TouchPose+ Top iOS 8 Free

Many people over the years have asked me how I get the little touch indicator on my screen-captured videos. No, it’s not Display Recorder, it’s TouchPosé+. Folks, this is one of my go-to tweaks, and one of the secrets behind my videos, and it’s now absolutely free of charge and officially compatible with iOS 8.

Ever since I decided to switch to doing more screen capture based videos, it was apparent that I needed a way to accurately portray where my finger was touching on screen. Display Recorder allows you to do that, but its feature set in this area is really limited. Enter TouchPosé+, a jailbreak tweak that has been a paid release up until now, to save the day.


TouchPosé+ is a great tweak, and it’s always one of the first releases that I install on my freshly jailbroken device. To me, it’s by far the best way to portray your taps on screen.

The thing that I really like about TouchPosé+ is that it’s highly configurable. Not only will it allow you to display your taps on screen, but you can customize the tap circle size, color, and even use your own custom image if that’s your fancy.


One of the things that makes TouchPosé+ so valuable to me, is that I can invoke it using an Activator gesture. That way, it’s always literally a touch away.

TouchPosé+ has made following along with my videos extremely easy for millions of viewers, and it’s one of the tweaks that I probably use more than anything else. I really have nothing bad to say about it at all. If you’ve always wondered “how’d he do that?” then here is your answer: TouchPosé+. It’s now free on Cydia, and it’s officially available on iOS 8, even though I’ve been using the so-called non-compatible version anyway. Special thanks to developer @iolate_e for such a great tweak.

What do you think about TouchPosé+? Do you use it?

  • Jonathan

    Wow, free? high respect for the dev. I bought it several months ago. So worth it.

    • Diego Milano

      Maybe other developers should follow the trend much the way AppStore developers do from time to time with their apps and give them away for free for a limited period of time. 🙂 I think it’s a nice gesture and very professional.
      Kudos to the developer.

  • patricia

    i pulled the app up in Cydia and it shows version 1.1-15 and is for a $1.00. Why doesn’t my Cydia show the 1.1-19 version?

    • Mohammad Shayan

      On the Cydia tab, click refersh, and do the same in the changes tab, then search for TouchPose+

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Is there any way to use 8.2 beta backup on 8.1.2?
    I wanna downgrade to iOS 8.1.2 .

    • solai


      • Anmol Malhotra

        How? I wanna use the iOS 8.2 backup on 8.1.2 .
        If u suggest me changing the info file. I tried that by changing the build number and ios version but it showed error. Is there something am i missing?

  • Guest

    That clock icon tho…

  • Chocolatewe

    nice to see jeff has tage installed, i hope you use it jeff 😀

  • Ali

    Not free for me

    • titi


  • Ali

    If the tweak becomes paid later on and I have uninstalled it (after installing it for free), will it still be free for me or will I have to pay then?

  • Jad Boukai

    Is anyone else not finding it?

  • Steve Charnick

    Silly question: Love the tweak but how to I then record something akin to the video above, with this being used as part of it to show someone how to do something?

  • robby putra

    i cant find it at my setting, but it was work,