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AT&T announced on Thursday that it will begin, as planned, shutting down Cricket’s CDMA network in March, taking many Cricket plans and phones with it.

The shutdown comes after AT&T purchased Cricket in March 2014. AT&T is shutting down the CDMA network to roll customers over to its GSM network. Furthermore, AT&T has slowly been farming Cricket’s unused spectrum for use with its own GSM network. AT&T will use Cricket’s spectrum, after a spruce up for its standards, to offer better coverage to customers.

Cricket will become AT&T’s prepaid brand using the same GSM network.

The shutdown of Cricket’s network will involve terminating customers’ wireless service on a rolling basis by bill cycle beginning a month prior to the network sunset date. Below, you can find a list of how Cricket plans to terminate markets, as noted by Fierce Wireless.

So what about that iPhone you recently purchased on Cricket’s network? AT&T and Cricket have previously detailed Cricket iPhone owners (except for iPhone 4 owners) will be able to get an AT&T SIM card and use their existing phones.

“iPhone Customers with an original Cricket CDMA iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c will receive a free, replacement SIM card that enables your iPhone to operate on new Cricket’s new 4G and 4G LTE nationwide GSM network,” Cricket’s migration website explains.

All other Cricket phone owners will have to purchase a new smartphone. At least the network is giving you a little warning.

March/April 2015 – Initial sunset markets include, by state:

  • Washington, DC
  • AR:  Little Rock, Fayetteville and Fort Smith
  • DE:  Wilmington
  • IL:  Chicago and Northern Illinois
  • IN:  South Bend
  • MD:  Baltimore
  • NJ:  Atlantic City
  • NY:  Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse
  • PA:  Philadelphia

May/June 2015 – A second group of markets is slated for sunset in the summer of 2015:

  • KS:  Wichita
  • NM:  Albuquerque and Las Cruces
  • NV:  Las Vegas
  • OK:  Oklahoma City and Tulsa

August/September 2015 – All other legacy CDMA markets not identified above will be turned down by mid-September 2015.

Source: Fierce Wireless via PhoneDog

  • Bugs Bunnay

    too bad att couldn’t do the same with tmobile back when they tried to buy them out. now they are following tmobile’s movement. lmao

  • mashud alam

    I’m having Iphone 5s locked to cricket is it possible to unlock

    • Rowan09

      I believe so. Was it AIO which is now Cricket? According to the article if a sim will allow it to work on GSM networks them yes, but I don’t know if it will work with LTE. Check the model number on Apples website and it will show you the bands it works on.

  • Hacker4life

    I can unlock any iPhone on any network. Period!!

    • Mia Cooper

      Can I ask you a really important question?

      • Hacker4life

        You can ask me anything.

    • Dustin Huff

      will you unlock my phone please.

  • RIP iPhone 4 users

  • TJ

    I have an iPhone4 CDMA purchased from cricket (and never used on any other network). Can I flash it and/or use it on any other network? Or is it completely no longer useable?

  • bonnie

    Help for nonsavy techy ??? I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Cricket Representative said I have to buy a new 1 from them about $300 with “credit” for the old one, but he wouldnt tell me how much credit I will get towards the $300. Do I really have to trash this Samsung Galaxy S4, isn’t there some way that I can make it work on the NEW CRICKET. Or should I just give up and go with another provider, but which one? 🙁

    • phonefreak

      no there is no way to unlock any of the old cdma cricket phones except for the iphones listed above

      • bonnie

        thanks for the confirmation. By the way…..Do you know the reason behind them switching…..Will the consumer (me) benefit from this? How will I benefit from this…… thanks again ….

  • Holden_Cfield

    Huh? CDMA iPhone that takes a SIM card? I thought CDMA and SIM were mutually exclusive..?

  • hezzi

    8pm June 3, 2016 Still Down. I cant wait to switch to Tmoblie