “Cut Your Bill in Half” promotion applies to AT&T and Verizon customers, but still not to those who are switching over from T-Mobile.

Source: Sprint

  • 9to5Slavery

    If only the speeds are bearable on Sprint, coverage is good though. What hooks me back to t-mobile is their international data roaming

    • Rowan09

      Me too.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Not impressed.

  • Montgomery Tyler

    here comes sprint. who’s next?

  • Fanboy 

    The only newsworthy headline that should ever be published for Sprint should be “Sprint finally increases coverage and data speeds that dont drop”.

    • Jerry

      Sprints data is HORRIBLE. Beyond words. Even in NYC

      • Rowan09

        They spent money trying to roll out Wi-Max instead of follow the standard of LTE. Their data speeds are a joke even on LTE.

  • Hope T-Mobile can continue surviving. They really are giving consumers what they want, and they need support. Would proudly join them if they were available here in Canada.

    • Rowan09

      Before this $100 family for the what I’m now paying $92 alone they were not much different than the others. I’m switching to the $100 plan on Monday which drops me from paying $92 to a $100 plus tax for me and my wife. We’ll save about $60 each a month choosing this instead.

  • Alejandro M. Marez

    DONT DO IT! Sprint will strung you along and hold out on dispersing their money at all costs. And when they DO accept and send you their pre-paid visa, it will take 12 weeks to come in. Dont buy into that sprint buyout garbage either.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    only thing I like about sprint is the freedompop service. many people say they got charged, but I’ve been a customer for years with over 8 accounts and haven’t been charged at all. having some trouble activating the s4 at the moment though.

  • Mark Kramer

    I love competition like this. I only wish this existed in the world of broadband and cable TV. In this world you just get gouged and don’t see this kind of competition. I either get raped by Cox or by CenturyFink.