SONICable is claiming it’s the world’s most advanced charging cable for the Lightning-supporting iPhones, able to charge your device in half the time as a normal Apple charger.

It offers an off and on switch that is behind the magic. When the switch is OFF: Its like a normal USB cable, charge and sync. When the switch is ON: All of the power is focused on charging, sync/data is disabled, which the Fort Lauderdale-based company says helps increase speed significantly.

The SONICable also features dual-sided USB so you don’t have to fumble with plugging in the cord while in your dark room. There’s also aluminium connectors and a “tangle free” design to prohibit any wear and tear. It’s Apple MFi Certified and has a lifetime warranty, unlike Apple’s cord which only comes with one-year warranty.

SONICable had a starting price of $20 in its campaign on Indiegogo, however the price has now risen to $27 for a Lightning cable in grey, black, pink, gold, blue specks, or blue. The initial funding goal was $10,000, but it’s now skyrocketed to $180,000.


A thread on Apple’s Support Forum calls the cable into question, asking if it can really provide the power boost it’s advertising.

“It says that it can disable syncing, and that is what improves charging speed. And while that makes sense… you can do the same thing just by plugging it into the AC adaptor and plugging it into the wall,” one user writes “It doesn’t ‘sync’ while charging this way. What’s it going to sync with; the wall outlet?”

Even if this is the case, you’re getting a pretty sleek iPhone cord, with a lifetime warranty and dual-sided USB for an extra $13.

Source: Indiegogo

  • Linton Findlay

    Test them when they come out IDB!

  • IkillYou

    does it support ipad

    • Cody

      Yes sir

    • LMAO at this question

  • Ian Summerfield

    “Lifetime warranty”? You know that’s meaningless marketing bull don’t you? It’s NOT your lifetime but the estimated lifetime of the product, which is probably 1 year – i.e. the minimum warranty period for any electrical items in the UK at least. They can define “lifetime” as anything they feel like.

    • Cody


    • ♋JULY 17♋

      Lifetime is only 7 years that it is covered

    • Jack Wong

      Or it would cost half of the price to pay for the replacement shipping.

      I will stick with Apple lightning cable because it comes with the 1 year warranty with the iPhone and I upgrade the iPhone yearly.

      • Artur Pastuszek

        All you have to do is show up with an iPhone with some kind of warranty (whether its the standard 1 year or apple care) and they will give you a new cable if its damaged. I did this with my cable i got with iPhone 5 and when i got my iPhone 6+, the folowing day i went to the apple store and the guy said, clearly the cable didn’t tear up like this in one day but remember you get 2 free replacements under this phone which i didn’t care. Its not like anyone knows which exact iPhone a cable came with anyway.

      • Jack Wong

        Exactly, and we know… none of them last long anyway.

        Either we damage it or we lose it.

    • Diego Milano

      You forgot to mention that Apple may very well replace their connector technology and no longer use Lightning cables anymore so nobody truly needs a “lifetime” warranty, although it’s nice to have it working properly for at least 7 years indeed. 🙂

  • revivalstore

    Guess its not that healthy for the battery to boost in power that fast

    • Fanboy 

      Your iPhone will only charge as fast as the hardware allows it to. That’s like me saying if I plug in my Blu-Ray player (1080p) to my 720p TV that my TV will play in a higher resolution. Unless you own an iPhone6/6 Plus. They were updated to support faster charging, although Apple didn’t market this for some reason. Try using an iPad charger on it and you’ll notice the reduced charging time!

      • revivalstore

        Well my friend .. When it Comes to ackumulators they can be “damaged” or loose abilty … Stupid Comparsion with resolution u made by the way…

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }

        No its a perfect analogy

  • Andy

    Another overpriced cable that claims to be better than others. Nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

  • Chang in Charge

    There was another cable like this on Kickstarter awhile back called DoubbleTime. I’m not sure how well that worked. The comments seem mixed on delivery and reliability.

  • Dan

    That’s pretty cool, sort of like turbo charger for micro usb.

  • singhay559

    Galaxy note 4 has this feature built in. Apple should also. Come on apple. Stop being so slow

    • QuarterSwede

      What are you talking about!? The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both can charge at iPad speeds (12W instead of 5W) so they charge very quickly. Get informed.

      • singhay559

        If u read the article clearly then youll know what im talking about. Does apple has the ability to disable syncing while charging?

      • QuarterSwede

        Oh, the specific cable. Apologies then.

      • singhay559

        No apologies needed buddy. Just tryna clearify my statement. The note 4 n gs4 has this feature but its software wise not hardware. Which i think is better $ wise. With the cable itl need replacement once its faulty. Software you can just reset if anything goes wrong.

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    I’ll stick to the microwave

    • Andrew

      Agreed, works perfect for me. Five minutes and BOOM, it’s at 100%.

  • Andrieux Querido

    If you want to charge your Gadgets 50% faster on PC, Look for asus ai charger on Google and install it. I use it for a long time. Works for Ipad too.

  • Diego Milano

    It would be interesting to see if it still syncs via iTunes WiFi Sync though, either way, I’d grab it with or without synching. My only slight concern would be if this would affect the battery in some way.

  • Eri

    Get “Aicharger” from Asus website, install it and you will charge from computer like from your wall AC Adaptor.

  • TheShade247

    so what happened to that reversible usb cable that apple was suppose to release with new iDevices?

  • Yunsar

    I use my laptop’s powershare USB port to charge my iPhone. It gives an output of 1500 mAh and can theoretically charge from 0% to 100% in about 1 hour and 50 minutes for my iPhone 6 Plus.

  • EricB

    The way this cable works is simple. When you have a USB cable that supports power in addition to data, you have dedicated paths for each. So if you plug your standard USB charging cable into your computer and your phone, some of the paths are used for power ONLY and some are used for data ONLY.

    When you plug your standard USB cable into the AC power unit to charge your phone, you are still only using the dedicated power paths.

    The way the sonic cable works (in theory) is when you “switch the cable on,” it then forces the data paths into temporary power paths thereby doubling the amount of power that can be delivered to your device all at once.

    if you have a single lane on a highway and every car travels at 60MPH and you have a 2 lane highway with cars traveling at 60MPH, then you have twice the amount of cars driving at the same time than on the single lane.

    This is what the SoniCable is doing. It is doubling your power bandwidth to deliver twice the amount of power to your device’s battery so that you can get to a full charge in half the time.