iPhone 6 gray silver gold back camera

Apple pundit John Gruber said in November that the next iPhone refresh — likely to be marketed under the ‘iPhone 6s’ name — will include “the biggest camera jump ever” and now UDN’s supply chain sources are chiming in with some details.

According to the report Tuesday, relayed by GforGames, the next iPhone will feature a dual-lens camera out the back that will have optical zoom capabilities rather than digital zooming like all prior iPhone models.

Moreover, Apple is rumored to use some form a 3D pressure sensor akin to Force Touch technology that Apple Watch uses to sense the difference between a tap and a press.

The publication also says that more light will be able to reach the sensor, which will enhance the image quality. For reference, the iSight camera on the existing iPhone 6 models has an f/2.2 aperture.

Other details gleaned form the report: the next iPhones will retain the appearance and form factor of 2014’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models, while the lowest storage option will increase from a rather paltry sixteen gigabytes in the current generation to 32 gigabytes (an option which is missing from last year’s lineup).

Apple Watch Fource Touch 001

The report also mentions unspecified components that should “improve interactions” with the Apple Watch. As always, UDN lacks an established track record when it comes to accurately predicting Apple’s product plans so take this report with skepticism.

Here’s how Force Touch enhances interactions on the Apple Watch.


On the Apple Watch, tiny electors around the display recognize the difference between a tap and a press, providing access to contextually specific controls on its tiny display, without having to fumble with menus.

If implemented on the next iPhone, this technology could add a new layer of interactivity to iOS and make users more efficient, if you ask me. And Apple’s industrial design tzar Jony Ive agrees, saying in the promotional video above that Force Touch technology “quite literally adds a new dimension to the user interface.”

Do you expect Force Touch technology to debut on the next iPhone?

And what features would you like to see introduced in the next iPhone?

Source: UDN via GforGames

  • DevXav

    Yay! Good job..
    I was waiting for 6S/6S Plus rumors..

    It’s gonna be my next iPhone.

    • lol sarcastically 😛

      • DevXav

        No lol.. I’m serious! 😀
        I was searching iDB yesterday for some rumors about 6S..

      • lol okay 😛

    • BoardDWorld

      I am too, but can you imagine it, Optical zoom on a 6s!? The lens would look like a wart, the mole the 6 currently has is bad enough… moley moley moley, that’s just funny, it can be mocked in humour. Now a wart on your face, that’s just ugly. I don’t think optical zoom is realistic at this point.

      • DevXav

        I see what you mean..

        Also the protruding camera is really weird. It can only be “forgiven” because it brought really good components with it and as i always use a bumper/cover it won’t be noticed..

  • Martynet

    Couldn’t wait to see first rumours about the next iPhone ;). I wonder if the optical zoom mechanism will be based on the patent we saw here a while ago.

    • Hisham Itani

      That might not be true as the HTC one m8 already contains dual-lens camera with optical zoom

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        Naa!! HTC One M8 does not have Optical Zoom! Second sensor is used to capture the dept details therefore it can be used to create artificial bokeh!! There’s a rumor that M9 to get optical zoom!

  • I’m so glad I skipped the iPhone 6 since I got the iPhone 5 shortly before the iPhone 5s came out.

    • DevXav

      I did the same..
      I own a 5S 64gb now and will wait for 6S to come out..

      I’ll probably get the 6S Plus although…

      • BoardDWorld

        Well I was going to but the bend gate put me off. I really needed to upgrade as the 4S just doesn’t have the memory to cope with iOS8 and multitask without resetting everything. Just bought an as new 5S 64GB for USD481. Sadly the 5s camera is absolute rubbish in low light, when compared to the 4S!!! I absolutely can not believe what they pushed into peoples hands the last 3 years, and no one knew..?

    • Poporopo00

      Stay there compadre!!
      I love my 5S. And as a plus(at least for me) running 7.1.2 with tons of tweaks and i stopped installing sh*it since is stable, stable, stable and has all i need. No crashes at all…i’m so happy, want to cry

  • Virus

    Hope Apple skip the 6s and go straight to the 7 don’t like the protruding camera, antenna bands and of course bendgate

    • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

      Well they just don’t make the same phone with better internals! There’s always changes to body!!
      Since Apple know the issue, I’m pretty sure they’ll add some more reinforcements to it

      • Poporopo00

        Big fail since they tested the phones like a million of times before sell them. They went cheap on these iphones.

