8-1-3 analytics

Apple is still hard at work on iOS 8.1.3, issuing a second beta (build 12B466) to retail employees in its testing group yesterday. The firmware was expected to be released to the public this week, but according to a report from MacRumors, engineers are still trying to iron out bugs.

The site notes that it continues to see a steady uptick of visits from devices running iOS 8.1.3, and iDB can confirm we’re seeing similar patterns in our own analytics (above). This again suggests that a public release is imminent, but whether it’ll be this week or next we don’t know.

Firmware 8.1.3 is not believed to include any major new features, but instead bring about various under-the-hood bug fixes. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, given how many unresolved issues we’ve seen in iOS 8 thus far, and the current consensus regarding Apple software.

Beyond 8.1.3, we’re also anticipating iOS 8.2 to be released publicly within the next few months. This larger update, which has already seen four developer betas, is believed to include new features such as support for Apple Watch and its built-in Companion app.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as iOS 8.1.3 or any other important updates become available.

Source: MacRumors

  • Jeffrey Lovell

    Any words from your source if the native video UI shows buffering progress again? This seems to have gone away with the release of iOS 8. The progress bar used to have a shading effect that would show how much has buffered and now there is no shading, it’s just one solid color.

    • nonchalont

      Interesting, mine shows the progress bar.

      • Hot12345

        On wich ios?

      • nonchalont

        I take that back, it was other apps that create a buffer, but Safari doesn’t from what I’ve seen and possibly other Apple apps. Like Guest said, they need to bring that back lol

    • Noah

      One of the most annoying things in iOS 8. It also doesn’t show the time when dragging to change time…

    • Florian Iosef

      Good print

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    As long as it don’t hurt my jailbreak I am a happy man

    • Fanboy 

      Absolutely nothing can hurt your jailbreak unless you decide to update, lol

    • Dany Quirion

      You rather have bugs over jailbreak? …

      • Chang in Charge

        We’ll have to see just how much better 8.1.3 is. If I’m hearing everyone says it’s much smoother, blah blah blah then I might have to go stock.

      • Blip dude

        Hate to be the one to tell ya, but every OS has its ups and downs. If you think 8.1.3 is suddenly supposed to be bug free, you’re in for quite the disappointment. And yeah, in my personal experience, these bugs currently on iOS 8.1.2 has not affected my experience whatsoever, so I’ll be doing a fresh restore over the weekend and continue using my rejailbroken devices.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Jail breakers usually fix big bugs, and quite frankly a 8.1.3 update won’t ha that meant bug improvements. Take 8.1.2 for example

      • Dany Quirion

        Well, im ruinnkng ios 8.1.2 and havent experienced any bug that had been mention so i really dont understand why i am the only one with no bug

      • NP92

        Same here 6+.. And never had.

      • basilis

        apparently u dont use custom keyboards. if u did, u would experience bugs on a daily basis.

      • chris

        but IOS is always buggy anyway. My JB phone have apps which improve my phone much better: Battsaver, noSlowanimations, virtualHome. IOS stock is sooooo boring

      • Dany Quirion

        buggy? its never been buggy.

      • chris

        3rd party keyboard, landscape stuck, lost f WIFI, bluetooth, fast battery drain, random freeze, delay in typing, boot loop,…

  • Why is my battery jumps in 2%? In 61-59

    • ant3kn

      I have also 28-26 😀

      • Marvin

        I have 1-(-1)

      • Bugs Bunnay

        I got 69

      • me too… wtf

    • andy

      lol mine 3 hours it jumps 2% 😛

    • andy

      Lol ios 7-8 battery is shit. Nuff said.

  • ck125

    Good, don’t want to issue an update to fix bugs, only to add more bugs in the process.

  • Ian Leon

    Apple please fix iOS 8. It’s not like we can go back to iOS 7… Please do whats right

    • andy

      Apple is a tardass company. They care more of money. Not what people want.

      • Inseltraeumer

        right, we need more selfless companies like…never mind


      • chris

        or they take JB apps and include them on IOS!!! but no law suit

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    still running 8.1 jailbroken.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    apple < crapple

  • M_thoroughbred

    I hope that 8.1.3 will have a fix for third party keyboards

  • Noah

    Apple should be updating their built-in apps without any sort of iOS update. How is it not possible to do bug fixes via App Store? I use Google Maps, but when I’m forced to use Apple Maps, pinching crashes the app immediately.

    • ck125

      Because Apple doesn’t have them set up that way. its a system app so requires a OS update, unlike what some android OEMs do.

  • Anas Hasan

    The WORST bug in iOS history so far is the delay in the Dialer, if I call someone by mistake i have to wait for it to show up on the screen to end the call which would be too late. Experienced this problem with all iOS variants on iPhone6+ I have this issue and I have two friends with the same issue on the same phone.
    2 out of three jailbroken on 8.1.2.

    • Chad Bradley

      I had that problem too when I was jailbroken. I restored back to stock and all is good now.

  • nyangejr

    The idea of having a native watch companion app doesn’t make sense to those who won’t own the apple watch, also having beats preinstalled for users in an unsupported country

    • chris

      what the point of an Apple watch anyway if you go an Iphone???
      just an extra junk. Next Apple glasses? Apple shoes? Apple pants?

  • TheShade247

    Over all firing Scott Forstall was the worst step apple has ever taken.

    • Jonathan Rosga

      I agree

  • trog

    … Greets to anyone still watching this blog…
    And, as there have been no updates since the release of 8.1.3 …

    I can tell you it has caused me more grievances than you can poke a stick at !!
    The text edit or / on screen keyboard malfunction .
    All games randomly either crash out or lock up.
    The cameras aren’t functioning, front camera show image but is flakey, but Rear camera, is just non functional locks up with blurry screen…
    Battery drains much faster , and the whole iPad gets rather warm now. …
    Linking between apps is a bit dodgy, tried to send photo in email and the photo gallery app wouldn’t link to the browser …

    It is about time that CrApple stopped making the users play Russian Roulette with their half baked updates!!
    I have an iPad mini for about six months and it has been more trouble than its worth…
    EVERY update breaks something !
    They need to make all updates Uninstallable, for the reasons I have mentioned above, not making an” a factory restore ” shovel the newest update back on, factory restore should revert back to the OS that came on the device!