the song

Apple today began airing a new holiday-themed commercial entitled “The Song.” The spot showcases products from all of the company’s major device lines, including a MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad, and how they can be used to create “thoughtful, emotional gifts.”

More specifically, the ad shows a woman using her MacBook Air and GarageBand to record herself singing along with a recording of her grandmother from several years ago. She then presents the song to her on an iPad, as a gift, and as you can imagine, it’s a big hit.

Apple is well-known for its advertisements around the holidays, taking a more sentimental approach in recent years. In August, it took home an Emmy for its emotional “Misunderstood” holiday commercial, which featured a teen making a home movie for his family.

  • Steve R.

    Too many feels

  • Bambino

    I dig it. Happy to see Dana Williams in the commercial.

  • Rares

    Apple, you have my respect, always focusing on the good and important stuff,not like Samsung where they criticize apple products in their commercials.

    • Tim

      I think they learned, now they have got these ‘Do you Note’ Ads, with this lil kid and his family. They are well done

  • Jason Baroni

    These Apple adds are killers. Remember last year “Misunderstood”… It is inevitable to don’t get touched by them every year. Congratulations, again.

    • mrgerbik

      yeah I’m touched when the puke flys up my throat and touches my mouth

  • Paymon John Vafa

    lol jk

  • coLin

    Shamesung: – Watch and learn!


    DA feels.

  • mrgerbik

    Remember- this is marketing 101: using blatant, over-the top emotional content to draw in less scrupulous people and hopefully sluff their products on them.

    In the end, Apple is nothing more then another huge, faceless corporation that feels nothing for you, your friends or family.

    Reality is your friend!

    • El Matador

      But did you die?

      • mrgerbik

        Arrrghhh your question is so, so deep and elusive. Like a riddle! You must be a poet or something!

      • El Matador

        It was obviously a haiku!

  • Gleesh

    Stupid commercials

  • So annoying! JFC I don’t need a whole movie Apple!

  • Xee

    Don’t like it. Too long and boring just like last years. Prefer the Google Play adverts though.