ReachApp Screen

Reachability continues to be a feature of focus for jailbreak developers, but I have to say that this latest upcoming jailbreak tweak takes the cake. ReachApp is an in-development jailbreak tweak that brings true split-screen multitasking to iOS 8 by means of Reachability. That means that yes, you can view two apps at the same time, and interact with both apps! Watch our video to see how it works in action.

After installing ReachApp, you’ll find a simple preference panel in the stock Settings app. Bear in mind that the tweak is still very much a work in progress, but there are a few switches in the preferences for you to configure the workings of the tweak to your liking.

ReachApp Preferences

To use ReachApp, simply open the two apps that you’d like to use together back to back. For example, I can open the Safari app, then open the YouTube app immediately afterwards. After tapping on the Touch ID sensor on my iPhone 6 Plus, which is normally used to invoke standard Reachability, ReachApp is invoked. This will take the current app being displayed, and shift it down to reveal the last app that you were using in the background. You’ll then see a small grey bar separating the two apps, and you can slide this bar up and down to reveal more of each respective app.

The real interesting thing about ReachApp is that you can interact with both apps at once. For example, you could compose an email while looking at a web page. Or send a tweet while catching up on your RSS feeds. The possibilities and the situations from which you may be able to gain true real world usefulness is mind boggling.

ReachApp Multitasking

At this juncture, there are some bugs and some issues with things like landscape mode. But developer Elijah Frederickson isn’t new to developing jailbreak tweaks. In fact, he has some pretty ambitious projects under his belt already.

That said, I understand how difficult it might be to create a jailbreak tweak that involves two app views. There have been “multitasking” projects that have appeared in the past, but they quickly fizzled out for one reason of another. Although there is currently no ETA for release, let’s hope that ReachApp is good enough and stable enough to enjoy a long-tenured place in our top tweak lists upon its arrival.

What do you think about ReachApp? Do you think you’d use it?

  • Vijay

    Tweaks Inspired from android, Really devs ? you sure you want to do this ?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Get the f*** out of here if you dont want all of us to insult you and your f***ing Android.

      • Vijay

        It’s been so long I’ve been using ios. It’s a shame that you can’t take the truth

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Really? It’s a REAL shame that you can’t understand JAILBREAKING.

      • Vijay

        Well I am using a true beauty right now i.e. Auxo 3

      • therealjjohnson

        I think he was referring to the fact that this is available on Android devices, and a lot of iOS users (myself included) said it was a useless feature…when it wasn’t available to us lol.

        You also sound like a kid if you think people care if “all of us insult you” lol. How old are you? smh

      • Anmol Malhotra

        I was just born before posting my 1st comment here. I’m sounding like a kid? Try infant.

      • therealjjohnson


      • Vijay

        yeah, you know yourself better then us.

      • Even if this came to iOS 9 or later, I would never use it. I found no use using it back when I was on the Android side.
        It’s good that it is at least available to jail-breakers

      • Jerome

        Theres an flash app calked photon that has

    • James G

      Who cares what “inspired” it or what it’s replicating.

    • Manuel Molina

      Despite where ideas come from, the fact of the matter is this: this is a really good idea and will be utilized profoundly for its idea of using reachability. If or not android had or has true multitasking and etc before iOS doesn’t matter, It’s all about developing all OS’s in general.

      • Vijay


    • What

      True multitasking has been around before Androids dumass. It could be inspired by Windows. Dum fandroids.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Long live Jailbreak!! You guys are amazing! 😀

    • Manuel Molina

      Couldn’t say it better myself, bro.

  • David Morales

    Awesome, can it work on non Touch ID, let’s say iPad air uno?

    • Fanboy 

      Let’s use our brain here for a second shall we?
      This tweak uses Reachability, which is activated by tapping Touch ID twice, so no Touch ID = no Reachability = no tweak.

      • David Morales

        Thanks fanboy, it sucks that the jailbreak community cannot use innovation to make the impossible possible. I also wish they could use the springboard from the apple watch on an iPhone, but the iPhone has no fancy turning gear. Ah, I could only wish right.

      • Fanboy 

        Good news, you can indeed have the Apple Watch springboard on your iPhone! Look up “Aeternum” in Cydia

      • Kevin Osborne

        LMAO Fanboy… He was being sarcastic, hence his point. He knows about Aeternum, and was saying devs made THAT work even without actualy Apple Watch hardware.

        David, it actually may work. Fanboy must not know much about the scene. You can activate Reachability using Activator gestures, and maybe that combined with this could work. All you can do is try. 🙂

      • Matta Fakt

        There are tweaks you can install to get reachability on older devices, and you could probably even install activator and set a custom gesture to invoke reachability on devices that don’t have a Touch-ID sensor.

    • sosarozay300

      yes it can dont listen to the guy below, you can use mikoto to enable reachability on devices without touch id

    • Svs

      Yes! It works on all devices running iOS 8.

  • James G

    Side by side works, Jeff. The bottom and top are “sides” as well. Excellent review, can’t wait for this.

