Apple TV (YouTube redesign)

As first noted by Re/code, Apple’s $99 streaming box is getting a flurry of new channels today, including a redesigned YouTube app that for the first time shows ads on the platform which cannot be skipped.

It brings Apple’s device on par with other platforms that have been enjoying YouTube with personalized recommendations, predictive search and all the videos for quite some time now.

In addition to the refreshed YouTube appearance with improved functionality, the set-top box has gained a set of four new channels, including Dailymotion, a video-sharing website owned by French multinational telecommunications corporation Orange.

It’s interesting that the newly added or refreshed channels are now marked with a nice looking “New” label in the top right corner of the Home screen icon.

Now YouTube on Apple TV looks similar to YouTube on Xbox and other devices. The redesigned app has ditched the old login system in favor of the more secure OAuth, which requires that you visit to register your device.

After signing in, you may be presented with a list of Google identities associated with your account which may include your account’s personal identity and/or any Google+ pages managed by your account.

For starters, YouTube on the Apple TV now has a Safety mode which attempts to hide videos and search results that contain inappropriate content.

Apple TV YouTube redesign 002

You can also browse YouTube’s personalized recommendations, use its predictive search, elect to help make YouTube better by sending anonymous usage data to Google and clear your YouTube watch history on all devices on the Apple TV.

It’s great that previously unavailable content such as music videos now at last streams to Apple’s set-top box, just like it has been doing for ages on other platforms. Developed by the YouTube team, the app “unlocks content that was previously unavailable on the older version of the app and makes it easier to find what’s popular on YouTube,” says the team.

Apple TV YouTube redesign 003

You’re also going to love the reworked Pause interface (hit the Play/Pause button on the Apple Remote) with its new Up Next feature and Related Videos like before.

Paid content is now available on the Apple TV with the new YouTube app, including YouTube Music Key, movies and TV shows, live events and paid channels.

Music videos with the ad-free badge on desktop and mobile will play ad-free on the Apple TV (offline playback is not supported).

YouTube on Apple TV purchased content

Your purchased movies and TV shows and live events are available after signing into the YouTube app under the My YouTube tab (just scroll down to Purchases).

As for paid channels, you watch videos from any paid channel that you’ve subscribed to by navigating to the Subscriptions tab.

For more, visit

Here’s a video overview of the new YouTube app.

Check out all the other channels Apple TV users are getting today:

  • The Scene —  This digital video shorts channel serves clips from Condé Nast’s various magazine titles and a mashup of other providers, including ABC News, Epicurious, Forbes, GQ, PBS, The New Yorker, The Weather Channel, Vogue, The Verge and more. No subscription is required to watch those clips.
  • Fusion — The news and pop culture channel offers a unique mix of smart and irreverent original reporting, lifestyle and comedic content. Fusion is a joint venture between Disney-ABC and Univision.
  • Dailymotion The popular video sharing service that Yahoo wanted to buy hosts 30 million videos that can be now accessed through the Apple TV box.
  • UFC.TV — Apple TV owners can now access Ultimate Fighting Championship content, both free video and content behind $10 a month “Fight Pass” subscription. A 6-month membership will set you back $54.99 and an annual one is a $99.99 value. Archived pay-per-view videos are not available in all countries due to regional restrictions.

These new sources should automatically appear on your device. If not, apply the update manually by going to Settings > Software Updates > Update Software.

Again, due to regional restrictions some content may not be accessible in your country.

Thoughts on YouTube now serving ads to Apple TV owners?


  • Meh

    Greattt I’m looking forward to more commercials in my life lol.

  • Initiation

    Typo in Para 2, line 2: ‘Dailymotino’

  •  Arthur Dardalis 

    Are these new channels, once again, USA only??

    • coLin


    • MS

      No. I have found channels from eastern Europe. Only problem that Google/Youtube profiling sucks so much that it starts in the US and tends to be in the US if you reside in the US. Shallow minded people at the company did not create more sophisticated correlator for profiling for many years for some reason. And you would think they have scientists in the firm. Apparently they have more marketers to suggests content with adds rather than guess what you are really interested in.

  • Jason Baroni

    Google just promoted 3 units of Apple TV in just on ad? Whoa.

