Verizon data widget

Verizon customers who use the official My Verizon Mobile app can now track their data usage directly from the Today tab of Notification Center. The app was updated yesterday with this new feature that should allow users to keep their data usage in check. The widget is updated automatically based on users’ plan and usage, showing the total data allocation as well as currently used data.

This widget is definitely a useful addition to the carrier’s official app, and as an AT&T user myself, I am hoping other carriers will follow big red’s lead. For those non-Verizon users who would like to somewhat replicate this feature, the DataMan Pro app available in the App Store offers something similar, although not as reliable as the data tracking report coming straight from the carrier.

My Verizon Mobile is a free download in the App Store.

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Image: @revmhj

  • HeavyComponent

    Most def. useful since I always go over my usage.

  • Anthony Craig

    It doesn’t work on iPad :/

  • David Fabian

    This is handy because I’m on a Family Share plan, so I can keep tabs on how much is left in the data bucket.

  • James G

    This is actually really good app innovation from the carrier. I use T-Mobile and their iOS app is pitiful but as a customer my experience on their network has been stellar since upgrading to the iPhone 6 and joining back in September.

    For those on tiered data plans, this is awesome. For us unlimited folks, we can’t help but wonder what it’s like to deal with data caps…

  • Matt

    Because I’m jailbroken, I got DataMeter!

    • xBoomBastiKx

      What weather widget is that with the graph? Seen that a few times

      • Matt

        Weather Underground

    • Andrew

      :O LOVE IT. And what’s the weather one called?

      • Matt

        It’s an app in AppStore called Weather Underground

      • Andrew

        Sorry to bug you again, but how did you hide the little bar with the name of the widget’s app?

      • Matt

        I used a tweak called noNCheader
        You have to get it from the repo: apt . steverolfe . com

      • Andrew

        Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  • Yasser Kaskas

    Very nice