Glimpse extension

Glimpse is a new app that lets you pin one or more favorite webpages to the Today tab of Notification Center, allowing to have a quick glance at your most visited websites, without having to launch Safari. The Notification Center extension is particularly handy to check news-focused websites where information is often time sensitive, and where a quick look is usually enough to get an idea of what is going on, without necessarily unlocking the device and opening up the full web browser.

To set a webpage, simply launch the app, type in the name and URL of the specific webpage you want to add, and drag the little knob to select the size of the widget area. Save the changes, and you’re done. Alternatively, you can easily add any webpage to Glimpse from the Safari extension. The app allows you to add more than one webpage to the Today tab.

Once you’ve set up the webpages you want to keep an eye on, pull down Notification Center and you will be presented with a thumbnail of one of the pages you’re tracking. If you have set up several webpages, you can navigate through all of them with directional arrows.

Tapping on a webpage in Glimpse will not take you directly to the site. Instead, you will have the option to either manually refresh the webpage’s thumbnail, or you will be able to open it in Safari.

Speaking of refreshing, it’s important to note that Glimpse doesn’t provide a live view of the site, but rather a screenshot of it at a given time. By default, the extension is set to refresh the site’s thumbnail every 30 minutes while on Wi-Fi, and every 4 hours while connected to the web via cellular. This refresh rate can be tweaked to the user’s liking.

At $2.99, the app isn’t cheap per say, but it does provide a unique feature that will certainly appeal to many.

You can download Glimpse in the App Store for $2.99.

  • Tomorrow on iDB: “Apple pulls Glimpse from AppStore”

    • Anmol Malhotra

      I dont understand Apple sometimes.
      First they accept the app and then after few days pull it from AppStore. -.-

      • Smh

        My take on this is that it’s clear Apple as an organization has obviously not trained or briefed any of their staff whatsoever on the matter of these new iOS widgets. Due to this it’s really down to luck of the draw on whether a widget gets in. Some staff will allow and others will reject. In the case where the widget is popular and it gets the attention of the higher ups who then later decide they don’t want in the store and that’s why stuff are getting pulled.


        Apple poor management = Inconsistent application of rules = confusion = Apple is stupid.

  • Andy

    So instead of taking a screenshot manually or actually visiting the website, why would anyone pay 3 bucks to place a static image as a widget?

    • Truc

      Stop hating, there are people who need it.

      Have you ever thought of those web developers who can now make their own widget without knowing anything about objective-c. With this any one can make cool widgets like monitoring what’s happening at home, checking weather condition and so on.

      And again there are demands for this but it’s just not for you.

  • Truc

    it’s funny here because iDownloadblog uses Adblock to block its own ad

    • Nope. The widget just didn’t load the ads.

      • Truc

        Cool, iDownloadblog is the only page that I have AdBlock disabled 😉

      • Jonathan

        Now there’s a smart programmer.. 🙂