Apple kicked off its 2015 annual “Lucky Bag” promotion in Japan on Thursday, giving customers big discounts on Apple products and accessories. A “Lucky Bag” is a Japanese New Year tradition, also known as a Fukubukuro, that offers a bag for a set price filled with unknown random items, sold for a discount.

This year, Apple sold its “Lucky Bag” for ¥36,000, or roughly $300 – with some big ticket items.

Japanese Apple blog Macotakara notes there were four different types of bags offered in the 2015 Apple promotion. All of the bags included an Apple TV, PowerBeats 2 Wireless Headphones, Mophie Powerstation Battery Juice Pack, and an Incase ICON Slim backpack.


One bag featured an 11-inch MacBook Air, a power support air jacket slim case, and a Twelve South PlugBug. The second and third bags featured an iPad Mini 3 or an iPad Air 2 along with a Logitech UE Boom wireless speaker. The last bag featured a 16GB iPod Touch and an iTunes Gift Card, in some cases valued up to $400.

“Lucky Bags” are limited to one per person and are offered to Japanese customers only. The bags are sold as-is so returns are not accepted unless a bag came with a defective product.

The one-day event typically causes lineups at Apple’s participating retail outlets across the country and this year was no different, with hoards of people lining up the night before to get their hands on a “Lucky Bag” and big savings.


  • Warmachine69

    This is cool I wish I could celebrate this Lucky Bag fukubukuro and get some cool things out of it. Sounds like fun, sometimes the Apple Store feel like an amusement park to me lol

  • Bugs Bunnay

    1:23 no ois huh?

  • ck125

    This is pretty awesome. Wish they would bring this to the states, but I understand why they won’t since you would have some whiner complain they didn’t get the “best bag” and sue apple..

    • Yeah I really wish they would do this too. I am really into art prints and concert posters. Many places online run “Mystery Tubes” each Black Friday on them and they always sell out.

  • NekoMichi

    This looks like an amazing tradition. What better way to celebrate the new year for a tech fan?

  • iPodDroid

    Awwww…. Japan why do you always get the good items?! ;_;

  • prabathhsb .

    All of our Friend (6 人) all went got ipod tuch
    Apple Scam … Cheap Apple

    • Juschan

      what do you think … if you live in germany the price of about 300 $ seem to be a pretty good price for an ipod touch the beats an apple TV and whatever else there is in. i guess i would save about 100 to 200 euro. i wonder why they don´t give iPhones since they are at the same price as these macs.

      • prabathhsb .

        16 hr wait for all stuff the i
        already have as a apple fan ( almost the same price if i perched from any other shop to buy)

        if at lest one or two got
        a lucky bag I don’t mind

        so i am giving it away the
        bags as it is for the cost

        ( Waste of my 16hr )

      • Burge

        You waited 16hrs and because you didn’t get what you wanted your upset. Next time go buy what you want. Ungrateful is the word I’m thinking right now.

      • prabathhsb .

        cheap apple Robbed us for their fame, 6 out out of 6 bags is shit
        Un grateful is the Rotten apple its becoming
        gift bag are a common thing in japan
        but this time apple was Shit
        yes we buy what we want always End of apple may be

      • Burge

        Your upset because you didn’t get what you hoped for ? Pathetic

    • ck125

      And this is why we can’t have nice things. Always have to have someone whining about something. I forgot apple forced you to spend $$ and buy one of these bags…

  • Burge

    This is were the 12 days of Christmas promo went to. Another country’s tradition.

    • Franklin Richards

      Japan has had this for year. Apple is just getting stingy. In the UK we didn’t get the black friday sales in 2014 when they did so in previous years. Won’t be long until they stop doing the lucky bag thing too.

  • Fanboy 

    Becoming a Japanese resident by the end of this year now.

  • @dongiuj

    Hoards of people lining up the night before? But when it opened there was a tiny line outside. 50% were apple staff.
    Maybe the video of the long line from the night before was for other shops nearby.

  • iRy757

    Guess this is what the new graphic panels look like…