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Episode 65: A deeper discussion of the Apple Watch, plus a talk about the rumors of a new Apple developed stylus, and what it could mean for iPad users.

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  • Milika Delic

    Nebojsha mean “fearless” in Serbian 🙂

  • Martynet

    Just listening latest podcast… And I don’t think that Steve Jobs statement about stylus has nothing to do with iPad PRO. iPhone and iPad are non stylus device for most of the consumers, but I think that iPad PRO could be something new… A device for artists, animators, architects doctors etc, where stylus actually makes sense… I think it would be a serious wacom tablet competition.

  • ROFL. Sebastian had a good puke. More information than we need to know

  • Chocolatewe

    Ok cody im talking to you, call your dog ‘idownloadblog’ so when you are in the park and you are shouting his name its free advertising 😀

  • Chris Wagers

    If you need a stylus your doing something wrong. I still agree with that. Except for artists or similar