Famed Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is known for his incorrect predictions on Apple’s long-awaited television set. He’s previously guessed 2012, late-2012, and holiday 2013 as the incorrect launch dates for the new Apple product category. In 2014 he’s remained completely silent on the subject, until his latest appearance at the Business Insider conference.

In an interview published on Wednesday, Munster said he expects the Apple television is now two years away and will be launched in 2016. He’s mum on specific product features, but didn’t mind providing expected sales figures.

According to the analyst, Apple will move 220M units of the Apple television set during its lifetime, and went on to forecast Apple will move 22 million units in the first year, giving it a quick 10 percent of the market. We’d say that’s a pretty bold prediction, given he’s been incorrect several times in the past on the launch timeframe alone.

Predicting the Apple television set is two years away, it seems he’s giving himself some leeway. Since the Apple Watch was just announced this year, it’d make sense for Apple to wait two years to introduce a new product category.

Furthermore, it’s been widely reported the Apple has a television set under development, by publications who have been right in their Apple predictions several times in the past. Is he really being that far reaching this time?

I’ll be honest. I’m hoping he’s right.

[Business Insider Video via 9to5mac]

  • ready1take1

    I just don’t think that is a market Apple wants to get involved with.

    • Arthur Larin

      I don’t remember exactly which, but Tim Cook, in an interview, said the current television user experience is extremely outdated. Implying that Apple will change that.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        He said that on the iPhone 5c and 5S launch, it was about the new camera’s aperture and how it can capture quality better than a tv with its HD output

  • Jason Baroni

    It was two years away in 2012.

  • Burge

    Apple are going to build a spaceship in 2245.. It’ll be called iShip.. But you won’t get to order one until 2354 due to hold ups. Yes I can make wild predictions too.

    If a TV from Apple doesn’t come in 2 years time he’ll only push that date back another couple of years. And he’ll kept doing that until a TV does come out. Then he’ll say. See I told you Apple was making a TV and it’ll be out when I said. Give it up you don’t know. Just stop before it gets to embarrassing for you.

  • Bass Head

    lets wait for a retina thunderbolt display first