Apple Watch (Ariel Adams 003)

A new survey finds that nearly 1-in-5 iPhone 6 owners are planning to buy the Apple Watch when it launches later this year. ZDNet points to the data, published by marketing research firm Credit Suisse, which shows 18% of iPhone 6 or 6 Plus owners polled said they would “definitely” be buying Apple’s new wearable.

Additionally, 11% of those queried said that they would “probably” be purchasing the Apple Watch when it’s released, and another 27% described the likelihood that they would be getting one as “maybe.” Out of those in the “no” category, 27% said they would “probably not” be getting it, and 18% answered “definitely not.”

Keep in mind that this is a small sample, of a specific demographic (iPhone 6 owners), so it’s impossible to take these numbers at face value. The data does, however, underscore the consensus that Apple will have no problem selling the upcoming device—which as its first major new product since the iPad, needs to do well.

Announced in September of last year, the Apple Watch is expected to launch in March with a starting price of $349. It will be compatible with the iPhone 5 and all newer iOS devices, communicating with them via a built-in Companion application, which was just recently revealed in the latest developer release of iOS 8.2.

Source: ZDNet

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    • George

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      • Oh, right. Understood. Thanks for the clarification.

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  • George

    I garauntee you the apple watch will fail like every other smart watch out there. They are completely useless and a gimic.

    • Dan

      You overestimate Apple fanboys. As long as it has the logo…

      • George

        Yes but how many iPhone users are fanboys?

      • Dan

        look at the article for the %?
        I agree though, it is useless and a gimmick, but it’s Apple, it will sell

      • George

        The article is about a poll taken with how many people? 10?

      • Dan

        We shall see. I actually agree with you that the watch is a gimmick, only time will tell if it will work out. I bet it will though, but I won’t be buying one.

      • George

        I can already picture teachers telling their students to put their watches away lmao.

    • JayDee917

      That’s what people said about tablets. Then the iPad happened.

      • George

        This is completely different, the majority of people don’t wear watches especially teens, they aren’t going to start especially when its $350.

      • Tobias9413

        That is until teens find out that you can do things like use them on exams. Also idk if you’re a “teen” but as a someone who is, I can tell you more teens than you think wear watches. Your probably thinking of middle school kids and maybe junior high but apple isn’t targeting them, why? Because they can’t afford to buy one them selves. Lots of college students where I go wear watches and lots of teens from when I went to high school wore watches. These are people who may have a job and will buy it because they can and because it’s an apple product. Trust me, a lot of people wear watches.

      • ck125

        Yeah because it won’t be obvious if you are fiddling around with a watch on a test for the teacher to see. Or like other tech, they make you put it all away for tests.

      • Tobias9413

        Eventually they may start taking them away but unless you have a young teacher, most won’t know at first.

      • George

        I’m actually 17, and no one my age would spend $350 on a watch.

      • Andres

        I’m actually 17… and I have my money ready for apple to take it. People your age would buy it

      • ck125

        There will be people who buy it. I’ve heard middle schools kids talk about it, and ask if my nike+ watch is a “smart watch”

      • Malus

        What teen has $350 for a goddamned watch?

      • Tobias9413

        People who work? When I was in high school I got paid $12 an hour. I didn’t have to pay bills and so I was able to buy anything. Now that I’m in college and go to school full time and work 40 hours, I’ve been saving money so when it rolls out ill buy it.

      • George

        People in hs don’t make $12 an hour, most make minimum wage at 20 hours a week.

    • Serge Bodin

      I honestly don’t need it, but I’ll buy the black or grey one to match my iPhone 6, just because I love apple, and everything they make. I guarantee you people will wear this, more than all the android watches put together. I’ve only seen a couple people in my life wearing the android watches, but I know I’ll be seeing way more Apple watch users.

    • Completely agree and the biggest problem with it: IT IS UGLY!!

      • Ian Leon

        Look at the first Macintosh , the first iPod , the first iPad. They weren’t absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely going to get better

      • BoApp head

        UR UGLY!

      • You win again… you always do…

    • Franklin Richards

      To be fair the Pebble watch isn’t a bad watch. It just doesn’t have the marketing power as all the others. Apple has a way of making you want something you never knew you wanted. Though that might just be due to Steve Jobs rather than Apple.

  • blist

    I don’t know how about you guys, but I’m starting to like the design of this Apple Watch

    • @dongiuj


    • Mike Santoro

      This band looks nice

    • Tommy

      It looks nice but it still doesn’t make me want one.

  • M_thoroughbred

    man I don’t care I’m getting one something new if it fails it fails but I want one that much I know.

  • Ian Leon

    I hope the bands are forward compatible

  • Andres

    You’ll be seeing me in line on launch day

  • Fanboy 

    That top picture looks gorgeous. Once again Apple has created the sleekest design possible, and although not a beautiful design per say, it is definitely a tolerable design seeing as how all smartwatches are rather ugly at the moment. Combine that with the amazing software (the software features are what really stand it out from the competitors if you ask me!) and you have yourself a success. The functionality alone of this watch have me sold.

    • Andres

      Agreed! I love the design but I’m worried that it’s a Little too thick. I’m buying it either way, I see it as a new toy for me to play with.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    I’m in the other 4

  • singhay559

    If only it can make ph calls like the new Samsung without being nx to a ph then it would be awesome.

    • Tobias9413

      Maybe not out of the box but a firmware update should be able to take care of that right?

  • Dontwannaknow

    Apple Watch is meticulously designed and unapologetically beautiful. It will sell like hot cake. haha

  • Not so sure it will fail. Like that crazy sounding “iPad” thing?

  • nonchalont

    I will buy an apple watch if we can jailbreak it and add themes such as customizable watch faces that look elegant and luxurious. Be nice to switch watch face themes depending on the clothes I wear or business suit.

  • thetkaeo

    As nice as the Apple Watch looks, I think I going to hold off. The Pebble satisfies everything I need right now. The first wave of Apple Watches will also probably have some issues.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    I plan to wait a couple more years. I honestly think the current one is too thick for the wrist. make it thinner and possibly lighter.

  • Malus

    NEARLY one in five iPhone 6 users… That isn’t that good. I kind of hope all smartwatches fail. They’re stupid and useless.

  • Bass Head

    Hell I want one