      • have_gun_will_travel

        Really??? Do you HAVE one? There is NO such thing as “bendgate!” All it was was the usual attempt at launch by the Android side (specifically, Samsung) to try to slow sales of the latest Apple iPhone. Guess what, IT DIDN’T WORK! There is NOTHING cheap about the iPhone 6/6 Plus, and I’ll guarantee you, if you don’t TRY to bend one, it will never bend. If you are interested in the TRUTH, please check out the Consumer Reports testing. Be sure to note that ANY smart phone will bend, if enough force is exerted against it.
        And yes, I DO own a 6 Plus, and it’s as sturdy as anything out there.

      • Dan

        There is NOTHING cheap about the iPhone 6/6 Plus

        How about the 1 GB RAM, 8 mp camera and overpriced memory options?

      • have_gun_will_travel

        Sure, look at bare specs without looking past. One GB or RAM runs iOS just fine. iOS is optimized so much better than ANY version of Android that it doesn’t NEED more than 1 GB to operate VERY fast, and smooth. Trying to judge the quality of a camera by pixel count alone is ABSURD. Whether it’s a camera in an phone, or an actual stand-alone camera, there are so many OTHER factors to consider. Put the results of the 8 mp iPhone camera against other lesser cameras with even up 13 mp or better, and I guarantee you the photograph taken will be better.

      • Dan

        -Well for the RAM, yes the OS is speedy, but it’s annoying to no end when browser pages and apps refresh.
        -For the camera, when I take pictures, I like to zoom into them, sometimes crop out certain things, I see a difference between 8 MP and 16 MP.
        -As for the screen, I see the difference, so the pixel count matters.

        May not be cheap for you, but for others it can be 😉
        Different strokes for different folks.

      • Lagax

        OK come on… Yeah the pages reload, but that’s no real minus for me since this doesn’t happen to me, because I only use 5 apps or something at a time normally… but you can’t distinguish pixels on a phone at 326 ppi, I don’t and I have very good eyes. It’s just not possible or do you hold your phone directly in front of your eyes?! The jump to 401 ppi on the Plus is so useless, makes developers (like me) put higher-res pictures in the apps, drowns more battery (the Plus could easily have an even better battery life),… I really don’t see any reason for this and I don’t see a difference between the iPhone 6’s and the Plus’s screen.

      • Agru

        You’re right about the pixel count, it can’t determine the quality of a camera. But since we have no optical zoom, pixel count matters if you need to zoom in and crop your pictures

      • Platy

        Don’t forget the TLC vs MLC storage. Definitely went cheap on the iPhone 6 >.<

      • leart

        Still is the most liked device in the world, you like it or not

      • hello

        wow, calm down typical apple fanboy. “apple can do no wrong!!!!!! mother f-ers!!!!!”

      • tariq

        Androids bend? Really? Try bending an M8. Let me know how it goes.
        -Apple sucks

      • have_gun_will_travel

        I see you had rather spew childish comments than admit the facts. Consumer Reports did a test on most all current (and some not-so-current) smart phones. They used scientific measuring devices to test the amounts of pressure required to bend them. And yes, an M8 WILL bend.

      • blu
      • DevXav

        Well, they probably don’t “bend”, but some days ago i had to use a Samsung “android powered” phone and it was so horrible slow and buggy that i seriously wanted to bend if on the wall, if you get what i mean…

        Never had this feeling using my iPhones (i own them since iPhone 3GS by the way, now i am with a 5S)..

      • Martynet

        try to bend yourself and stick the m8 you know where…

      • Poporopo00

        I don’t know WFT is a “Bendgate” and yes, we have it, i just don’t try to bend it. I will never try but there is cheap shit on apples phones specially when you see the price…sh*t!!! Too much money (and i’ve had them since the first iphone dude), i’m still renewing plans every year to get a new phone. They are great but my point is they are overpriced for what they offer.

