SideBySide Adaptive UI
Hamza Sood, a well-known and well-respected iOS developer, is mulling over the possibility of creating a new iOS jailbreak tweak for true multitasking. Dubbed SideBySide, the tweak would bring true side-by-side simultaneous multitasking to iPads and iPhone, and would use Activator gestures as a means of invocation.

After seeing the progress and popularity of ReachApp, Sood is having second thoughts about proceeding with development of SideBySide. I think that would be a mistake, because SideBySide looks different enough from ReachApp to be extremely compelling in its own right.

Video Credit: HamzaSood

As you can see from the screens and video, SideBySide features an app picker that lets you choose the apps that you wish to use simultaneously. SideBySide uses iOS’ built-in Adaptive UI to resize apps dynamically depending on the ratio of the screen given to each app.

For example, if you’re running two apps side by side, and you resize one app to make it bigger, the other app will dynamically resize to show its iPhone version. That way, the app is still functional, even in its tightly confined space.

SideBySide Adaptive UI 2

To me, the fluidity of SideBySide looks like it could give ReachApp a run for its money. I also like the fact that it uses Activator, and doesn’t rely on Reachability, which limits how the tweak can be invoked. Not that ReachApp isn’t great, it is, and I use it every day, but I’d like to have choice.

SideBySide Adaptive UI 3

Reach out to Hamza and let him know that you want this tweak to see the light of day. The more competition we have in this space, the better. It will drive other developers to put out their most polished work.

What do you think?

[via r/jailbreak]

  • Ian Leon

    this might actually be coming for real from apple, since the latest developer tools are designed to create views that can be resized

    • I think it will as well (iPad Pro).

      • Ian Leon

        id buy it on the first day

      • Chinch07

        You think it will be an iPad pro only feature or just get released along side the iPad pro? The iPad Air 2 would be powerful enough to run apps side by side.

      • Ethan Humphrey

        I think all iPads should be able to have it (that are on iOS 8 of course).

      • BoardDWorld

        I think iPhone 6 Plus should have it & iPads should have had it from the beginning.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        of course it’ll only be an ipad pro feature. they’d be insane to release something like this to other devices. i’m not very thrilled that my 6 doesn’t have ois, but the 6 plus does. i’m also not thrilled that my 4 still doesn’t have siri :/

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Is it released yet.?

      • Dood

        Jeff is there a way to add a bigger keyboard system wide to the iphone 6 then the normal one that apple is making us use. Bigger keyboard meaning like the one ebay has on its app. Do u know any cydia tweak that is available that implements that?

      • ThunderLord

        I want this feature on my iPhone 6 Plus too ;D

      • Yunsar

        Since the release of the iPhone 6, I have guessed the higher end tablet from apple will be dubbed ‘iPad Plus’ or ‘iPad Air Plus’.

  • 9to5Slavery

    Off topic: Can we also pass on that auxo needs a more minimalistic switcher? Pages to circle switchers like ccquickpro

    • Diego Milano

      I already tweeted to them twice or thrice that they should add an option to actually allow users to hide the Brightness/Volume and Media Controls row when no media is playing. Needless to say I got no answer even after weeks, but no surprise there. I really like Auxo, but A3tweaks has a really bad reputation for turnaround times, particularly for customer service.
      And with this message I’m not trying to be biased or hurt anyone’s feelings, I have purchased almost all of their tweaks -some of which I use, including Apex, Polus, and Auxo- but I must keep myself realistic. 🙂

      • I know they are praised nonstop here but A3Tweaks are the definition of deadbeat developers. They sure like to hype their tweaks up but then do little to ever improve upon those tweaks. Their “customer service” is literally nonexistent.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Can we actually get someone from a3tweaks to set a road map for auxo or at least implement our ideas?

      • mike

        It takes balls to speak out against the crowd here while speaking of Devs, but I’ve said the truth about a^3 before. It’s a shame that your words are the reality. Those Devs had some true potential.

      • My Purchased list is cluttered full of complete wastes of money. I could make a pretty large list of tweaks that I paid for and have never seen more than 1 update for, if even that.
        I don’t believe in using a pirated repo for all your Cydia tweaks, but I am definitely trying 90% of them I think about purchasing nowadays.
        iKeywi3 is a great example. I never really thought I needed an extra row of keys but I loved it so much I bought it later that day.
        Sorry Devs, but some of you make the crowd look bad…

      • mike

        These are facts, I’m glad someone else understands.

  • patricia

    This tweak looks amazing. It give a separate option of being able to manipulate the the split from left to right instead of up and down. More of the screen is viewable when it’s tall (moving from left to right instead of top to bottom).

  • Victor Molina

    Imaging playing games like oceanhorn and looking at safari for tips. I’m loving it and it’s not even out yet

    • Fanboy 

      If you’re on iOS 7, purchase “OS Experience”. Totally worth it.

      • Victor Molina

        I’m on iOS 8. I’ve seen os experience and it looks good but I’ve never got around it

      • mike

        Great tweak, but the Dev never responded to customer emails or tweets, (in the same fashion as a3tweaks), unfortunately. Success goes two ways; customers pay for a product, and the provider dispenses support.

        Without both, success will not be achieved.

  • gittlopctbi

    Jeff, you say you use ReachApp everyday. Could you tell us in what ways? I deleted it because I couldn’t really find a use for it. Maybe I missed the boat on something.

    • Diego Milano

      If you don’t consider multitasking on mobile devices a need, then you need not any of these solutions because you already have all you need.

      • gittlopctbi

        Sure, that’s obvious. But it still would be interesting to learn how Jeff uses it, yes?

      • Diego Milano

        Truthfully and realistically speaking, multitasking on a small-screened device can be troublesome. This has a lot of potential to be run on a tablet. And yet, the main reason why I enjoy these smartphones is because I can focus on one single task (and I’m a multitasking monster myself on a computer); my point is, it’s supposed to make things simple beyond the computer complexity. I understand others may disagree with this though.

  • Akram Emam

    is it free?

  • iltas

    Sorry for unrelated topic
    Any body help me cAn I use Facebook gift card in Cydia to purchasing tweaks

    • James G

      Your only payment options are Amazon or Google Wallet, I think. Facebook is only used for authentication.

      • iltas

        But I hVe amozan gift card how I use when I put registers email using by amozan they need viza or master card

      • Nesly Lacroix

        Don’t forget PayPal.

  • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

    we need it!!! I’m using reach app and I like it but this looks to be smoother and have more functions!!!

  • Thomas Hopkins

    Can’t wait for this. OS experience was there on ios7, but I wasn’t paying ten bucks for it and with reachapp, it kinda sucks if you don’t have Touch ID.

    • Svs

      Install reachall for free in cydia

      • Thomas Hopkins

        Thanks! It works great

  • randomGuy

    would be nice if the dev of this tweak join force with ReachApp’s dev

  • Regginald Williams

    I want this to work with FaceTime

    • mike

      Agreed. I’d love the ability to have the little tiny FaceTime box that sits up in the top corner, to be present throughout other apps. FaceTime has so much potential. That’ll be the first thing I make if I ever become a jailbreak developer.

  • 姜成昌

    where could i get this tweak ?


    Is activator now working for ios 8??

  • Nesly Lacroix

    This is true Multitasking as it uses an app picker to launch the ones you want side by side. ReachApp relies of the apps already running in the background. The separator is not dynamic as the apps do not automatically resize themselves.

  • VictorMartino

    I think Reachapp is buggy as hell and I simply cannot use it. SidebySide looks promising!