Fleksy Keyboard 5.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

Fleksy, the popular third-party keyboard for iOS and Android, has released a major 5.0 update which turns it into a platform of its own with “multiple fun and useful input options” and the introduction of downloadable keyboard themes with customizable Extensions.

These perks are in addition to other improvements such as an easier, more comfortable typing with gestures, a redesign around the new customization options, a cool one-handed typing mode on the iPhone 6 Plus and more.

“Keyboards are our primary input method,” said Kosta Eleftheriou, Fleksy CEO and Co-Founder. “With Extensions we mean to revolutionize not only text input, but all input; making it faster, easier and more fun. Why switch back and forth between apps to do things that can be done via the keyboard?”

At launch, Fleksy 5.0 included five varied keyboard Extensions on iOS (not to be confused with Apple’s App Extensions in iOS 8) and seven on Android, including the first Android keyboard with Launcher functionality.

Fleksy’s Extensions help unlock the keyboard’s true potential by allowing for customizable added functionality and are activated within the app. You assign Extensions to slots, with three slots provided at no cost and additional ones available for purchase within the app for 99 cents each.

You can customize your slots however you like and activate or deactivate Extensions at will. On the iOS side, the five Extensions are as follows: GIF Keyboard, Numbers Row, One-handed Mode, Cursor Control and Rainbow Pops.

As the name implies, the GIFs Extension makes it fun and easy to discover and send animated GIFs as easily as emoji. You can browse curated categories or search thousands of GIFs for your own to express your feelings in chats with animations.

Fleksy 5.0 for iOS (GIF Extension)

The Editor Extension is designed for quick and easy editing and formatting of text. Use its Extension bar to copy, paste and indent text, tap and drag on the spacebar to move the cursor and more.

The Number Row Extension will come in handy when you need to enter lots of numbers in apps like Excel and Apple’s Numbers. If you’re tired of needing to toggle the numpad while typing, install the Number Row Extension which adds a number row to your keyboard for faster and more comfortable typing.

Flesky 5.0 for iOS (Number Row Extension iPhone screenshot

Those who love showing their Fleksy colors should check out the Rainbow Key Pops Extension. Add it and every key you tap will pop with a new vibrant color.

Flesky 5.0 for iOS (Rainbow Key Pops Extension iPhone screenshot

The One-Handed Typing Extensions, as you may have guessed, is designed for owners of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus who are experiencing difficulty while thumb-typing on the 4.7 or 5.5-inch canvas by introducing easy to reach keys while moving the keyboard to the side of the screen.

Flesky 5.0 for iOS (One-Handed Typing Extension iPhone screenshot

On Android, two more Extensions are available: Invisible Keyboard Extensions which makes the keyboard completely transparent so you see all of your screen as you type and the Launcher Extensions that makes it easy to navigate to frequently used apps right from the Fleksy keyboard.

As a nice bonus, Android users get to take advantage of the Keyboard Shortcuts Extensions to define and save shortcuts to speed up typing.

Flesky 5.0 for iOS Themes 001

In addition to Extensions, Fleksy 5.0 introduces an additional 30 themes for your keyboards that can be purchased in the built-in theme store with categories ranging from Personal to Trendy and Branded to Translucent and Dynamic.

Flesky 5.0 for iOS (Translucent theme iPhone screenshot

One of my favorite keyboard themes has got to be Translucent. As show above, it’s basically a see-through theme that, once installed, lets your iOS wallpaper and activity shine through thereby giving your iPhone a unique look.

. Some people may find the Translucent theme distracting, but I’ve generally had no such issues in my brief test of Fleksy’s 5.0 update.

If I had to highlight one Android-specific theme, it would be Chameleon which adds a little bit of iOS magic to Android by changing colors to match a color inspired by the app you’re using.

Flesky 5.0 for iOS  Branded themes

There are also some nicely done branded themes (see above), including Frozen and Hunger Games inspired themes, with lots more to hit the in-app store soon.

This is what the store looks like.

Fleksy 5.0 for iOS built-in store

Fleksy tells me that colorful keyboard themes will sell in packs of three and branded ones in packs of two, with each theme pack costing between 99 cents to three bucks.

