Episode 85: iOS 8.1.2 is released. The future of jailbreaking. TaiG for OS X. Jeff laments about Dell’s terrible customer support. Giving up on TV and buying a projector. Our experience with a new CarPlay tweak.

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  • Matheus Lisboa

    Couldn’t listen to the podcast yet, but does sebastien say anything about that home button problem he’s having with his iphone 6+? I’m having the same problem on my 5s and wanna know the outcome

    • I didn’t talk about that. Strangely enough, when I came home from our trip, the button started working perfectly again. I am not sure why, but the only difference between my home and where we were staying is the temperature. I am thinking that colder temperatures may have a negative effect on the Home button. This isn’t proven or anything though, so don’t quote me on that

      • JaeM1llz

        I live in Minnesota and have a 6+ I can confirm that the colder temperatures have no effect on the home button 😛

      • Matheus Lisboa

        Actually I’ve thought about that, but the other way around since I live in a really hot place. Thought it had something to do with dilated pieces with the temperature… It gets annoying and uncomfortable sometimes, but nothing that really affects functionality… I think I’ll call apple (only premium resellers in my city) and ask them… Thanks sebastien, you rock!!

  • Victor Molina

    Using archer as a workaround to close apps and switch apps

  • Guest

    OMG i love you Sebastian, i also use tage all the time to swipe down and close the app. But instead of using tage to lock the phone i use a activator gesture, so swipe up to close the app and swipe down on the left hand side to lock my phone. we are so much alike! 😀

  • Chocolatewe

    Omg i love you Sebastian, i also use tage all the time to swipe up and close an app, but instead of using tage to lock my phone i use a activator gesture. So i swipe up and close the app and then swipe down on the left hand side to lock my phone. We are so much alike!

  • leart

    Just jailbroke my ipod today 🙂

    • Jonathan

      HA I did mine yesterday.
      Wait a second…

      • leart

        iFaith to restore to 6.1.2 and Evasi0n 6, finest jailbreak ever 😉

      • Jonathan

        Isn’t that an iPod Touch 4?
        If so, why not update to 6.1.6? It is jailbreakable..

      • leart

        I know, but somehow 6.1.2 feels faster and the most important evasi0n 6 is way more stable than posixspwn for 6.1.3-6.1.6.
        I’m using it on my ip4 on 6.1.3 and I’m suffering long restarts and simetimes the device will fail to boot several times before it finally boots, everything else is just perfect

      • Jonathan

        Huh. weird. Didn’t have any of these problem with P0sixpwn. I’m pretty happy with it. Jailbreak untethered quickly and enjoy it.

      • leart

        try to restart for example with ncsettings, it would take a while to turn back on, or it will restart two or three times before to turn one.
        this is happening to anyone who is using posixspwn.

        when it turns on, everything is fine

      • Jonathan

        Hmm.. I don’t have that installed. I kinda use that iPod for home automation through Activator and that’s it. Send a message “light on” and the hall lights turn on, etc. Or, if a certain time comes along, if an email is received with the same phrase, if I come home (connect to the internet), and so forth.
        Everytime I use activator I forget how powerful it actually is.