T-Mobile holiday 2014 ad image 001

You’ve seen Apple’s moving Christmas ad so how about some Un-carrier holiday greeting? T-Mobile, America’s only Un-carrier, did just that with its new holiday ad posted to YouTube on Monday.

Featuring its outspoken boss John Legere, the tongue-in-cheek video depicts the CEO sitting cozily in a chair and grinning mischievously as he reads us a magical story from the land of the Un-carrier.

Need I say more?

As you might imagine, he couldn’t refrain himself from dissing competitors and firing potshots at Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. And if you for one second thought a holiday greeting from Legere should be profanity-free, think again!

The full clip runs two minutes and seven seconds long, here it is.

How do you like T-Mobile’s holiday greeting?

Is it just what you’d expect from them or has the company gone a little too far this time around given we should be getting ourselves in a festive, not competition-dissing, mood?

He does have a soothing voice though.


  • Cody

    T-Mobile is not that bad if you are paying $50 a month. I mean, way better than Cricket, Metro, Virgin, etc..
    T-Mobile will one day have good coverage. And when that happens, and if Verizon and ATT don’t do anything about it and cut prices, we will see Legere looking at them with a “I told you” face.

  • witcher

    This is cool cut the Cr%#$@

  • Google User

    Only if they had worth while coverage outside a major metro.

  • Rigs101

    I’m switching my iPads over from verizon my carrier doesn’t give a $h!t about me

  • nonchalont

    That was awesome, I love this guy! He’s making the competition rethink.

  • Stokies993

    Fantastic! XD

  • Haha, smart and factual rhyming. Just wish the ending was censored :P…give us Canadians a similar gift T-Mobile; make yourself present in Canada.

  • Nathan

    Only if T-Mobile had good service outside the cities..

  • James G

    I love T-Mobile!