MacBook Air (stickers ad 001)

Apple’s rumored ultra-thin MacBook Air model with a 12.2-inch screen is reportedly entering mass production in the first quarter of 2015, Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes reported Monday citing sources from the upstream supply chain.

The Wall Street Journal said in October that production of the ultra-slim notebook with “a higher resolution” screen would commence in December of this year. DigiTimes also added that the Apple Watch is on track for a Spring 2015 release.

Apple’s suppliers are said to have “accelerated” their supplies of related components for both the 12.2-inch MacBook Air and the Apple Watch, claims DigiTimes.

The publication has learned that the forthcoming notebook runs Intel’s latest Broadwell processor and features a new chassis design to reduce its overall thickness and weight, which is in line with the previous rumors.

Although start of mass production has been delayed due to low yield rates, sources are claiming that the yield issue has been gradually resolved, meaning mass production is expected to “come in the first quarter of 2015.”

Apple’s contract fabricator Quanta Computer is reportedly going to assemble the machine which is thought to mainly cater to the high-end market segment and will therefore “only have limited shipments” art launch.

As for the Apple Watch, DigiTimes said component makers are now shipping parts to Apple as mass production of the wearable device is believed to start in three months, conceivably in time for the Spring 2015 launch Apple’s retail boss Angela Ahrendts mentioned in a memo to employees.

Although the Taiwanese trade publication is not the most accurate of sources, its predictions concerning Apple’s supply chain often prove (mostly) accurate so keep that in mind while deciphering this rumor.

With the introduction of the 27-inch iMac with the “5K” Retina display two months ago, it is now clear that Apple is in the process of transitioning its whole Mac lineup to Retina screens so a Retina MacBook Air should be a no-brainer.


  • Mohammed Khaled

    Post error in the end, whole? Or whoel?

  • 9to5Slavery

    So this will be a true mba true size for the future? I hope it has more that retina feature

  • Ryan Bartsch

    give me a laptop with a 48 hour battery thats 1 inch thick. I will be first in line.

  • SMFH

    Will probably suck compared to Surface Pro 3

    • Ryan Bartsch

      And how much space can one get in s surface? RAM? CPU horsepower? The air is better than the surface but please. The both suck, I enjoy my 8 core desktop. I love apple products but the air and 6+ are pathetic, step it up apple

      • Sokrates

        if you need ultimate mobility, the air isn’t.

      • Exactly. The MacBook Air is the best laptop in the world in terms of portability and it consistently has good reviews and is the cheapest Mac you can buy. It will handle pretty much anything you throw at it and if you need to do anything that requires a lot of power this is where VNC or RDP comes in to play to control a remote computer…

      • Matt

        You have a problem with the 6 plus?

      • Ryan Bartsch

        The phone is too thin, come on they could have kept it as thick as the 5s and made the battery bigger.

      • Cameron

        the 6 is even thinner, and the 6 plus actually has a respectable battery life.

      • Ryan Bartsch

        i want to be able to charge my phone and have it last 2 days, i dont care if its 1 cm thick.

      • Ryan Bartsch

        If it was left to me id take a 3/4 inch 5s and that extra thinkness be all battery.

      • Cameron

        you know when someone doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he compares a macbook air with an 8 core desktop.

      • Ryan Bartsch

        No im stating i would never buy a laptop. I am computer system builder, programmer and and competant in robotics and control systems. When a laptop as powerful as my 8 core exists, i will then buy a laptop, otherwise i have no use for a computer i can bend in my hands.

  • Would probably be coming with the i5/i7 U equivalents of the Intel Broadwell chips, then it’ll be again made to look underwhelming and overpriced when the Surface Pro 4 releases with the same chips and is priced just $130 more for tripple versatility…unless Apple pulls another iPhone 6 Plus move and releases their own “refrigerator toaster” and hypocritically back-pedal on their own words.

  • why the reduction to 12? I’m so happy with my 13. Are they consolidating 11 and 13 to save costs? (and to share screen with the iPad Air Pro?)