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Episode 59: A talk about our experience using Firefox. The ethics of using a family member’s cable login. A discussion of our favorite food apps. Why we’ve given up on using third-party keyboards. The rumored 4 inch iPhone. Fitting an iPhone 6 Plus in a jeans pocket. Reading iTunes reviews of the podcast. Three crazy-awesome jokes.

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  • Adryd

    i used to use chrome but when i stopped using it my computer sped up completely I’m now using safari

  • George

    Hey Cody, for someone who has used eBay for 10 years I’m surprised you don’t know that you can block people from bidding on your items if they have no feedback..

    • Melvco

      You know I thought I had seen such an option a while back but haven’t been able to find it recently. I can only block bidders who don’t have PayPal, have a feedback score of -1 or worse, or have two or more recent non-paying bidder complaints. Where is it?!

  • Sinistry

    This probably isn’t the correct place to ask but it’s the closest I could find so I hope someone here will have an answer but before I get to why I’m here I’d like to request for someone to point me in the direction to the place I should go to ask any random question. Now on to my issue. In the past couple of months I’ve noticed the sudden, unexplained appearance of two icons in the status bar that I’ve never seen before, nor are they listed in the iPhone user guide. Can someone tell me what they are? In the pic I’m uploading, beginning on the right and moving left, I have the battery icon, followed by the alarm indicator, followed by what seems to be a speaker with an x to the right then a lock with a capital T in the middle. What does the speaker and the lock represent? On one webpage I found an icon with a solid lock (no T), but supposedly that one indicates that the device is locked. In my case the icon appears when it’s unlocked. Sometimes I can get the speaker to go away but I dont really know how or why it comes back and the lock only began appearing earlier today. Could someone please shed some light on this for me. Since neither are mentioned in the user guide I have no idea where else to look. Thanks!

    • Merman123

      Do you have open notifier installed?

  • Sean

    I have been listening to you guys for a while now,. In fact I was introduced to jailbreaking because of Jeff’s wonderful videos. Personally I have gotten attached to your personalities. The show is great. I feel that you guys really have the love for being Jailbroken as I do. I honestly think the silent pauses are funny. I have learned so much from you guys. Thank you so much for your continued research to assure that I am really doing thing right.

  • leart


  • Sinistry

    I have intelliscreen x 8 but not open notifier. However, I’ve had some version of intelliscreen since ios 4.x and I’ve never seen either of those symbols before. Is there something new that would add it? And Thanks for the redirection. I truly appreciate it.

    • XZavier

      I have no clue what it is man, all the icons look familiar except for the padlock. Do you have quickpass?

      • Guest

        do you have quickness?

      • Sinistry

        No quickness

      • Sinistry

        No quick pass.

      • Sinistry

        I found it in case anyone else is wondering. It’s from iApplock. I noticed that when I opened an app I have protected the little lock “opened” then closed again when I left the app and it was rescued. Thanks for all the input and replies!