Apple has named the retro-futuristic 3D shooter ‘Space Qube‘ its App of the Week for this week. This means that you’ll be able to pick up the title for both your iPhone and iPad, for free through next Thursday—a solid savings of $2.99.

In Space Qube, players are tasked with helping Space Jack in his campaign to save the universe. They are given the opportunity to build their own custom spaceship, and then must blast their way through levels of dangerous monsters.

With Space Qube’s in-game Voxel editor you can create anything and take it for a spin in the space! There are tons of models already created and more is coming in – fast. Take control of a space ship, a flying toilet, a flying cow or anything else, shoot as many aliens as you can and get the highest score to climb up the ranks. Some serious unique bosses are waiting for you on your quest!

And you can do more than virtually fly your custom spaceship. You can also share it online with other players, and download their creations to play with. You can even send your craft to a 3D printer, so you can play with the ship in person.

The game plays like a futuristic 3D cousin of Asteroids, and is enjoyable in short bursts, but you will run into in-app purchases. At any rate, Space Qube is worth putting in your Purchases tab while it’s free. You can find it in the App Store.

  • Squillace

    I’m honestly tired with the fact that most of the “App of the week” are games. I don’t care about games. I don’t play that much with my iPhone. I want true useful and good applications free as app of the week.

    • jaysoncopes

      And most of them sucky games at that.

      • Chris Gaunt

        And that ladies and gentlemen is why they’re free!

      • jaysoncopes

        And that, ladies and gentlemen, is not why they’re free, considering Apple has featured a $10 productivity app and multiple fantastic games and tools since it’s started.

      • Chris Gaunt

        I guess what makes a good app is subjective. But love how you don’t give a single example. Good job.

    • Jonathan

      I’d have to agree. I actually don’t have a single game installed on my device.

      • Chocolatewe

        you don have a single game? you must be one boring boy

      • Jonathan

        Or, the fact I have other interests..

      • Chocolatewe

        nah m8 just boring

      • Zod

        fun run 2

    • Noah

      Camera+ and The Whole Pantry have been free via Apple Store, they’re not games and seem pretty handy to me…

      • yes, I tweeted this to idownloadblog but they didnt post it. The Whole Pantry is damn nice of an app for those learning how to cook.

    • QP

      indeed would be great if i could even choose not to see any games when i open the app store app. All the times i do that looks like i have stolen my nephew ipad … barbie, weird creatures, little cars … it’s so annoying.

    • Jason Baroni

      This is a gift, it’s free. It turns out Apple gives you more gifts than any girl or boyfriend you’ll ever do.

    • Arya Kalashi

      Foggy (weather app) is free this week.
      Camu (damn nice cam app)

  • Guest

    And that’s why they’re free!

  • Wait… so someone actually paid $2.99 for an app that THEN has in app purchases to keep playing?

    • Ian Harvie

      That was my thoughts too… and it seems this is not the only culprit

      — I keep seeing articles saying ‘best 10 apps gone free for this week’ and then check to find it’s all IAP bullshit. Come on IDB – it’s not free if it has IAP.