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Yesterday we reported that Apple had released a new iOS 8.2 beta to developers, and that it enables pairing with the upcoming Apple Watch and its companion app. Today, 9to5Mac is out with a new report detailing that app and what it’s capable of.

Citing a source familiar with the project, the outlet’s Mark Gurman says that the “Companion” app has the ability to manage settings for Apple Watch apps, as well as settings for the wearable itself so users can customize how it interacts with iOS.

For starters, users will be able to use the iPhone app to manage the apps on the Home screen of their Apple Watch and their layout. They can also customize the Clock app, adding a monogram, a badge for notifications and default stock symbol.

In Messages, Apple Watch owners can use the Companion app to set voice dictation or audio notes as their default reply method, set their default replies, and customize notifications. And there are similar settings for Maps, Fitness and other applications.

Additionally, the Companion app will offer up details on the device itself. Users will be able to view the storage capacity of their Apple Watch, the number of songs, photos and apps onboard, and other info like serial number and connection status.

Announced in September of last year, the Apple Watch is expected to launch in March with a starting price of $349.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Jordan Ross

    This is a super complicated product, especially for something so small.

  • Gary LE

    So does anyone knows if i can use this for running to track my distances and location without the iphone?

    • askep3

      So far the Apple with doesn’t have a gps in it, so you will need your iPhone for the location, but fitness apps will probably still work on the Apple Watch without an iPhone

      • Litchy

        That is not right. At least for the first few months, there will be no Apps available that can be installed on the Apple Watch and be used without a companion App on the iPhone.

        Fitness tracking apps like Runtastic for example will only work if you have your iPhone with the Runtastic app installed with you.
        Apple is planning to let devs make pure Apple Watch apps in the future but not for now.

      • askep3

        That is true, but I meant after the apps come out, there will still be no location in the Apple Watch

      • Litchy

        thats true 😉

  • DevXav

    I have a question…
    I own an iPhone but i don’t carry it while running, once i find it too big for carrying around during exercises. Instead, i use an iPod Shuffle.

    If i buy an Apple Watch, will i be able to listen to my songs and track all my running distances / information / related GPS data / workout information, WITHOUT carrying my iPhone together with me?

    • Rowan09

      From what we’ve seen it doesn’t have a GPS chip so you’ll need your iPhone. I bought an arm band from groupon and go running with my wireless beats headphones and it’s very comfortable. Maybe you can give it a try if you haven’t before and I own a 6+.