    • coLin

      they give the android phones for free anyways. (just for making money with the apps)

      • MS

        more with some ads. that’s why you have to rebuild Android devices clogged and stuck every few months. Those who have expereince with this moved to that “underdog” platform called iOS from Apple 😉

  • I don’t plan to update then, I just want to watch content.. commercials on youtube videos are out of control. When you want to see a 30 second clip of something but the ad is over 2 minutes it’s not worth my time at all. Youtube use to actually be cutting edge and exciting, now there’s better sites with freedom to not have ads in my face every 30 seconds. Annoying!

    • Merman123

      If I’m not mistaken, apps update automatically?

      • Was thinking that after I wrote the above comments.. looks like I’ll have to find a different way to watch youtube videos via appletv. Or just stop going on there, it’s become worse then social networks really. So much spam and nonsense on it.

      • MS

        Exactly. And also why the hell do I need another device. Oh… OAuth. That helps with my life. I should buy devices in pairs now. I am looking forward when OAuth scheme fails and OAuth2 comes out when I need three devices and more to work with one app on single device. Perhaps they should start selling and pairing with RSA key. It would be a bit simpler.

    • Tommy Gumbs

      I know man. These adds are out of control.

  • nonchalont

    Soooo wish Apple tv 3 could be jailbroken to remove ads 🙁

  • QP

    im not even able to log in with my account any more…and i ignore the reason still.

  • techraxx

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    • Steve Jones

      You Rock!!!! bigU Movies is fuckin awesome! This works on my iPad, iPhone 6 Plus and the app gave me access to my Apple TV and xBox One so i can watch movies on those devices too.

    • Comex_

      So far just tested it and seems to be pretty bad ass. I will watch a full movie later

    • johnpowers

      damn this bigU app does work on my xBox One too. Downloading Fury right now

    • susanb34

      omg this app is amazing 🙂

    • tysiphonehelp

      this is one of my top fav Cydia apps atm.

    • Tim

      It has never worked for me on my iPhone 5s, it was just slow and frustrating. I never succeeded in watching or downloading a movie, considering I have a 1gigabit line. 19.99USD I wil never get back

    • White Michael Jackson

      Not better than moviebox. Get lost

    • Ted Forbes

      No time trial and besides its slow

      • therealjjohnson

        I got the impression that you weren’t going to download because you stated “i don’t know what i’ll be getting for the money” but then said its seems slow. Have you used it or not?

  • Nathan

    Boots with the fur

  • jack

    Why you talk as if ads are a feature

  • Ads??? Jobs is turning in his grave. Let the revolution begin! …..well at least you can skip them after 3 secs

    • therealjjohnson

      I guess Apple should block the Youtube app…

  • Kurtiz

    I’d like to see Twitch on the Apple TV next.

  • Ted Forbes

    If you pause YouTube to read a caption or text you can’t not anymore because you get a pop up. How do you get rid of it?

  • Ted Forbes

    Pausing YouTube video displays a pop up menu making it impossible to view caption, text and still image. Anyone knows how to remove the menu?

  • therealjjohnson

    Apple didnt make the Youtube app. Google did.

    • MS

      That’s not the point. There are alternative apps for youtube – not only Google makes apps to watch youtube content.

      • therealjjohnson

        Look at the comment I replied to and tell me how your response is relevant. Clearly there are other video apps, you can even use them on the AppleTV a la Vimeo. The original comment “seemed” to point the finger at Apple like Google isnt the one who updated the Youtube app. How does you pointing out there are other apps to watch youtube comment on change the fact that Apple didnt update the App, Youtube did?

      • MS

        No there are no “alternative apps” on Apple TV. You are misinformed.

      • therealjjohnson

        Ever heard of vevo? Vimeo? I think you are misinformed on what the word alternative means.

  • proczach

    how do you get rid of the up next box that covers a quarter of the screen ?

  • MS

    And what is “inappropiate content”? What if like watching porn, but find inappropriate content as shallow home movies? Just extreme exmaple, but can one do this?

  • MS

    It is time to move to Vimeo service. Even premium account paying there sounds more reasonable day by day.