A controversy quickly followed the release of the evasi0n7 jailbreak, when the evad3rs released it a year ago. The group of hackers responsible for the jailbreak had allegedly inked a deal with a Chinese company called TaiG to bundle their installer to the jailbreak for Chinese locals in exchange for a monetary compensation that we believed was in the amount of one million dollars. One million dollars! Unfortunately for the evad3rs, things went sideways. TaiG turned out to be an installer that facilitated piracy. The evad3rs pulled the plug on it, kissing their one million dollars goodbye.

In the latest episode of the Planet Money podcast (probably my favorite podcast out there), the NPR folks talk about the money hackers can make from exploits they find. In this episode, they specifically focus on iOS 7 and how several individuals were this close to hit the bank, but never did.

This is definitely not the best Planet Money episode as it doesn’t go deep enough to my taste, but it does shed some light on a practice that is becoming more and more lucrative.

  • iRy757

    Ah yes. Arguably the most controversial jailbreak release of all. Saurik was definitely in a whirlwind and I was confident that was going to be the end of Cydia. Glad it all worked out.

  • bsquarewi

    I really do wish they could somehow get some $$ for their efforts on this. Getting in bed with a piracy site was definitely NOT the answer. Unfortunately, the asking nicely for donations approach probably doesn’t get as much response as it should. I have always tried to donate $1 for each device that I’ve jailbroken to the DEV’s when possible. I know it’s not much, but if everyone that used the tool did just a $1 it would keep the jailbreak teams funded to keep the work up that we can’t do.

    Perhaps an acceptable approach would be for a license to be purchased for the Jailbreak via Cydia for a $1 after Cydia is installed. The Jailbreak could simply have a boot nag screen that can be shut off by purchasing a Jailbreak licence via Cydia or another Repo store.

    • Perhaps an acceptable approach would be for a license to be purchased for the Jailbreak via Cydia for a $1 after Cydia is installed. The Jailbreak could simply have a boot nag screen that can be shut off by purchasing a Jailbreak licence via Cydia or another Repo store.

      It’s this attitude that discourages being a part of a community. We don’t owe the Evad3rs nothing except our gratitude. If you want to donate then great but it shouldn’t be forced upon people i.e “I’m going to make your device a brick after using my software until you pay me”.

      Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for all of the work the Evad3rs have done but if their motives were financial gain them I’m glad to see they are no longer working on jailbreaks (and I’ll say the same about Taig and Pangu too if / when they finish making jailbreaks).

      • Justin Rowe

        I love that line “we don’t owe the Evad3rs nothing except our gratitude”.
        Now that’s the attitude that would make a potential dev not want to even release a jailbreak!
        These guys put a hell of a lot of work in to find the exploits and create the packages we use to jailbreak our devices, yes they probably don’t do it for the money but it would be nice to have a small token from us users to say thank you for your time or even to buy the latest iDevice so they can work on exploits for that.

      • Don’t underestimate the value of ones gratitude 😉

        Devs know the score and if they do what they do for the money I’d prefer it if they’d just come out and say it to my face like Pangu and Taig…

        I agree they deserve something for their time and effort but they don’t need to put jailbreaks behind a paywall. Greedy people is the last thing the jailbreak community needs…

      • bsquarewi

        Ok true. Lockdown is not a good idea.

        How about if Cydia were to implement a method to determine the Jailbreak you were on (Pangu, Taig, etc) when purchasing a tweak or something from Cydia and gave a very small % of the price to the Jailbreak team. I know people will now scream “that’s a tax” but you wouldn’t even be able to run the tweak you are paying money for without the jailbreak in the first place.

      • Justin Rowe

        Good reply and I’d be inclined to agree with you in all honesty

      • ReanimationXP

        Aidan, you don’t belong in our community if you don’t think they deserve more than your gratitude. They deserve compensation for the time they spent helping you. Whether you can afford it or not is another story.

      • Sorry if my comments don’t make this clear but to a certain extent I do agree with you only I don’t think it should be forced upon people. The best possible form of compensation I can think of would be to give whoever jailbroke a particular version of iOS a small percentage of all sales made through Cydia on that particular version of iOS (which probably isn’t a lot but enough to say thanks for their efforts). This way everybody wins!

      • ReanimationXP

        I agree and proposed this a long time ago. Not sure why Saurik hasn’t implemented something like this yet.

    • ReanimationXP

      The correct approach here is not licensing or DRM, it’s a more streamlined donation process, a la the “please rate this app” reminder on the App Store. Wait until the user has their phone jailbroken for a bit and gets it set up with Apple Pay and whatnot, then pop a friendly one-time reminder i.e. “Isn’t this cool? How about buying a coffee for the devs?”

      I’ve met a lot of these guys, I’ve seen the work they do, and for the most part they’re cool as shit. We absolutely owe them more than our gratitude, but not everyone has liquid assets to spare. I’m lucky enough that I do, so I donate at least $10 for every jailbreak where possible.

      • prorioter

        tbh i dont think there will be a lot of ppl willing to donate, i was thinking maybe something like kickstarter. i dont know how much exploits worth, lets say its 30k and the teams only release it when it reach the goal, ofc the code has to be inspected by respectable hackers first to ensure its not a scam

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    congrats all do i think they should be paid yes if ur apple fan and u use it but for me apple should go the android route and leave semi unlocked they stoled the note why not go all the way

  • Chris Buck

    I donated $20 on ios7 JB and $20 on ios8 JB. Love the JB’s and want to give back a little.

  • mav3rick

    Some of them learned from the mistakes and succeeded second time under TaiG jailbreak…

  • Discochip

    I didn’t understand one thing in that paragraph and don’t know how I ended up here. But, does anyone know if lettuce still rusts if you put it in a vacuum sealer?

  • Sai

    Are the evaders ever gonna come back?

    • McBobson

      Sadly it’s been confirmed that they are not.

      • deepdvd


      • Sadly somebody is trolling.

      • leart

        MuscleNerd the legend 🙂

  • McBobson

    What is the exact name of the episode? I can’t find it.