LaCie unveiled its new LaCie Mirror external hard drive on Sunday, a designer-inspired creation wrapped in Gorilla Glass, ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show kicking off in Las Vegas this week.

The LaCie Mirror is a 1TB hard drive created by product designer Pauline Deltour. The Gorilla Glass, the same material your iPhone and iPad screen is made out of, has a mirrored finish that sits on top of an ebony stand.

The Gorilla Glass isn’t only for aesthetics – its hard design makes it resistant to scratches.

“You have to look twice to discover the LaCie Mirror’s true ambition,” said Deltour. “Covered by mirrored glass, it’s first an elegant and functional object, and only on second glance is it revealed to be a slim high-performance hard drive.”

The LaCie Mirror will be priced at $279.99 when it begins shipping in late January.

In related news, LaCie’s parent company Seagate announced a 500GB wireless hard drive aimed at Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Files are managed via Seagate’s Media app for iOS, and media files can even be beamed to your Apple TV via AirPlay.


The 500GB Seagate Wireless will be available in January for $129.99 in white, fire-engine red, lime green, cool blue, and slate gray. It has built-in Wi-Fi, getting rid of the need for an existing network connection to manage files.


  • mike

    I’m curious about why you’d need Gorilla Glass on an HDD. Drop these things once from half a foot, you’re out of luck.

    Otherwise, it looks nice.

    • That way they can tell if it died from physical damage. No time wasted on a warranty if your glass is broken.

      Side Note: Screen protectors for your Hard Drives anyone?

      • mike


  • Dan

    Overpriced. You can buy just as good for a third of the price. Heck I’ve seen 3tb portable drives for 120$ by WD.

    • lemonhead

      it’s more for lazy people who don’t like to store their data (privat pictures etc.) in the cloud…

      I like the comfort that it brings to back up your stuff. I have the previous slim version which has no built in wifi but that’s good enough…
      I now backup my stuff just way more often and that really is what makes it a good option for me 🙂

  • Svs

    im done buying these wireless hard drives they cant play drm movies
    Thats the only thing i need them to do

  • Der Faust


  • Oscar Perez

    At first I thought that it was a pointless addition to the external HD but now I see that the mirror actually makes the drive way faster…

  • rockdude094

    Waste of gorilla