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I never use the recent and favorite contact shortcut buttons available in the App Switcher in iOS 8. In fact, I’ve outright disabled both sets of shortcuts. Instead, I’m using FlipSwitch to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other settings via the App Switcher. This is accomplished courtesy of a new jailbreak tweak called Cobalia, which replaces the recent and favorites shortcuts with user-customizable FlipSwitch toggles.

After installing Cobalia, head over to the stock Settings in order to configure the tweak. Inside of Cobalia’s preferences, you’ll find a kill-switch, and a section for configuring the available toggles.

As mentioned, Cobalia utilizes FlipSwitch, a standard toggle framework that many tweaks use. This brings uniformity to all tweaks that use the framework, making the settings familiar to most jailbreakers.

Once you have the toggles set to your liking, open the App Switcher, and you should see all of the toggles that you’ve configured. There are also a couple of options present in the tweak’s preferences for showing the FlipSwitch labels and the section label. Both of these can be enabled or disabled using the switch present in the root of Cobalia’s preferences.

Cobalia Settings

Although there are many places in iOS where you can place and customize FlipSwitch toggles, it’s always nice to have more options. Cobalia is a good way to bring FlipSwitch toggles to the App Switcher in a nice clean package.

If you’d like to try Cobalia, head over to the Cydia store and download it today for free. What do you think about Cobalia?

  • Faisal

    Off topic but new mobile layout looks great

    • Chang in Charge


  • Chang in Charge

    After seeing this I had to check out those contact buttons in the app switcher and they are pretty useful but I never use them. It’d be nice if you could put those contacts on the home screen or lock screen. Quick contact widgets that would behave the same way the buttons in the app switcher do.

    • Richard Froggatt

      LockSpeed puts your favorites on the lock screen. It’s 99 cents

      • Chang in Charge

        That’s definitely a sleeper tweak I didn’t even know about that one. But it’s still missing the other contact options from the switcher contact buttons but thanks for the tip.

  • Ariel

    Seems fantastic, is it only i8 or also 7?

    • Noah

      I think it’s limited to iOS 8 because of the new Contact section that was added into iOS 8.

      • Ariel

        Should have expected that…
        I would upgrade but then my 4s works absolutely terrible on 8.

  • Melma

    I just installed it, thank you

  • Jesse

    Love the idea. I don’t really care about my recents.

  • dazzw

    seems pointless to me, though i use gridswitcher and ccquick pro

  • Auxo 3 puts them on the buttom of the sceen so you can easyly reach them, i think that is the better solution to combine Taskswitcher and Control Center.

  • Linton Findlay

    What auxo 3 should have been. Auxo 3 was a buggy mess

    • Richard Froggatt

      Auxo3 received a great update

  • Nicholas C

    I don’t see a point to this seeing as a swipe up from the bottom opens the quick settings.