        YES!!!, i like them more than an Android Phone but it doesn’t meas they worth what you pay for them.

        OVERPRICED, that is it. Previous versions were decent for me but comparing my 5S with the 6/6+ (other than being a little faster since i’m just a basic user) the size is the difference. I don’t care, fits my packet better.

        OVERPRICED…my opinion!

      • Haha, typical guy believing everything he sees on TV.

        Consumer report’s test is inaccurate. They should have tested the bend at the volume rocker button layout. That’s where the structure gives out the easiest. It’s also where the force from your pelvis and leg will bend it when seated with it in your pocket, or when leaning forward to pick something up while it’s in your pocket. Finally, that’s also where bend tests have shown it bend at…the iPhone 6+ has a flawed metal design, as many others (out of the 9, bit ly/1sQlf29) have reported, but Apple might have quietly fixed that (http://bit ly/1x6KUIM).

        All phones will bend if you apply enough pressure on them, but at least they won’t bend in your front pocket like Apple’s premium tin can (http://bit ly/1uhg8OQ).

      • have_gun_will_travel

        So let me see if I understand what you’re saying. I based my comments on Consumer Reports’ scientific testing, so you say I believe everything I see on TV. You, on the other hand, base your comments on something you saw on TV, trying to deter sales of the new iPhones, but YOU believe THAT, because it’s what you want it to be. Hmmm. where’s the LOGIC in that?!?!?!

        Two more points:
        1. According to scientific testing, the iPhone 6 bends with less force than does the iPhone 6 Plus.
        2. WAY before enough pressure is exerted in you pocket to bend EITHER, it will HURT…BAD! I would think that MOST people would STOP doing what they were doing to eliminate the PAIN!

        The facts are that NO modern smart phone has a bending problem. If they did, nobody would buy them. The market WILL take care of itself.

      • ” If they did, nobody would buy them”

        Clearly not the case with all those 600+ bendgates reported. Turns out they still went to Apple for a replacement instead of demanding a refund. Yet it happened a second time to some of them. So, some just want the iPhone so badly, they ignore it’s flaws…

      • have_gun_will_travel

        While I completely disagree with your numbers, I’ll use them to make you happy. IF there were 600 bent iPhones, that’s 3 THOUSANDTHS of ONE percent of product sold. Show me a company with a 0.00003 percent failure rate, and I’ll show you one HAPPY company… AND customer base!

      • Is it so hard for that grey matter between your ears to do deductive reasoning?

        Do you think everyone that has an iPhone uses twitter? Do you think every iPhone user that has a twitter account is aware of that OneoftheNine website? Do you think every iPhone user that’s aware of that website would actually take the time to report it? If you were able to do deductive reasoning, you’ll realize that’s just a fraction of the number of people that actually have the problem.

    • have_gun_will_travel

      I didn’t like the protruding lens, either. BUT, when I put a case on it, the lens isn’t an issue. It does NOT protrude past the case.

  • Ian Leon

    So… two bumps?

    • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

      Hahah! At least it will level up the phone

      • Ian Leon

        That’s what I was thinking

      • Mike Santoro

        Speaking of that…I just realized the “Level” tool on iOS in the Compass app is now void and useless on the new iPhone line… Lol.

      • have_gun_will_travel

        Not at all! The top and bottom are both flat, and depending on which case you put on it, the sides can be too.

      • Mike Santoro

        But if you want to lay it flat on say, a table, then wouldn’t the level be thrown off by the protruding lens?

      • have_gun_will_travel

        With a case on it, no. The case is much thicker than the lens protrusion. I’m not exactly sure about the number, so don’t jump on me if I’m off a little, but the lens only protrudes about .065″.

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        Umm.. It has the calibrate feature!! So you can level it up if you find a perfectly flat level surface! Which Apple might already have done

  • Poporopo00

    I’d love if they make an iphone just like the 5/5S but in the iphone 6 size. Oh yeah, i love my 5S. I think i will wait until thr seven to see if i like it.I love my 5S running 7.1.2…

  • harry bimasakti

    Next iphone? 6/6+ Not even available in indonesia, only God dan mr. Cook know when….

