Apps for RED (thank you)

Apple’s (RED) campaign to help raise funds to fight AIDS in recognition of the World AIDS Day 2014 is over now and we wanted to ask if you had taken an opportunity to donate to the charity.

You donated to the Global Fund to fight AIDS if you purchased one or more (RED) apps in the App Store or made In-App Purchases in (RED) apps from Monday, November 24 through Sunday, December 7; bought PRODUCT(RED) merchandize at Apple’s retail and online stores on Monday, December 1; bought select Apple products in the U.S. retail stores on Friday, November 28 and received a special edition (RED) iTunes gift card; made a donation through a special page on App Store/iTunes; or donated directly through

Of course, there are other means to donate to the charity but we’re focusing on the aforementioned ways that marked Apple’s World AIDS Day 2014 campaign for (RED).

Cast your vote now.

Since 2006 Apple’s been a key partner of PROJECT(RED) initiative by U2’s Bono to help end the spread of AIDS in Africa, with company contributions topping $70 million as of April 2014.

In years past, the Cupertino firm churned out special editions of everything from iPods to iPad Smart Covers. Last year, Jony Ive and Marc designed products for a (RED) benefit auction, for example.

Observed annually on December 1 by both government and non-governmental organizations around the world, World AIDS Day strives to raise awareness of AIDS and is usually accompanied by education on AIDS prevention and control.

AIDS has killed more than 36 million people worldwide through 2012, with an estimated 35.3 million people living with the virus.

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  • Jason Baroni

    It was a nice opportunity for me to get Monument Valley. Didn’t regret at all.

    • Frank Anthony

      Did you donate?, i guess thats the question ? 😉

      • Jason Baroni

        And the answer is: yes, I donated via the Monument Valley purchase. 😉

      • Frank Anthony

        You 3much. Thank you for donating:)

      • Jason Baroni

        My pleasure. The best I can do I prove in real life, with social work. The RED initiative is good, that’s why I went for it.

  • Nex

    I bought an iPod touch 5 Product (RED) edition. Two years ago. I’m good

    • Jason Baroni

      Back then it was so expensive that your donation is still valid until today…

    • Jeffrey

      You probably only bought it because you liked the red color but okay…

      • Jason Baroni

        I bet it happens with 99.9% of Apple RED iPods purchases, but ok.

      • Guest

        mishka mooshka mickey mouse!

      • Jeffrey

        I know and I didn’t claim otherwise but he finds himself good for ‘donating to RED’ when he didn’t even do it on purpose…

      • Jason Baroni

        I got your point, Jeff, no worries. I actually agree with you

      • Jeffrey

        Alright hahah:D

  • Scuba Steve

    Anything associated to Bono and or Oprah mean an automatic NO for me.

    • It’s none of my business but doing something is better than doing nothing. If you can afford to purchase a song, app or in-app-purchase then you should put your prejudices aside and do so.


    I don’t really like donating to stuff like this I think they have a cure for all kinds of stuff cancer being the main one but they make to much money off treatment so they don’t release a cure.

    • Niclas

      Tin foil hat, on.

  • Gleesh

    Not at all

  • Tyler Smith

    bought some gems on clash of clans lol

    • Thomas Hopkins

      Yeah I did the same thing

  • Alejandro Maximo Marez

    I bought a Mophie juice pack, and a few (red) apps.

  • JulianZH

    If health insurance cover everything and pay all of it and under $50. Sure I will donate.

  • Montgomery Tyler

    to damn broke to buy anything…..

  • Yunsar

    Do all purchases from the apple store give a certain amount to RED?

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      idk, but donating directly to RED spotlight inside app store says that the donations made there (on the dedicated spot for RED that was inside app store) goes 100% for RED

  • Thomas Hopkins

    I bought a $5 in-app purchase that donates to RED