Samsung has recently approached BlackBerry with an acquisition offer, reports Reuters. Citing a person familiar with the matter, the outlet says that the Korean electronics giant offered as much as $7.5 billion to buy the struggling handset-maker.

Little else is known about the deal, other than executives from the two companies met last week to discuss a potential transaction. Both sides are working with advisers, and it’s reported that Samsung is particularly interested in BlackBerry’s patents.

Samsung’s offer proposed an initial price range of $13.35 to $15.49 per share—or between 38%-60% over BlackBerry’s current trading price. Needless to say, the Canadian firm’s stock shot up 29% to $12.56 (its highest since June 2013) on the news.

Originally named Research In Motion, BlackBerry was founded in 1984 with a focus on two-way paging tech. It’s since gone from a top smartphone manufacturer, to nearly bankrupt, and it’s ongoing turnaround effort has yet to show much promise.

Update:  BlackBerry has published a statement denying the report.

Source: Reuters

  • JTN07

    With it’s smart phone profits plunging Samsuck must be desperate to find a way to stop sucking.

  • suttonmontreal

    And the new Apple competition will be the SAMBERRY 10

    • cybersat

      how about iGay Phone!

    • Tommy

      Or maybe just Xiaomi, in a year or two.

  • Manor

    Does this mean Blackberry is going to release 20,000 phones this year? 🙂

  • patrick

    Zo it Will be black sung, or does that sound racist

    • DevXav


    • Digitalfeind

      what you’ve just said… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…

      • patrick

        Dude, You seriously have a problem, i suggest u take a good night’s rest

      • Digitalfeind

        I suggest you watch Billy Madison and stop being a wet towel.

  • Chang in Charge

    Blackberry better take this offer. what are they sticking around for.

  • Chindavon

    Desperate times for desperate measures.

  • DevXav

    lol and they refused it..
    I see dead people…

  • singhay559

    Dey dont need to buy comp. Dey need to build better phones

  • L J

    Was wondering when this was going to happen… Blackberry has been on a steady decline for some time now

  • Vince Reedy

    While you’re in the mood to flush $ down the toilet, throw me a few bucks first!

  • Tommy Gumbs

    This is why outlets should like IDB should not be reporting on matters that are related to financial markets. This should be illegal. Idiots write these stories off of the backs of other idiot writers which can cause individuals to make or loose 1000’s instantly. Individuals get degrees and spend years learning how to interpret and make sounds decisions as to what information is important to stockholders and what is not. That is a profession. But it’s not IDB’s fault alone. They only jump on the same train every other wanna be site is already on. Stick to your forte and leave the matters of finance to the professionals. Thanks for helping make BB some money today.

    • Tommy Gumbs

      Oh, and I have several degrees, and one of those is a degree in Finance.

      • BS Detector

        Yes, it’s obvious your a paper king, yet actualy moron. Such is life.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Spoken with such elegance! Touche!

    • Bloggers weren’t thought to think like that, they were thought to grab whatever on-topic story they come across.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        You are dry correct. But, there have plenty of instances over the last several years where bloggers caused issues in the financial markets due to yellow journalism.

      • BS Detector

        You know, you could stop following these blogs and using them as a guideline towards your financial planning if it bothers you that much. #JustSayin

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Or, they could and should stick to writing about what they know about. #usingcommensense.

      • BS Detector

        #learntospell lol

    • ck125

      And it’s their fault people who supposedly have all these degrees and knowledge base their $$ decisions on so called “journalists”? Surely with all that education and know how, they should be able to sift through all the “rumors”

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I did not say only people with degress loose their money. Individuals with and without degrees loose their money everyday in financial markets.

        What I said is it should be law that only qualified individuals report on financial markets.

      • BS Detector

        That would be taking away one of the fundamental liberties provided to all, so no. No more wanktard politics #thankyouverymuch.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Lol. I like you!

  • Dante Arellano

    Fuckk both are shite fuckk them and died shitte

    • Juschan

      you´re alright ?

  • Guest

    This is a rumor, not a fact. Samsung denied this rumor and Blackberry has already said in the past they will never sell.

  • rnorthboy

    i want an iberry i would buy and blackberry if it had iOS on it. would be my dream phone. wish apple would buy them