  • Agru

    This “force touch” could really be a revolutionary feature. I strongly doubt Apple will waste it for the 6s, but on the other hand they introduced the Touch ID with the 5S..
    My guess is that it’s going to be the big thing of the i7

    • Andrew

      New features are introduced on the “s” models.

      • Agru

        Enhancements are introduced on the S models. Not new features. i5S with its Touch ID is the only exception.. The 3GS was nothing but a tougher 3G, so was the 4S. Big changes are always brought by the S-less versions.

      • Andrew

        Exception? Lolk. 4s had Siri. What new features did the s-less models have?

      • Agru

        Siri is a software related feature, we are talking about hardware. Are you seriously asking me what new features the 4 had? Have you ever seen a 3GS?

      • Andrew

        I had a 3Gs. What hardware *features* did it have?

      • Agru

        Retina display? iSight camera? Flash? A new form factor? No more plastic? I think it’s enough

      • Andrew

        the 5s had Touch ID, 64-bit, M7, 15% largest cam sensor, slo-mo, new FaceTime HD camera, new colors and better battery life.

      • Agru

        Read my reply to “blu” about the difference between feature and enhancement. FaceTime hd camera is just a better frontal camera, new colors? I had a 5 and have a 5S now I can’t see any difference baby

      • Andrew

        Ah, I meant the gold option…

      • blu

        3gs has more ram, faster processor, faster HSPDA, 32 gb option and a better camera. Are all those considered enhancements?

      • Agru

        Quoting the Oxford dictionary.
        Definition of enhancement in English:

        An increase or improvement in quality, value, or extent:
        “this programme of enhancements will improve the daily experience of passengers”

        So yes. They are enhancements. Because these are all things the 3G had. They’re only better. It’s not the new frontal camera, a new form factor, a bigger screen with a 16:9 resolution or retina display. It’s just more RAM.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    No too early for new iPhone. Mine just been few months.

    • Matheus Lisboa

      It’ll come out once a year, deal with it haha

  • Bugs Bunnay

    we know what the galaxy s6 will have as well!

  • Dhaval Brahmbhatt

    I expect force touch to appear on the iPhone but not sure if it will be on the next iPhone. The logical thing for Apple to do would be to see how successful the feature is with Apple watch first before implementing it on the iPhone. The manufacturing cost would be significantly more with the force touch so Apple wouldn’t invest in it unless they are sure they can make it profitable.

  • Fanboy 

    I heard iOS 9 will have this Force Touch feature. All you have to do is an Over-The-Air-Update to get this new feature 😉

  • Chang in Charge

    Tthey need to rebrand that feature some new moniker cause Force Touch is not cutting it.

    • springer85

      Not cutting it?LMFAO!
      Eyescroll was the biggest joke gimmick in the history of mobile phones yet SAMESUNG bragged it was the next best thing!!

      • Chang in Charge

        I’m not saying Force Touch is gimmick it probably will have practical use. I’m just saying they need to work on that name.

    • Chindavon

      They need to come up with clever, genius monikers like “Internet of Things.”

  • @dongiuj

    I read a rumour that apple could release 3 iPhones this year. A mini=4″ a 6s and later a 7. Not sure whether this has already been mentioned on iDB. Most probably bogus info.

    • springer85

      The S versions have always been the better versions as they get rid of any nagging issues in the previous versions.
      The 5S was much better than the 5.

      • Andrew


  • springer85

    Why are SAMESUNG guzzlers in here?Their company is a joke and last quarter was down %40 thanks due to the Iphone 6 and 6 Plus.
    SAMESUNG guzzlers bragged the 6 and 6 Plus would fail and actually thought the pathetic lame videos by SAMESUNG trying to mock Apple would actually work!LOL
    The 6 and 6 Plus have OBLITERATED the S5 and Note 4 all over the world!
    The 6 Plus is Apple’s first attempt at a phablet……SAMESUNG have had 4 years head start and still been destroyed so badly that it really is hilarious!
    ONLY SAMESUNG guzzlers brag about dpi, screen resolution and ram like seriously WHO GIVES A SHIT?You cannot tell the difference with the naked eye anyway yet SAMESUNG guzzlers blow one off over it!!LOL
    i DO NOT buy a phone for screen resolution, dpi and ram like ANDROID rim lickers do, I buy a phone for how it looks, feels in the hand, to send texts, surf the web, social media and to watch videos.
    The 6 makes the S5 look like it was made in a shed!
    If I want to take better quality pictures than 8mp I will use my DSLR camera WHAT IS MADE FOR!

