ipad air 2 change

Apple today introduced two new iPad Air 2 ads. The two clips began airing today during NFL broadcasts, and are both variations of a one minute video Apple posted on its website this weekend as part of its new ‘Change’ iPad campaign.

The new commercials differ from the previous ‘Your Verse‘ spots, which each told stories of how various people used their iPads. Instead, the ‘Change’ ads each demonstrate how a variety of people use their tablets in unconventional ways.


It’s not surprising that Apple would begin airing new iPad ads, with Christmas now less than a month away. It also makes sense given that the tablets have suffered sales issues as of late—Apple moved just 12 million iPads in the last quarter.

Best Buy is currently offering heavy discounts on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 models.

  • Andrew


  • TechLove

    The ad was awesome! Apple is getting cooler again!

    • Cody

      Bro, I understand your excitement but I don’t see any need on putting so many exclamation points…

      • TechLove


    • hulalala

      Dude! 😮 i never knew my iPad would be able to do all this stuff!

      • Maxim∑

        Yeah hahahaha 🙂 iPads!!!! hahahahah are!!!! amazing 🙂 awesome!!!! great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah products 🙂 🙂 🙂 you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can!!! do!!!!! hahahahah so 😉 🙂 🙂 much! with!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha them!!!!

      • TechLove

        !!!! Yeah!! I totally!! agree with you!!! 😀 My Bro!!!!<3 iPads!! are!!! the best! :*
        People who say!!!!!!!! nobody can be….. productive!!! on an iPad!!!!! are the ones !!!hahahahaha!!!! who never used one!!!! hahahahaha!!!! 😀 😉

    • Sohail Wahab

      I’m a medical student and I use my iPad mostly reading books.
      The app that I use a lot is called Essential Anatomy 4, it a 3D human body and you can rip any part of it and study that I won’t get in real life, so that’s awesome making my life easy, without iPad i may have studied on a dead body or had to kill someone.

      • TechLove

        Dude! I laughed so hard on that “had to kill someone” line!

      • Sohail Wahab


  • Liam Whiteley

    I only can see 1 ad. Where is the other one? Thanks

    • Andrew

      The other one isn’t on Apple’s YouTube channel (at least not yet), so iDB can’t really show it.

      • Liam Whiteley


  • TechLove

    The ad was awesome! Apple is getting cooler again!

  • jack


  • Very nice music, and nice show case of Tablet applications, but nothing exclusive to the iPad…

    • BoardDWorld

      except the iPad itself…

  • Chocolatewe


  • Nathan

    I see all these of these people doing cool things on their iPad, and I’m just sitting here using it for Reddit…

    • The iPad is equally good at consuming content as it is at doing work…

  • Abi Manyu

    iP6+ is enough, no need for iPad anymore…

    • The iPad has more screen real estate. I’d much rather consume content and do work on my iPad Air 2 than on an iPhone 6 Plus. Not to mention the fact that the iPad Air 2 is a powerhouse that’s much faster than the 6 Plus…

      • BoardDWorld

        I would love to see it as a more viable Post PC. As it is right now, remembering Apple’s pace of implementing things, the Note 4 is doing a much better job of that. Sadly the Note 4 requires me to switch everything over to Google & I feel they already have enough of my information to trade with.

  • n0ahcruz3