Twelve inch MacBook Air Martin Hajek 008

Contract fabricator Quanta Computer is ramping up production of the highly anticipated MacBook Air model with a twelve-inch screen as Apple preps to launch the forthcoming ultra-portable during the first quarter of this year, if a new report by DigiTimes, a Taiwanese trade publication, is an indication.

Well-informed blogger Mark Gurman recently claimed that Apple is expected to raise the bar on notebook portability by engineering a lighter, thinner computer without a fan that ditches standard USB ports, the SD Card slot, Thunderbolt I/O and the MagSafe power connector in favor of a single, fully reversible USB 3.1 Type-C port.

“Quanta has stepped up efforts to recruit more workers in order to ramp up the production,” revealed the sources.

Quanta, which also landed a contract to assemble the Apple Watch (thought to launch in March), is reportedly facing difficulty recruiting an additional 30,000 assembly line workers due to the traditional Lunar New Year holidays in China.

Twelve inch MacBook Air Martin Hajek 007

DigiTimes confirmed that a 12-inch MacBook Air will be outfitted with a Retina screen while speculating that the notebook is “likely to replace the existing 11-inch MacBook Air” while the 13-incher is expected to “continue running,” according to the publication’s supply chain sources.

Our recent poll asked you to weigh on the notebook’s radical redesign given the rumored removal of all of the existing ports in favor of a single USB 3.1 Type C port which should provide both power and connectivity.

Twelve inch MacBook Air Martin Hajek 012

About half of those that responded said they were concerned about a one-port design, with nearly one out of each five respondents praising the machine’s extreme portable form factor as a result of this.

An artist’s rendition of a razor thin twelve-inch MacBook Air courtesy of 3D artist Martin Hajek.

Source: DigiTimes

  • Virus

    Hope they bring back the 17 inch MacBook Pro

    • Chris Tangler

      hell i’d take a 17″ macbook air at this point…im currently sitting with a late 2011 model 17″ MBP that i have decked out, but would like to replace it in a few years and give my current model to my wife (i use them for work, she uses them for FB and pintrest)…i’m not getting anything unless it’s a 17″…i will say that my brother in laws wife just got a 15″ retina brand spankin new and boy is it nice (and light as heck)

    • Steven Code

      That would be my next laptop if they ever did this

  • Abi Manyu

    i hope they really put retina display on it, so i finally can say goodbye to iPad series…

    • NP92

      Maybe is to soon to say goodbye to iPads..

      • Abi Manyu

        well, at least for me it won’t be too soon… i’m using iP6+ (that will be enough iOS for me…) and to do some light works i don’t have to bring ipad+keyb case anymore, and i surely can do more on MBA…

      • Sokrates


    • Virus

      iPads will still sell there’s just no reason to upgrade it every year. kind of like a Tv

      • Abi Manyu

        of course it’ll still sell, ipad will be cheaper than those new MBA. And i didn’t mean that i’ll be upgrading the ipad every year… i had ipad 1, ipad 3 (the 1st retina), and now the Air 2… so i consider it as series :p

    • Gary LE

      If the new air is detachable from the keyboard and has IOS on it too then i will sell my ipad air 2 right now!

  • Jack Wong

    Black Mac laptop is back!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!

    I can’t wait!

    • IlIl

      I wish there were some way bring back the original slate color from iPhone 5 days and make them scratch resistant.

  • Gary LE

    Thats what i was thinking lol but u still have to manually connect the mac to the ext monitor though lol

  • Brian

    Keep in mind that these articles are all using the same concept photo that may end up looking nothing like the final product. Also, I don’t necessarily need retina for the Air, as long as the display is upgraded to IPS or something similarly good.

  • Virus

    13 inch macbook pro is the most pointless one get 15 inch or just the air

  • Andrew

    I severely hope that they don’t gimp this beautiful machine to use only one USB Type-C port. No where near enough ports for anything, plus, NONE of your existing products will work with it.
    I get it; thin is pretty and Apple has a fetish for pretty thin devices. But taking it to the point where usability is given up? No thanks, Apple.