Apple has been granted a patent by the USPTO on Tuesday that describes a stylus that will allow a user to write on any surface, and translate it onto their iPhone or iPad. The feature set is similar to the Livescribe 3 Smartpen, that works on Livescribe Dot Paper by using an onboard camera.

However, the technology Apple has applied for sounds more advanced and more seamless. Instead of using a camera and specialized paper, Apple’s stylus uses accelerometers and motion-sensing to activate only when picked up, its nib is pressed to paper, withdrawn from a dock or manually turned on by the user. 

Of course, just because Apple files for a patent, doesn’t mean we will actually see the feature be released. It would be rather interesting, as Apple has never chosen to release a stylus with its iPad product – leaving the stylus market to third-party players. Users enjoy the benefits of styluses for drawing and writing on their iPad screens.

In Apple’s patent, it describes being able to change out the pen head to write on different surfaces. The imaginative product could write on notebooks, tables, walls, or even in the air.

Apple filed its first patent for a stylus in 2010, so it’s not exactly a new concept for the engineers in Cupertino. However with rumors Apple could launch a 12-inch “Pro” version of its iPad, an official Apple stylus could make sense.

[Apple Insider via TechCrunch]

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    Starting at the low price of $299.99

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      More like

      (non changeable)

      iPen Air : From as little as $1000
      iPen Pro: $2000


      iPen AirC: $1700
      iPen ProC: $2600

      Individual nibs: Starting price of $500. Each nib provides a life span of 24 hours.

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        Charger not included must supply your own for an extra $30

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        Don’t foget to mention cable not included

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        will definitely buy extra in case i misplaced one!

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    Now, everyone is gonna loose their minds!

    *Android (or non iOS) Fans: We’ve had the stylus for centuries!
    *iOS Fans: But Apple perfected it!

    *Me: I think need to grab some popcorn!

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      But what you said is so true

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    This makes sense.

  • Haha, sounds precisely like what LiveScribe has been doing since 2007…won’t be surprised if they get sued by Apple after this patent.

  • Who wants a stylus?
    Ans: Tim Cook

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      Gay joke?