KeyCommands Preferences

KeyCommands is an innovative new jailbreak tweak that allows iOS users who use physical keyboards to mate custom keyboard shortcuts to Activator gestures. This means that you can make ⌘+⇥ invoke the App Switcher, or make ⌘+⇧+3 take a screenshot just like you can on the Mac.

And it doesn’t just stop there. Really, you can mate pretty much any keyboard shortcut with an Activator action of your choice. Considering how powerful Activator is in and of itself, adding the ability to invoke such actions via quick keyboard shortcuts is a pretty big deal, especially for those of you who use keyboards on a daily basis.

I can really see KeyCommands coming in handy for avid iPad users who are jailbroken. It could make executing commands that normally require interfacing with the touch screen that much easier. After all, invoking an action from the keyboard is arguably faster than interfacing with the touch screen to perform the same action.

KeyCommands Add

Once you install KeyCommands, you’ll need to open the stock Settings app and find the tweak’s preferences. KeyCommands’ preferences are extremely simple, as it exists only to add, remove, and manage shortcuts for a physical keyboard. And yes, you will need to use a physical keyboard that’s mated via Bluetooth to add shortcuts.

If you can’t tell, I really like KeyCommands. If I was an iPad owner who used a physical keyboard, I could definitely see myself using this on a daily basis.

KeyCommands is $1.99 on Cydia. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and opinions on the tweak down below in the comments.

  • Guest

    It would be nicer if I can choose an app in app switcher with my physical keyboard.

  • waqass

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    photos etc i am unable to see what this post is about old link posting
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  • Chang in Charge

    This makes me want to go buy an iPad Air and a ClamCase Pro and jailbreak it.

  • John Hanford

    Can’t you do the same thing with BeeKeyboard? Is this tweek better than BeeKeyboard?

    • Sachka

      Well, Beekeyboard is not compatible with iOS 8… So this is really useful.

      • hupakouo

        I am using BeeKeyboard running iOS 8.1.2 on my iPad Air. It works perfectly fine.

      • Sachka

        Well, the official tweak hasn’t been updated yet, are you using a cracked tweak?

      • hupakouo

        No. I purchased BeeKeyboard when I had an iPad 3. That was a couple of years ago, I guess.

      • Sachka

        How did you manage to install it? It won’t let me.

      • hupakouo

        I just opened my installable purchases and clicked install. I didn’t do anything special. It has worked for me on every version of iOS 8. All of the addons work (BeeSafari, Activator, Send Messages).

      • Sachka

        I see… Do you know a way I could purchase/install it?

      • hupakouo

        Maybe that’s the thing. If you haven’t purchased it already, I guess you won’t be able to install it. I don’t know of any way to buy it or install it if that’s the case.

      • Sachka

        yeeh… Back to keycommands I guess. I would like to have beekey, It has that option to move between app icons with the arrow keys on the home screen right?

      • hupakouo

        Yes, that’s right. But I don’t use that feature because I use BTCMouse and Trackpad. I use a bluetooth mouse.

      • Sachka

        Do you know by any chance how to make a Trackpad work with that Tweak? I have a Magic Trackpad and an Apple Keyboard, but the Trackpad gestures are not enabled (It does say it works with multitouch and stuff), So ATM I have a generic trackpad and a not so useful keyboard set.

      • hupakouo

        No, I don’t know. I have never tried to use a trackpad. I use an Apple Magic Mouse and Zagg Cover keyboard at the moment. The gestures for the Magic Mouse don’t work. I aslo use another mouse that has a scroll wheel–scrolling works well with it.

      • Platy

        Have you rebooted (just to be sure, reboot not a resspring) your iPad since installing? It worked fine for me too, until I rebooted, then it stopped.

      • hupakouo

        Yes, I have rebooted several times. I haven’t had any problems.

  • This can do some powerful things. I feel like a wizard.

  • iltas

    How I setup I hVe keyboard but dnt knw how to setup I hve usb cable keyboard
    any body help which keyboard needed