SwitcherDND Cydia

SwitcherDND is a new jailbreak tweak that just arrived on Cydia. It allows you to replace the mute switch’s functionality with that of a Do Not Disturb switch. If you use Do Not Disturb often like I do, then you may want to give this free jailbreak tweak a spin.

After installing SwitcherDND and respringing, the tweak is immediately activated; there are no options or settings to configure at all. Simply flip the former mute switch to toggle the Do Not Disturb functionality on your iPhone.

After flipping the switch, you’ll see the moon icon in the status bar toggle based on the switch’s current setting. The developer of SwitcherDND recommends replacing the DND toggle in Control Center with a ringer toggle to recover quick access to mute functionality. I use Polus to do this, which is a great Control Center tweak.

I use DND all of the time, so I’m considering using the SwitcherDND setup on my daily driver. What about you? Would you consider it?

Again, SwitcherDND is a free download. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and opinions.

  • As with many other tweaks the functionality of this tweak can easily be achieved using Activator!

    • Ian Leon

      I wish activator had a social part to it like IFTTT. because it’s kinda hard to come up with all these ideas by myself with all those options.

      • Chang in Charge

        Definitely agree or like the Flex cloud patches.

      • Ian Leon

        Or maybe there could be this blog where some person could make a post about useful activator configurations. EDIT: I searched and they did make a post about this

    • Alexandre

      Hey, developer here.

      Just so you know, there’s only one way to do this with activator, because the “Do nothing” action doesn’t work.

      Basically, the only way to do this on Activator is using “ringer deactivate” along with Do not disturb. That’s not very convenient as it changes your ringer setting when you only wanted to use do not disturb. My tweak, on the other hand, doesn’t touch to the ringer setting at all. That’s why it was requested on reddit.

  • Cameron Nelms

    Was already in love with this tweak before I even installed it.

  • Ian Leon

    Makes so much sense

  • khmi

    Nice but I won’t be downloading. I have my DND set on repeated calls. A second call while in a meeting or the movies within 3 minutes the phone would ring. I could turn off repeated calls but I like to leave it on in case there is an emergency and someone needs to contact me.

  • SteveO_in_NY

    Does anyone recall if there was a tweak that turned the silent switch on a phone into an orientation lock like on the iPad?