Episode 89: We talk about the reaction to our 2014 jailbreak tweaks of the year post, claims that Jeff is biased, Sebastien and Cody’s experience with Ignition and Auxo 3, plus we discuss a ton of new jailbreak tweaks like Switchability, Confero, Camrix, Circulate, and more.

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  • 9to5Slavery

    I wish auxo had a simple compact switcher instead of cards it could be the switcher circle apps bottom of control center like ccquickpro

  • Tyler Smith

    I don’t agree with you guys on switch ability. I have been using it for the past couple days and its awesome. i use it every day. the reason i say this is because i have virtual home installed along with speedy homey. This speeds up home button taps for me. using switch ability gave me the option to switch apps without having to use activator which has been slightly buggy as of late.

  • Victor Molina

    I don’t have a top 15 tweaks but I don’t kinda agreed with tage as been on the list at all. Ok it’s good at what it does and works good but the button line is that you broke one of the requirements for your list. Your rule for tweaks to be new and original went flying out the window with tage cause we all it’s a complete ripoff from zephyr

    Call me weird but I hate springtomize. I’d rather have 6 different tweaks then use springtomize.