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The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the crazy world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts (deals!), updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today our selections include several major app updates and some great game discounts.


Analog Film – ($2.99 free) – a photo editor that offers over 400 presets with unique, film-based filters, light leak textures and more. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath – ($5.99 $3.99) – an action-adventure title set in dusty, undeveloped wastelands where you help a bounty hunter take down outlaws. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game – ($1.99 free) – a challenging puzzler with simple rules and intuitive gameplay. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Pilot’s Path – ($3.99 free) – an old school top-down helicopter flying game where you play a former USAF pilot carrying out missions for criminal underground bosses. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

USA Travelpedia – ($4.99 free) – an all-in-one travel companion app for the US that covers 300+ major cities and over 10,000 points of interest. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Little Boat River Rush – ($1.99 free) – a top-down view racer with over 100 missions and 300+ maps. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Flash Reader – ($2.99 free) – a speed reading app that serves up emails, news articles and various other documents. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

World of Dinosaurs – ($2.99 free) – the ultimate dinosaur resource that includes beautiful HD illustrations and dolby audio. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Other apps still on sale:


Google Docs – (free) – Google updated its office software suite with support for Touch ID and other new features. You can find Docs here, Sheets here and Slides here for both iPhone and iPad.

Logic Pro X – ($199) – Apple updated its popular audio software today with a number of new features and improvements. You can find it in the Mac App Store here.

Rdio – (free) – the Rdio app was updated today with a new station for discovering just-released music, enhanced sharing options and more. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 – (free) – Atari’s popular build-your-own theme park game was updated today with several improvements, including the ability to make your patrons puke after riding a coaster. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Kingdom Rush – ($0.99) – regarded as one of the best tower defense games ever, this old favorite received some new life yesterday in the form of an update with new achievements, stages and enemies. Download it for iPhone here and iPad ($2.99) here.


CZ App for iPad – ($19.99) – Casio built this app to essentially reproduce the functionality of its best-selling CZ-series model synthesizers. Download it for iPad here.

Voice Dream Writer – ($9.99) – reads your writing using text-to-speech, so you can easily spot awkward sentences, grammatical errors and typos. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Skyward – (free) – this new puzzler comes from the makers of the controversial, yet popular, 2048, and looks similar to Monument Valley. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow – ($0.99) – a mystery puzzler that offers professional music and sound effects, stunning artwork and intuitive gameplay. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

The Witcher Battle Arena – (free) – designed with mobile devices in mind, this MOBA combines intuitive controls with skill-based strategies and fast-paced action. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Note: prices are subject to change at anytime, and as usual, be sure to let us know if we missed something big down in the comments section below!

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