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Ever since the iPod’s heyday a decade ago, I was been wondering whether Apple in its pursue of miniaturization might eventually come around engineering an iPod shuffle of sorts that would be entirely embedded inside the firm’s In-Ear Headphones.

But as Apple hit the brake on iPod innovation amid rise of the iPhone, my dreams have remained mere wishful thinking — up until now. A German company called Bragi has created a tiny earbuds that contain an embedded MP3 player, a comprehensive fitness tracker and a host of other features.

The Dash, as it’s called, is being billed as the world’s first wireless smart in-ear headphones with a built-in music player and a range of performance tracking features aimed at fitness nuts.

The device is operated via a touch sensitive surface that registers horizontal and vertical slides and taps, allowing you to skip tracks, adjust volume and more, even when running or cycling.

The embedded music player has four gigabytes of storage, which should be enough for about a thousand songs.

In addition to a three-axis accelerometer for tracking pace and distance while running, cadence while biking or the number of laps in the pool, the device is capable of measuring your body temperature and fitness metrics such as heart rate readings and oxygen saturation levels.

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Other features include a 32-bit ARM chip, a digital signal processor, a cool LED lightring, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, an ambient microphone for the transparent audio feature and more.

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For those wondering, the Dash’s built-in 100 mAh battery provides about three hours of music playback and charges in less than an hour.

Priced at a rather steep $300, the Dash will ship in April 2015.

You can pre-order yours over at the Bragi store.

Source: Bragi

  • Lawry

    My iPhone is enough for me

  • Briggamortis

    Finally! Ive been waiting for true wireless ear buds like this.

    • R4

      look up earin. its much cheaper and you can preorder it right now.

      • IlIl

        Earins do look pretty cool too, but I’m wondering if they could’ve packed more power to it since they are targeting for music listen as its primary function (2.5-3 hours seem very short for pure music listening) unlike Dash which seems more focused on outdoor activity use.

      • Earin is sold out

  • whodakat

    I can’t wait to get these. I’ve been waiting for Apple/Beats to bring out a truly wireless set of head phones, but I guess I’ll try these!

  • IlIl

    I’ve been waiting this for months now. I want to measure my HR during workouts and this will let me do exactly that with music playing capability. (also something I do during workouts.) One thing though, I worry about the battery life and how fast the charging dock will recharge.

    • iViperzLTD

      It’s mentioned at the bottom of this article. “For those wondering, the Dash’s built-in 100 mAh battery provides about three hours of music playback and charges in less than an hour.”

      Personally the low battery is the deal breaker here for me, I’m currently very happy with my Jaybird Bluebuds X

      • IlIl

        Yeah I saw it, hence my concern. I mainly want this for workout sessions and that rarely go over two hours, so I am set. But I would like the charging case to be able to recharge fairly quickly. Say I forgot to recharge them before I hit the gym. It’d be nice if it can charge within 5-10 minutes.

  • elvinjoy

    battery is a deal breaker. 100mah? it’ll most likely have a life span of 30 min by the end of the year.

  • Sleetui

    Them prices though.