For those wondering, Fleksy has been downloaded more than three million times across iOS and Android during its first year on the market so little wonder that it ranked as the #1 paid app in 25 countries on iOS.

Fleksy Keyboard 5.0 changelog:


  • Many more themes, including branded themes.
  • Keyboard Extensions: drag and drop extension cards to add or remove the features you enjoy. Five Extensions are available at launch, including:
    • GIF Keyboard
    • Numbers Row
    • One-handed Mode
    • Cursor Control
    • Rainbow Pops
  • New emoji scroll mode for finding emoji faster and easier.
  • Long-press period for quick punctuation/symbols (.,?!@#).
  • New long-press key animations.
  • Single-character input now easier in VoiceOver mode.
  • Access to Arabic secondary characters by tapping shift key.


  • Autocorrect will now change what you mean to type less.
  • Stability and performance improvements.


  • Autocorrect turned on (sometimes) in email textfields.
  • Accented characters are hidden for some languages.

Fleksy Keyboard requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 8.0 or later. A word of caution: update to the latest available version of iOS 8 which fixes key known issues with custom keyboards to improve your Fleksy experience.

Grab Fleksy Keyboard for 99 cents in the App Store.

  • Rupinder

    As much as I love third party keyboard, I wish iOS 8 handled them better. It’s the only thing that causes me to go back to the stock keyboard.

    • Jason Baroni

      Well said!

    • Diego Milano

      What are you seeing that could be enhanced?

      • T_Will

        I think he’s referring to issues with keyboards randomly not showing, switching back to stock keyboard, etc. Most of these issues seem to be on Apple’s side (according to the developers I’ve followed).

      • Rupinder

        Yes, this is exactly what I mean.

      • Diego Milano

        Oh yeah, I’m having the same experience with several keyboards too. Especially inside the Notes app.
        So far I’m between NinType and Fleksy, however the Cursor Control on this latter is poor based on my experience (I’m using the iOS stock keyboard tweaked with Swipe Expander and Swipe Selection).

  • ericesque

    Can anyone tell me if the case of the keys on the keyboard reflects the shift state? I’m so sick of guessing on the stock iOS keyboard…

    • Chris Buck

      Use ShowCase as a free tweak! Simple and works.

    • IllFollowTheSun

      You mean on Fleksy? No it doesn’t, which is almost a deal-breaker for me. But as the other commenter said, Showcase works great on the stock keyboard.

  • john diaz

    I wish this keyboard could somehow integrate swipe typing perhaps by activating the swipe feature by first sliding from the tab bar and then swiping to the desire letters.

  • ericesque

    Is the translucent look an actual theme for iOS or is it just the appearance of the keyboard for spotlight?

  • Version 5.0 already? Is this a marketing stunt?

  • Fanboy 

    I like how Swype has had 0 updates since I first bought it.

    • Diego Milano


    • Sleaka J

      There have been 3 updates to Swype since it was first released, but they’ve been primarily bug fixes and added nothing of value to me.

  • T_Will

    Looks like some very cool updates, I hadn’t seen this coming! Still a fan of Nintype at the moment though. 😀

  • Guest

    I updated the Fleksy app but i can’t access it’s settings, i’m stuck on a white loading circle. I don’t know what this shit it! I tried to reinstall it and reboot the phone but nothing seems to work.

  • Sherif Moharram

    I updated the Fleksy app but i can’t access it’s settings, i’m stuck on a white loading circle. I don’t know what this shit it! I tried to reinstall it and reboot the phone but nothing seems to work. Please help

  • IllFollowTheSun

    Is the translucent theme the second one, with the white and black diagonals? Without names it’s hard to tell.

  • The Zlatan

    As much as i like Fleksy i find it incredibly expensive compared to the other keyboards out there. Example background of Frozen, 2.99$ yet i have the Minnimum christmas keyboard thats free and has a new theme every day..

  • Manda Stegall

    Anyone know how to get translucent now if you didn’t purchase it when it was a ‘for sale’ theme? I don’t mind paying for it, but just can’t locate it anywhere….