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Just like last year, Apple’s iPhone and iPad again dominated online shopping traffic and online mobile sales during Christmas Day, according to an IBM survey first shared by VentureBeat.

Based on data from IBM’s real-time Digital Analytics Benchmark, which tracked approximately 800 retail websites in the United States, iOS devices were responsible for an average of $97.28 per order spent online versus $67.40 for Android users, a difference of 44.3 percent.

In other words, a commanding 57.1 percent of online shopping via mobile during Christmas Day was carried out using an iPhone or iPad, an increase of 8.3 percent versus the previous year.

Speaking of traffic, a whopping 39.1 percent of total online traffic originated from iPhones and iPads versus 17.7 percent for Android devices.

Mobile sales were responsible for over a third of total Christmas Day online sales, or approximately 34.8 percent, an annual increase of 20.4 percent. And the most important metric, iOS sales accounted for 27 percent of total online sales, or nearly four times that of Android which drove 7.6 percent of all online sales.

All told, IBM found that tablets accounted for about sixteen percent of online traffic during Christmas Day while smartphones made up 40.6 percent. Moreover, tablets are credited with 18.4 percent of online sales versus 16.3 percent for smartphones, a difference of 12.4 percent.

If you take a look at U.S. online sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, iOS devices topped Android with an average of $118.57 per order (Android: $95.57) and $114.79 per order (Android: $96.84), respectively.

Analyzing trends across two leading social networks, Facebook and Pinterest, IBM found that Facebook referrals drove an average of $89.80 per order, while Pinterest referrals averaged $99.86 per order.

iPhone 6 Apple Pay

There’s little doubt that strong sales of the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have contributed to the 8.3 percent increase in Apple’s favor over the previous year.

Various analysts are predicting biggest-ever holiday iPhone sales of more than 70 million units. Apple will be reporting its holiday quarter earnings in January 2015.

Add to the above the introduction of Apple Pay (with support for mobile payments in apps) and the fact that iOS users are generally perceived as more willing to buy stuff online than their Android counterparts and the results of IBM’s survey are not entirely unexpected.

Another factoid to consider: iOS has a larger market share in the U.S. than Android. Last year, IBM found that Apple’s mobile platform was five times as popular as Android for Christmas shopping on mobile than Android.

What devices did you use to shop for Christmas presents?

[IBM via VentureBeat]

  • Jason Baroni

    Apple’s iOS is just one against thousands of companies that suppoort Android. It doesn’t matter if they are the top selling, but secondary great numbers will ever be a big deal for Apple, too.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      It makes you wonder though, How can one company top all the others? Because they’re not imitators, they think outside the box, which is a huge contributor to the consumer. Numbers don’t mean much, but when it boils down to originality, then that makes a big difference.

      • Jason Baroni

        Yes, I agree. I love having competition, it inspires innovation. If it weren’t competition we would never had great products from every side. Nowadays it’s a matter of preference and taste. Everyone is making great things. I like that.

      • I believe Tim Cook once said something along the lines of “Android runs on a lot of devices but many of these are hidden away in drawers where as iOS users actually use their devices”

      • Xee

        Too embarrassed to use them in public 😛

      • George

        Dude iOS 8 is a complete rip off of android features.

  • Johnnytucats

    I am reading the original IBM article and yours is full of errors. Please take the time to correct it.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    no surprise here.

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    wow its because people are afraid to change they like apples simple ways buy it plug in go but what they dont fail to recognize that when u plug android into a pc u get a hard drive not stupid itunes telling u what u can do with android do what u wish add all the music u want all the appz u wish books and movies to and it doesnt need to have hackers tear it apart so u can do such things!! one day all apple iphone users will wise the f up and say we arn’t coming back until u start fixing ur problems in the yes the people who manage ur ios os need to be fired how can u f up that bad and still have ur jobs u dont hear any of us android users bitching and moaning about how messed up the os is at all!! in 2015 id like apple to invent something that no one has ever stop coping android and use those so called smart people to surprise your fan base because once i left i did and u will never see me back!! apple smarten the f up!!