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Yesterday at the 2015 International CES show, accessory maker Withings unveiled a new lineup of Activité Pop fitness watches with activity and sleep tracking capabilities.

A successor to the Activité watch that Withings unveiled at last year’s CES, the new Activité Pop is available in several vivid colors and features a secondary hand dial to show your progress as determined by the Health Mate companion app.

For instance, setting an activity goal of 10,000 steps in the companion iOS app will move the secondary dial as each step is made. When the goal is achieved, the watch vibrates.

Additionally, the device automatically recognizes and tracks swimming and running and, if worn at night, monitors sleep quality and wakes you up with a gentle vibration.

Withings Activite Pop image 003

The primary dial moves automatically when a user crosses time zones or the clock changes. The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters and Withings claims its single standard battery lasts up to eight months on a single charge.

Withings Activite Pop image 001

Needless to say, any activity that the watch records syncs automatically with the Health Mate app, which acts as a coach to help you achieve personal goals and includes an interactive leaderboard, personal data insights, smart reminders and achievement badges.

The app makes up for the lack of integration with Apple’s HealthKit by supporting over a hundred partner services ranging from GPS running to food logging and what not.

Provided in three vivid colors — Azure, Shark Grey and Sand — the Activité Pop will be available for purchase starting today at bestbuy.com for $150 a pop and will hit online retailers and Best Buy stores nationwide in March 2015.

At the beginning, the device will only be available for iOS users with an Android compatible version to follow, said the Moulineaux, France headquartered company.

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  • Nice to see them use a more traditional/classic design but the price point on these type of devices are still to high.

    • Litchy

      To be honest I was quite surprised about how low the price is. Of course I have no Idea how good the quality and materials are but a normal watch that looks all right costs 100$ most of the time. Another 50$ for the smart features seem ok in my opinion.

      I really like the different approaches towards smartwatches. A small display for notifications in the Activite Pop and I’d actually consider it… but like this It looks like it’s going to be the Apple Watch for me.

    • Ian Leon

      price is ok, considering that it does what it does what its supposed to do and its actually a nice stylish watch

  • Slifur

    I like it! It should have been apple watch.. Simple and elegant.

  • Ian Leon

    All of fav wearable tech has been discontinued. The nike fuel isn’t supported anymore and the nike + iPod isn’t in the iPhone 6/6 Plus anymore. Perhaps this is apple’s way of forcing me to get an Apple Watch

  • Ian Leon

    its cool today, watch how next year they won’t even make a sequel, and the app won’t be supported