    • Dan

      I buy a phone for how it looks, feels in the hand, to send texts, surf the web, social media and to watch videos.

      So you buy a phone based on how it makes your hand feel and to do menial tasks. This explains your needs to spout insults and use caps lock.

      Maybe when you know how to actually use iOS and android to their full potential your opinion will be worth a damn.

      • springer85

        I know how to use IOS 8 and how it works fine you silly TARD!
        OF COURSE how a phone looks and feels in important you IDIOT!
        The 6 and 6 Plus are sleek, light and look fooking amazing, the SAMESUNG S5 and Note 4 look cheap shed plastic pieces of shit made so poorly!
        Do not cry as the 6 and 6 Plus have OBLITERATED SAMESUNG in just 3 months!
        Why do you think SAMESUNG are failing?They make cheap looking plastic crap phones and boast about screen resolution and dpi!!LOL
        Yeah I always hear people say I bought a phone for dpi and ram!!
        Seriously go and cry as your hero company is a joke!

      • Dan

        When did I say it Samsung was my hero?

        I had an iPhone 4, then Note 2, then iphone 5S then Note 4. You sir are the ‘tard’ if you can’t see that both sides have their advantages. Who cares if a phone is successful or not? Do you need to follow the crowd? Who knows, I may get the 6 Plus ‘S’ if it has what I’m looking for.

        This time around I decided to go with Note 4 since I wanted expandable memory, a browser that wouldn’t refresh due to lack of RAM and a great screen since I like to watch video. Maybe you, a cave dweller, can’t tell the difference, but some of us can. Read reviews, the Note 4 has been recognized as the superior screen.

        Try to use your brain man, stop being so aggressive and try to understand that not everybody has the same needs. Have a great day.

      • springer85

        WOW the Note 4 has a far superior screen that the naked eye cannot tell the difference so IT MUST BE THE BETTER PHONE!!LMFAO!!
        Same needs?HMMMMM Apple sold a record breaking 69 Million phones the last quarter!!!
        Seriously go away you are boring me, SAMESUNG are failing as they make cheap looking shitty phones.

      • GuyWithTheThings

        Don’t feed the troll…

  • hello


    • springer85

      Yeah just like your hero SAMESUNG who’s profits fell %40 due to the 6 and 6 Plus….try not to cry!!

  • h4nd0fg0d

    RAM, MORE RAM!¡ 2Gigs

    • A man

      Why do you need it? iOS runs clean and smooth with 1 GB

      • Smooth yet still can’t provide an immersive multi-tab web browsing experience. You’ll be getting none-stop reloading tabs when you switch to a different tab to get certain information, which can be really frustrating.

        For example, when I try posting a response to an online discussion while gathering other information from different sources, the tab I was commenting at refreshes and deletes all my progress. Forcing me to switch to my Surface Pro to get a true multi-tab web browsing experience. I don’t experience this annoyance on my new OnePlus One, I could have 50+ tabs open (just like on my Surface Pro) without worrying about any of them refreshing, thanks to it’s 3GB of RAM.

  • singhay559

    Tru ram multitasking

  • Chocolatewe

    I couldnt care less about the fkin camera, its already good enough just give me 4gb ram and a decent processor and battery. jesus apple annoy me so much

  • Ahmad Al-Qaed

    Well, now it’s very difficult to type what we want in the next iPhone, but, Apple has to put more technology into the design not just a new design, something revolutionary (again), I know there is the Touch ID

    • Ahmad Al-Qaed

      But they should make the iPhone itself, the exterior have more technologies built into it

  • Ahmad Al-Qaed

    It’s a very cool thing if they actually put OPTICAL zoom with two seperate lenses, because then it would open a new era of optical image stabilisation and camera technology