best of 2014

Apple has shared some cumulative end-of-the-year lists for best performing iOS apps of 2014. The lists, which have been posted in the App Store, include top paid apps for iPhone and iPad, top free apps for iPhone and iPad, and the top grossing apps for iPhone and iPad.

There aren’t too many surprises here, with familiar names like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat ranking high. Still, it’s interesting to see which titles had major success this year, and which ones didn’t. Below you’ll find the top 10 apps from each of the categories.

Top Paid

Top Free

Top Grossing

If you want to check out the rest of the lists, click here.

In addition the above collections, Apple also published lists of its favorite apps, games and other content from iTunes earlier this month. It’s also hosting a gigantic sale in iTunes right now, significantly discounting a number of high profile apps, movies and music albums.

  • Sigh

    All the top grossing games are trash. Such a shame. The masses are brain dead.

    • Scott

      Clash of clans isn’t trash, you probably haven’t even tried any of the games.

      • Scape

        Sorry to break it to you but CoC is definitely trash

    • ARX8

      Facebook messenger, as a messenger app, is really good. But facebook app and their philosophy of faster messaging by switching between apps are utter bullshit

  • Unicorn Drank

    And people complain about having to download FB Messenger but yet they still download it

    • Jason Baroni

      They were pushed to it.

    • solai

      If you want chat Facebook force us to use messenger

      • Ivan Diardo 

        And this is when the jailbreak comes in handy.

    • jzack

      its not like you had any other choise

  • therealjjohnson

    You were forced to download FB messenger or not message your friends and family. If t were still an option in the original app Im sure it wouldn’t be “top”.

  • Ds

    I wonder if people knew they can download Facebooks Paper app and then delete Facebook and Messages cause Paper still does both..

    • Sleaka J

      Paper is still US only AFAIK. I’m betting most people who use Facebook don’t even know about it.

    • ARX8

      Paper is a huge turd that takes a lot of memory and consumes data too much

  • Sleaka J

    Guess that boycott on Facebook Messenger many commenters spoke of failed.