Photego Touch ID

There are tweaks that exist on Cydia that allow you to secure an entire app, but to my knowledge, no tweak yet exists that allows you to secure specific aspects of the stock Photos app with Touch ID. That’s where Photego comes in, a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to prevent users from deleting photos, accessing albums, and more via Touch ID.

To set up Photego, venture over to the tweak’s preference panel in the stock Settings app. Unfortunately, Photego doesn’t feature an icon next to its preference panel, which makes it feel a bit unpolished. Hopefully, the developer will take the step to add an icon in a future update.

The settings for Photego consist of lots of switches. There’s a kill-switch for starters, a switch to protect the tweak’s preferences via Touch ID, and all sorts of security switches for protecting the Photos app.

Users can use Photego to prevent photo deletion, recovery, album perusal, sharing, and more. All of this is accomplished via Touch ID fingerprints, which should already be established in your iPhone’s Touch ID settings.

Obviously, given the nature of this tweak’s explicit reliance on Touch ID, you’ll need a Touch ID enabled device, like the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, in order to enjoy its benefits. If you meet the criteria, and you’re interested in taking a granular approach when it comes to photo security, then you’ll want to look into Photego.

Head over to the BigBoss repo where you can download Photego for $0.99 if interested. Be sure to share your thoughts about the tweak down below.

  • Chocolatewe

    wish i had touch id. Im still rocking my iphone 4s with a dead battery and a cracked screen because im poor asf and jeff ect have backup iphone 5s that they never use. No fair 🙁

  • Joshua Thomas

    Find it very annoying that when you delete photos, it goes into a “hidden” album, and you have to redelete them there too. Dev should have them moved to the already annoying “deleted” album.

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    Yeah let me just reboot your phone in safe mode.

  • Chetan

    Use BioProtect or Bio Lockdown and to restrict opening of photos app.. I have BioProtect and it restricts opening of the photos app from camera app as well.. And touch id for deletion and recovery are waste options as if you protect the photos app no one can access or delete ur pics..

    The only shortcoming of all such tweaks is that photos can be accessed from other apps which can access ur photos. Eg. Whatsapp or any other app.

    • Gucciipad

      Agree why install another tweak

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Any App Store apps that does the same? Anyone knows? Paid or free don’t mind.

    • solai

      i am also looking for same with iCloud encrypted

  • Pho _tee go.

  • Guest

    @leman_keramat: @modmyi it is a cool tweak but people can still access it from a third party app like facebook.

  • Leman Keramat

    It is a cool tweak but people can still access it from a third party app like facebook.

  • Marijan

    isn t this tweak useless? i can still access to all of my photos; just open photos app and select “photos” tab; nothing is protected..