  • singhay559

    Needs big improvement.

  • Sentry

    I can’t seem to escape this Auxo thing..

    This looks sweet! Landscape seems like it’d have even more potential. (though it also just makes me want to use VideoPane by Ryan).

    • Adhithya Gokul

      Missed your Auxo giveaway on reddit by few minutes. Can you give me a copy. Cydia id : 464482635

  • Hmmm

    What was that tweak that let you have windowed apps on ios. Something Experience..?

    • Mohammed

      OS Experience,but i think its only available for ipad now,iphone version has been teased though.

  • Does this work on the iPad? If not it’s useless! Split-screen multitasking belongs on the iPad on an iPhone there just isn’t enough screen real-estate to work with (especially in portrait orientation)…

    • Kurt

      Note/S4/S5 proves that wrong

      • Are you sure? By putting two apps on top of each other you’re effectively losing time as opposed to gaining time since you’re reducing the amount of screen real estate by half…
        I can’t imagine ever managing to get anything done using my 5s if I only had one half of the screen to work with…

      • Kurt

        4″ screen would be ok for vids and web browsing but much better on a 5″+ screen. Apple doesn’t do large screens phones well. Such a waste.

  • Eric Ortiz

    Looks awesome! The only thing that looks like it would bother me is the double status bars.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Uber awesome sauce

  • Darthque

    Can u play videos from the you tube app while browsing the web? How about netflix?

    • Nevertrending

      This is possible with VideoPane from Ryan Petrich for quite a while now. It’s probably the best 2$ I’ve ever spent. Youtube, Netflix, basically anything you can airplay and in any app.

    • WTF ^

      Did you just compare an iPhone to a Surface Pro…

  • Alex III

    Seems some of you have lost the focus… Be better!

  • Fury Homimaik

    from which repo can i download it?

    • Garry

      yes which repo

      • M L

        Read the article:
        “ReachApp is an in-development jailbreak tweak”
        “Although there is currently no ETA for release”

  • Ahmed Abuaba

    We don’t need 2 status bar, one is enough

    • Noah

      It’s still in beta stage. There will probably be some more features to this tweak, but I’m sure the developer is aiming for having the main essential part of the tweak perfect before anything else.

  • Mir Owais

    Ive been going through so many of reachability tweaks lately to fill up that empty space but haven’t found a single one that I even bothered to install. But this is more than perfect. Kudos to the dev. And to all you android fanboys or rather Samsung ones. Atleast the company didn’t blatently copy stuff out of the OS. The devs working on the apple platform are the best. It might be a feature ripped out of Samsung but you can just see the originality with the development work.

  • ECabrera.

    Looks Good I Can’t wait!!!!!

  • Christian

    multitasking=less focus

    • Kurt

      don’t be stupid…multitasking=instant app switching. Imagine you had your own thoughts and not what apple says you follow like a follower. Now, one app is a chatting app. and the other is an article on iDB or elsewhere. When your friend is writing you, you look down and read his/her comment. Then you type yours and while you wait you read the article at top. No stupid apps switching like apple implements.

      • Christian

        Good idea, please give me more, can you?

  • Svs

    I Wonder, did the dev make this tweak by replacing Reachability or By tweaking it

  • Carlos Maanuel

    Which jailbreak tool is better: pangu or taig?

    • Alberto Espinal

      Depends on which version you are, pangu is for version 8.0-8.1.1 and Taig is for version 8.1.2

      • Carlos Maanuel

        I am on 8.0.2 so i have the option to use pangu or update the phone and use taig

  • Rahimo

    I hope it supports iPad!!

  • Terrence Mobley

    Looks promising as long as they add the ability to manually select which apps are side by side instead of the most recently used app which is implied in the review.

  • Johnny Walker

    I AM TOO EXCITED FOR THIS TWEAK!! Keep up the good work guys.

  • Chetan

    Why 2 clocks, 2 signal bars, 2 battery icons?? Overall dual status bar is total kill of screen space. And it would have looked much better, if it was reviewed on iPad. Apple is known for its much better implementation of things. Even it continues in JB tweaks like in Auxo. But this tweak may be a good thought but bad implementation and at present it far from what it should be.

  • Russell Gyurek

    They should make it so you don’t need the tuch id sensor

  • Stalin

    i just bought it and im using it the idea its cool. but its only allow u to open the last app opened or most of the time the calander.
    it needs some sort of menu. that allos to pick the app you want to use.

  • jay

    it works pretty good i like it so far and now i wish i would bought the 6 plus

  • Svs

    There is a beta repo for this tweak but i dont recommend installing it now

  • had to take off the latest version; too buggy; installed reachweather; instead; its stable and simple

  • Meg E Smiley

    I downloaded this app and tried to use it. But it did not work at all. When I double tapped the home button to activate it it sent the current app all the way down to the bottom of the screen without bringing up the previously opened app. Any suggestions to make it work properly? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling.