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AT&T announced on Tuesday that it is now making a new calling package available, allowing its customers to get unlimited calling to Mexico. Available for a monthly price of $5 per line, the AT&T World Connect Value calling plan offers free unlimited calls to Mexico, as well as discounted calls to 225 countries.

Current AT&T World Connect Value subscribers will automatically receive the new benefits without having to make changes to their plan. This makes it a great deal for business or consumers who have family in Mexico.

This deal follows last week’s acquisition my AT&T of Mexican wireless provider Iusacell.

Learn more about AT&T World Connect Value plan.

Source: AT&T

  • evilness9999

    does this plan specify calling to mobile phones also? it would be a really good plan its just that carriers always do this with a catch.

    • As you an see on AT&T site (see link in my post), it’s free calling to cell phones and land lines.

      • evilness9999

        cool thx for this info

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    Thanks T-Mobile.

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    Now vice versa please!

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      Por favor 🙂

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    Changes so much wow

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