iPhone 6 display color

Apple is teaming up with its contract manufacturer Foxconn on building OLED-based screens for future smartphones and wearables, GforGames reported Thursday citing a fresh report from Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, one of the leading newspapers in Japan.

Foxconn is said to be working with touch panel company InnoLux, also an Apple supplier, to put together an ecosystem which will allow the production of sixth-gen low temperature poly-silicon films, aimed at entering mass production in 2016.

“Foxconn is going to use its newly funded display factory to produce OLED panels exclusively for producing components for Apple,” reads the report.

These OLED panels should go into limited production in 2016, with Foxconn Japan RD Co. responsible for research in manufacturing, technology and equipment of OLED displays.

The report specifically mentions Apple smartphones and wearables.

Apple Watch (Retina display 001)

Now, the only Apple gadget that uses OLED technology is the upcoming smartwatch, which uses screens built by LG Display. The iPhone maker hired OLED experts in the past and has patented OLED embedded sensors to improve iPhone display, indicating its interest in the technology.

Switching to OLED from LCD IPS panels used on all iOS devices to date would yield power savings while reducing the thickness of the display assembly and improving image quality and color reproduction.

[GforGames, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun]

  • Sokrates

    Why did they not change earlier if OLED screens have so many advantages?

    • Wilber Flores

      Because yolo 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Well, that’s the answer to everything, isn’t it?

    • AppleFanboy

      Because they need to give you an incentive to upgrade 😀

      • Henry_3_Dogg

        At the moment that would be a downgrade.

    • they had one reason: Money

    • Because technology was not up to their standards and also because of yield issues and the fact that no supplier could build enough OLED screens on Apple’s scale

      • Aaron

        Well, I’m sure they can… it’s just that manufacturer happens to be Samsung & we know who they care most about :p

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        Well if you don’t know.. Samsung devices don’t sell like iPhone… So there might be an issue with that as well…
        Because you know they’ve keep their business as well eh..

      • Aaron

        *Individual Samsung phones don’t sell as well as the iPhone. But when you consider that Samsung are selling 4-5x the number of models that Apple are, even with lower per-model sales, this adds up to a higher overall volume of shipments. Well, at least I think lol.

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        Well, they’ve to manage their own business before supplying Apple nah..!! I’m pretty sure even they’re not capable of supplying all Apples selling rate..!!

      • Henry_3_Dogg

        Samsung are perfectly happy making better processors for Apple than they make for themselves. And building factories specifically to do that for Apple.
        It’s not a supply issue.
        It’s those flakey old AMOLED blue diodes.

      • BozzyB

        Their standards must have been very low then because e.g. Samsung’s OLEDs are known to be the best smartfone Displays around (s. DisplayMate Test). Not to talk about the ppi and the Quad-HD resolution an iphone or ipad can’t even dream of.

      • Sokrates

        They’re awfully bad in color reproduction though. Way too much contrast, worse viewing angles..

      • Rowan09

        I absolutely agree. Samsung Super Amoled is good but they have the contrast turned up way too high and they are also not that good in sunlight.

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        The issue was up until like last year 4th quarter.. AMOLED count match the color quality and accuracy of a LCD IPS display.. That’s why..

      • SteveJay

        “best smartfone Displays around” especially having their smartphones having burn in effects after one year of usage.

        Wen’t to a store yeasterday and the Galaxy S5 there when displaying white screens I could see the text that were displayed all day in those galaxy phones. Pure gargabe. Reminds me the old Plasma TV’s…. DisplayMate can say whatever they want but those displays are pure garbage.

        AMOLED pentile are poor quality. And when we talk about PPI, it’s other great story.

        400ppi AMOLED (pentile based displays) = 200ppi IPS displays.

        Definately, LG is doing a much better job in displays than Samsung.

      • mooseolly

        hey baaa baaa, it has been only 7 months and now display on note 5 is the absolute screen that you will never find on a trashy iPhone.

      • Henry_3_Dogg

        AMOLED behaves well when tested because the tests are done on new devices.
        Repeat those tests on 6 month old and 12 month old devices and the AMOLED displays will be laughed out of the competition.

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        And up until like last year.. AMOLED displays were not as good as IPS.. The colours were not as accurate as IPS, couldn’t meet sRGB standards and etc…
        Now they finally have exceeded the quality of LCD.. it’s worth switching ☺️

      • s0me

        lmao you are ridiculous as always

      • John


        Yes, the technology was not up to their standards!


    • Because they have so many disadvantages too.

      • Sokrates

        Can you name a few? just wondering

      • To start not a lot of people are a fan of pen-tile displays(pixel layout). Image burn in is a common issue. Blue won’t last long to name a few…

    • Franklin Richards

      Most probably because the king of manufacturing OLED screens was and still is Samsung and I don’t think Apple is in the game of giving Samsung more business.

    • Henry_3_Dogg

      OLED has some advantages for the first few weeks of life (when the phones get reviewed – cynical hey), but the blue diodes rapidly regrade and eventually fail.
      This has been gradually improving for some time, but is still far from fixed.
      Think about it. If Apple wanted AMOLED displays, they would have them. The watch has them because their power consumption trumps photographic realism.
      Apple doesn’t just want great reviews for the iPhone and iPad. They want you to be delighted with it for the whole of its long life.

  • Omar Ruiz

    But doesn’t OLED have poor outside viewing and a greenish tint since it holds more of the green

    • Mohammed Sahib

      The green tint is the result of pentile matrix of sub-pixels, famously used by Samsung. Google it.

      • Which sucks.

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        Hate that green tint..

  • Doubt a change like this would make it on the 6s, but iPhone 7 I could see that.

  • Jonathan

    That would be awesome if they did. Black would actually be pure BLACK.

  • Phirak Sok

    About damn time for Apple to step up their resolution game

    • Fanboy 

      This isn’t talking about screen resolution, its talking about screen quality (e.g. 720p Plasma TV versus a 720p LED TV)

  • Xee

    About freaking time!!

  • Matt

    When I hear OLED first thing I think of is BATTERY SAVINGS with a black wallpaper.

  • Sure they are… I have only heard these rumors for 2 years now!

  • Donovan

    Let me get the fanboys angry here,
    OLED, like Samsung’s been using already?

  • Benjamin J Schwartz

    Given Apples fondness for using white everywhere in iOS there would in fact be a battery penalty by switching to OLED from LCD. OLED only has power savings over LCD when the majority of the UI uses black in place of white. As such, in order to seeing power savings from such a switch, Apple would have to completely redesign its current color scheme.

    • VictorMartino

      They’d just have to invert it. It’s not hard at all, as some jailbreak tweaks have already done it.

  • Henry_3_Dogg

    Another headline designed to make the reader think that Apple want AMOLED screens and somehow can’t get them.

    AMOLED screens have improved over the years, but still suffer major reliability problems with degradation and failure of the blue diodes.

    Companies that only care about the reviews of the product on release have adopted them rapidly. But Apple’s products have long service lives and Apple aren’t about to adopt a screen that brings with it that level of problems.

    Picture quality is initially (as generally reviewed) good, but as the blue diodes rapidly weaken and some start to fail, the picture drops below the quality that I would find acceptable for photographic images or videos. Not so much an issue on a watch display, but a serious problem on a phone or tablet.

    Whether this problem is solved before something else overtakes AMOLED is anybody’s guess, but I very much doubt that it will be solved in time for the iPhone to have AMOLED screens by 2018.