KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a research note on Wednesday discussing the current state of Apple’s chip supply. Not only does the noted analyst see Apple diversifying its chip suppliers, but also sees the company making its own A-series chip for its MacBook line, like it does for the iPhone and iPad.

“Apple may launch Mac products that use own AP in next 1-2 years,” Kuo wrote. “This prediction is based on the assumption that Apple’s self-developed AP performs at a level between Intel’s Atom and Core i3 and is good enough for Mac. Using self- developed AP can help Apple better control the timing of Mac launches and Mac product features.”

If Apple were to move to its own chip for the Mac, it would be abandoning Intel and moving to an ARM-based processor. As MacRumors points out, the ARM technology for the Mac would probably be limited to lower-end devices at first.

Apple moving to its own chip would allow it to control its supply chain, like it does for the iPhone and iPad, rather than having to rely on Intel for chip production.

In 2015, Kuo says the A9 chip that will be found in the next iPhone will be manufactured by Samsung and GlobalFoundries, while TSMC will handle the A9X that will be used in iPad models. In 2016 things will be reversed, with TSMC handling the A10 iPhone chips and Samsung being responsible for A10X iPad chips.


Source: MacRumors

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    Oh Gad!

  • So A9X and A10 will use worse process technology than A9? (16nm vs 14nm)
    It doesn’t seem likely.

  • pauleebe

    I think we all saw this coming. Curious as to if the 12″ MBA has been living a double life with an A-chip prototype.

  • Dante Arellano

    Mexico is just next to

  • Saurik

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    • ih8sn0w

      That app is probably the best way to watch movies on iOS device. I watched Taken 3 earlier and it was a dvd quality

      • DevXav

        Ouch, i couldn’t read…
        What did he say?

  • liam Denkers

    Nooooo!!! My hackintosh wont work anymore :(. Plus, I dont think users will be happy about it as windows on the Mac won’t be as easy, and most Mac users I know have a windows bootcamp for gaming and such.

    • jp2002

      It will still work for a significant time, else what happens to all other legit apple users? Something like rosetta will be introduced during the initial phase i guess.

      • liam Denkers

        Yes, I understand that. But Mac users on a legit Mac that want to do some light gaming will be fucked as I don’t see windows games being very stable on ARM architecture

      • dothack

        Even if you run windows on arm none of the x86 apps are going to work which is most things.

    • rockdude094

      Honestly tho.. Who uses a Mac for gaming ?

  • DevXav

    Ouch.. I really hope Apple doesn’t go this way!

    I mostly love my MacBook for being capable of running MacOS + Windows..

    I own a MacBook Air and i wouldn’t have it if i couldn’t install Windows on it.

  • rockdude094

    Well if they really want to then I have no problem with them placing a Nividia Tegra X1 into the iPad

  • Better be backwards compatible, otherwise, expect more of this (bit ly/1tVwdIy) to happen at an even faster rate. Sadly, something tells me Apple doesn’t give rat’s ass about backwards compatibility…

  • Mattoligy

    There is one good thing that could come of Apple switching to ARM in Macs… Big software companies such as Adobe may port their desktop class applications to ARM which is good for the sole reason they would then also work on iDevices! Down the line when we have an iPad Pro line, we may see desktop class apps on them as a result…